Chrono Reflect

by Valkyrie Sandora



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When they arrived back in Machine, the first thing Twilight did was pull out her cellphone. She tried searching for the number that Solaris used to talk to her initially, but when she used it, she was saddened by the result.

Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the number, and dial again.

“Course,” Twilight said sarcastically, “Why would it go through?”

“Having trouble, darling?” Rarity asked.

“So, you know how Solaris called me on my cellphone before?” Twilight asked the group, “Turns out, that was just her hacking into my phone.”

“I… don't know what you're talking about,” Applejack said, “But I'm assuming we can't use your tiny ear thingy to call the Celestia here?”

“Nope,” Twilight said, “We can't reach her at all unless she reaches us first.”

“So what then?” DASH asked sitting at the computer and resting her hands behind her head, “Do we just sit here and hope that Solaris gets in touch with us at some point? I do not have the patience for that.”

“Oh really? That's such a shocker,” Applejack said rolling her eyes.

“You know, I am not afraid to break the first rule of robotics,” DASH stated.

“Come on over here and try it!” Applejack exclaimed. Applejack and DASH walked over to each other, but Rarity stood in their way.

“Okay, am I going to have to start keeping you in separate rooms?” Rarity fussed, “Twilight, Fluttershy, help me-” she looked around and realized Fluttershy wasn't there, “Fluttershy?”

“Oh my God, not again,” Twilight groaned, “I swear, I'm getting her a leash and keeping her on it.”

“She did come through with us, right?” Applejack asked nervously.

“She was right next to me just a second ago,” DASH said, “Chances are she is in the facility, just wandering around by herself.”

Everyone stood silently taking that in.

“Fluttershy?” Rarity called out after a second, everyone now frantically searching for their fifth member before she pushed the wrong button or something.

It took a good few minutes, but they eventually found Fluttershy right outside the warp room. She was moving her head from side to side, giggling at the security camera that follower her every movement.

Twilight screamed frantically and ran out to Fluttershy.

“What the actual hell Fluttershy?!” Twilight cried.

“Everyone, look!” Fluttershy said happily, “Odd machine follow me when I move,” she jumped to the side, and sure enough the security camera followed her perfectly.

“Um… I'm no expert on machines obviously,” Applejack said slowly, “But… I'm guessing this thing moving isn't good.”

“The security camera here was not working before,” DASH pointed out, “Someone must have fixed it while we were away.”

“Please tell me this doesn't mean what I think it means…” Rarity groaned.

“Chances are… we are about to be bombarded by security robots soon,” DASH stated.

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“Shoot!” Rarity cried, “Everyone, brace yourselves! This isn't going to be pretty!”

Everyone gathered around, pulling out their weapons, and preparing for the wor-

end song


Everyone turned to Twilight, who frowned and pulled out her cell phone answering it.

“Um… hello?” Twilight asked slowly.

It's good to see you again, Twilight. I had feared the worst.

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“Solaris?!” Twilight cried, shocking everyone. Twilight put her on speaker.

You don't have to worry. Those cameras are connected to my estate,” Solaris explained, “They're made specifically to alert me whenever you arrive, which I had a feeling would be soon.

“Because you met up with us just the other day,” Rarity said, “Right, Celestia?”

Solaris was silent for a good while, but when she spoke again, her voice was no longer synthesized.

“You figured me out, Chrono Trigger,” Celestia said.

“Q-Queen…?” Applejack asked trembling, “Is it… you…?”

Celestia sighed, “All of you should come to my mansion. I will send the location directly to the DASH unit with you.”

After a second, DASH-379 looked up, “Data received.”

“Excellent. I will see you soon,” Celestia said disconnecting.

“I believe thanks are in order,” Fluttershy said, smiling proudly.

“Oh get over yourself,” Twilight groaned, “You were just playing.”

“This location…” DASH said, apparently looking at her radar.

“Something wrong?” Rarity asked walking up to her.

“I feel like I have seen this location on my map,” DASH-379 stated.

“Maybe it's the place you were made or something,” Applejack said.

“If possible, could we verify a few things about my origins…?” DASH asked looking away slightly.

“I don't see why not,” Rarity said, “Is everyone okay with this?”

“Help DASH,” Fluttershy said nodding.

“I see no reason why we can't,” Twilight stated.

“Well, you guys are helping me, so I should return the favor,” Applejack said.

“Then it's settled,” Rarity said taking DASH-379's hand, “Lead the way darling.”

DASH-379 nodded to Rarity smiling, and then walked on, leading everyone to where they'd finally meet the Celestia of Machine, and hopefully get some answers.

Celestia walked over to her window looking outside. She couldn't stop trembling. She hadn't had contact with another human in ages, but for good reason. She was taking a huge risk, but it had to be done. She couldn't stay hidden forever.

Still, she couldn't remember the last time she was so afraid.

“It has to be done,” Celestia said, holding back her tears, “I know it does, but I…”

She had to make sure she was together when they arrived, so she decided to just get her crying out of the way. This wasn't going to end well for her, but she promised herself that once the Chrono Trigger arrived, she'd help her. She didn't abandon those in need, even if she was afraid.

So she wasn't going to start now.

The walk was a tense one. While in machine, they had to be on constant alert since here they were all fugitives: four of them being unlicensed citizens, and the other being essentially a Maverick. At least, that was the word Twilight used to describe DASH-379, claiming she got it from a game.

Rarity might end up taking up gaming at this rate.

While the group tried to stay together, on more than one occasion Fluttershy wandered off a bit examining something. Things like tiny robots, or weird sounds. One time she almost got them caught. Rarity didn't want to admit it, but she was starting to think getting Fluttershy a leash would… huh…

Augh! No! Bad thoughts Rarity! Bad!

“Hey? Are you okay Rarity?” Twilight asked walking next to Rarity.

“Oh, yes. Sorry, I was just spacing out. I wasn't thinking anything weird. Not at all,” Rarity said, laughing awkwardly. Twilight nodded slowly.

“Ooookay, but that's not really what I was asking about,” Twilight said, “We haven't really gotten a chance to talk since we got here.”

“Yes, so much is happening so fast,” Rarity said, “After we save the queen, I vote for taking a trip back to Standard to relax. Oh, that reminds me, Fluttershy is a part of our group now.”

At first Twilight looked confused, but when she realized what Rarity was saying her eyes went wide.

“Hold on, you mean Standard Fluttershy?!” Twilight asked, “How the heck did-” she looked at Rarity suspiciously, “No… you didn't.”

I did nothing,” Rarity said skipping ahead, “It was all Fluttershy's idea.”

“Not that I don't appreciate all this, but is that really okay to keep doing this?” Twilight asked nervously, “I mean, they're legally the same person. What if this is one of those things where the more times you do it, the more changes occur?”

“Like I said before, where I come from this happened a few times with no issue,” Rarity said, “I believe if there was a problem, it would have come up by now. Besides, if that's true…” Rarity looked down somberly, “That means… my very existence right now is…”

“Oh Rarity, I'm sorry,” Twilight said hugging Rarity's arm, “I didn't mean to upset you.”

“No, you didn't upset me,” Rarity sighed, “This is just something that has bugged me for a while. My world is gone Twilight. I don't have a home anymore, nor do my friends even exist. Whenever I think about it… I feel heavy, and… dark.”

“Then don't think about it,” Twilight said. Rarity sighed.

“You make it sound so easy…” Rarity said rolling her eyes.

“It isn't easy, I know,” Twilight looked up into Rarity's eyes, “If you ever find it hard to stop thinking about it, let me take your mind off it. I'm your light, remember?”

“Right… you are…” Rarity said slowly, her expression lightening a bit, “Besides, once Lavos is defeated, I'll get everything back.”

“That's the spirit,” Twilight said with a smile. She and Rarity held hands.

“Thank you for coming with me, Twilight,” Rarity said lovingly.

“Thank you for letting me,” Twilight said, equally lovingly, “Despite everything that's going on, this is a dream come true for me. You're a dream come true.”

Rarity looked down blushing, “Twilight, you flatter me.”

“No, I mean it. You're from another dimension, and are taking me on a wild journey across the multiverse. That, and you yourself are just so amazing. Rarity, I…”

“Halt,” DASH-379 said holding out her arm, “We are at the designated location.”

play song

Rarity hadn't even realized how far away they had walked from the city, but they were in the outskirts now. This area was the only place where there were trees, and even wildlife.

And before them, probably one of the nicest mansions anyone had ever seen. It was white and golden, and cleverly hidden behind more trees that would have been hard to pass through had they not known the way to go. Whoever lived here, while living in luxury, clearly didn't want to be found.”

“More big buildings?” Fluttershy asked, “So many big places. Places big like wolf tribe chief.”

“Kind of a big house for someone trying to stay hidden,” Applejack pointed out. She walked forward a bit, but stopped looking at DASH-379, “DASH, you okay?”

DASH was frozen, looking up at the mansion before them. Her eyes were wide, and it looked like she was trembling.

“DASH dear, whatever is the matter?” Rarity asked as all ran over to their robotic friend.

“She didn't crash, did she?!” Twilight asked.

“DASH, wake up!” Fluttershy begged, “You scaring me!”

pause song





S-stop it…”

The figure stood over the helpless woman, who looked hurt but was holding a child in her arms. A child that wasn't moving.

Why… are you doing… this…?” the figure pointed their cannon arm at the woman's head, “Please…! You can be more than this…! You don't… have to… be…” the cannon charged up, “NO!!!!”

The shot was fired. Afterward, the figure sauntered over toward a white mansion, where Tirek stood in front waiting for her.

Good job… Athena,” Tirek said. He and the figure, Athena apparently, walked over to the mansion, Athena's right hand now charging with electricity.


resume song

“A… the… na…?” DASH-379 said slowly, like she was in a trance almost.

“DASH, what's happening?!” Rarity cried, “Say something to us!”

DASH-379 shook her head, snapping out of her daze, “Is everything okay?”

“We wanted to ask you that!” Twilight exclaimed, “You looked at this place, and then you stopped moving! What, did you hit a blue screen of death or something?!”

“I… am not sure what happened to me…” DASH said holding her head, “I saw… strange data though… somehow I…” she was shocked when Fluttershy embraced her suddenly and tightly.

“You scare me!” Fluttershy said, “Worry that friend break again!”

“I apologize for worrying you Fluttershy,” DASH-379 said returning the embrace slowly, “But as you can see, I am much stronger than that. A superior model such as myself will not randomly crash.”

“Sounds to me like you're just fine then,” Applejack said, “At least your ego seems to be intact.”

“Admit it, you were worried about me,” DASH-379 taunted.

“Hah! Not a chance,” Applejack said, “If anything happened to you, I'm sure we could just get a better model somewhere.”

“Good luck with that,” DASH-379 said rubbing her nose, “I am the best in my line. You will not find a model superior to me anywhere.”

“Okay ladies, I think that is enough for now,” Rarity said as usual getting in between them, “We still have a job to do.”

“Yes, so stop your dick measuring contest and lets get moving,” Twilight said, frowning at what she said, “How can two women have a dick measuring contest anyway?!”

“Do not ask me,” DASH said walking ahead, “I am not competing in any contest. Kind of hard to compete when I have already won.”

DASH turned to Applejack and smirked. Applejack growled in frustration and stormed off after them. Twilight and Rarity looked at them, Twilight shaking her head.

“If not for what DASH is wearing, and Applejack's bow, I'd completely forget they were women sometimes,” Twilight sighed.

“It's the same back in my world,” Rarity sighed, “Far away from home and I'm still breaking up Applejack and Rainbow Dash's fights.”

The group walked to the mansion, where DASH-379 rang the doorbell. Something about this moment felt familiar to DASH. She didn't know what it was, but somehow…

The door opened, revealing a dark skinned man with yellow and red eyes, long white hair, and a matching goatee. He was wearing a black and white suit, showing he was a butler, but his metallic hands and black armored boots showed that he was in fact a robot.

“Hello. You must be the Chrono Trigger and her companions,” the robot said with a slight bow, “My name is Discord.”

“The pleasure is all ours, Discord,” Rarity said shaking the robot man's hand. He shook Twilight, Applejack, and Fluttershy's hands too, but when he got to DASH-379, he frowned.

“You…” Discord said.

“Have… we met before?” DASH asked raising an eyebrow. Discord looked her up and down, and then turned to usher them into the mansion.

“Miss Celestia is waiting for you in her study,” Discord said, “It's straight down the hall.”

“Thank you,” Rarity said. The five of them walked past him, but Discord's eyes followed DASH-379 all while she walked inside. Normally she wouldn't have cared, but something about that robot made her feel uncomfortable.

And he didn't answer her question. Did he actually know her?

The inside of the mansion was really something else. All around were robots of various kinds tending to the mansion. Not one of them were simple machines though. They were all androids like DASH and DISCORD. Also, all of them turned to Rarity and her group and nodded to them smiling.

“This is pleasant,” Rarity said looking around.

“Nothing like the rest of this world,” Twilight pointed out, “It's like the complete opposite here- OOF!” she bumped into someone and fell to the ground. When she saw the person she bumped into to, she was shocked. It was Fluttershy! The Fluttershy of this world was a robot too, wearing a black and white maid's uniform. They could all tell that she was a robot because her eyes had a slight glow like DASH's and she had rounded white ears with red lights in the middle and feather like flaps coming out behind her.

Rarity smiled warmly and walked over to robot Fluttershy and held her hand out.

“Here,” Rarity said warmly. Robot Fluttershy looked up at Rarity and slowly took her hand. After Rarity pulled her up, she bowed to Rarity and ran off, sadly tripping and almost falling over again.

“I not clumsy,” Fluttershy pouted folding her arms.

“Odd,” Applejack said, “She didn't say anything.”

“That's because she can't talk,” a familiar voice said from ahead. They all looked and saw this world's Celestia walking out to them. In this world, she wore a fancy white jacket/dress that was open in the front showing off her legs, white high heels, and a golden necklace with a sun shaped emblem falling in between her breasts. She looked oddly more delicate than the other Celestia's they've seen.

“You're this world's Celestia, aren't you?” Twilight asked, “Do you… know who I am?”

“I do,” Celestia said with a warm smile, “You're Twilight, the one from Standard. I was worried when Rarity and her friends told me you were poisoned.”

“So it's true then,” Applejack said, “You really are connected to the other Celestia's.”

Celestia looked down somberly, “You should all come into my office. I believe there are things we need to discuss.”

As Celestia walked into her office, DASH looked at her intently. Something within her was saying that she knew her, but she couldn't for the life of her pull up the data.

“DASH? You not break again, right?” Fluttershy asked nervously. DASH snapped out of it and turned to Fluttershy.

“I am fine Fluttershy,” DASH-379 assured, taking Fluttershy's hand and patting it.

“Are you?” Twilight asked, “Ever since we arrived here you've been acting strange.”

“I said I am fine!” DASH snapped, immediately surprised when she realized what she did, “Twilight, I apologize for shouting at you.”

“DASH, if there's something bothering you, you can tell us,” Rarity said, “Remember, we're your friends.”

“I appreciate it, but my issues come second,” DASH said turning to Rarity, “We came here to learn about the Queen's location and if Luna also possesses a temporal existence. I will ask this world's Celestia my questions last.”

“If you're sure you're okay,” Rarity said unconvinced, “Let's get going.”

As everyone walked in, DASH stayed behind for a bit, holding her head in confusion.

“What is… happening to me…?” DASH-379 asked. She turned around to see Discord standing by a door still glaring at her. She stuck her tongue out at him, and then walked into the office after her friends.

“I apologize,” Celestia said once everyone entered the room, “I don't have enough seats for everyone.”

“That's okay,” Applejack said, “I generally stand anyway.”

“I do not need to sit,” DASH said standing closer to the back in the room. Fluttershy sat down next to her at her feet, every so often looking up at her friend worried.

The room looked like a small library and laboratory rolled into one. Small being a relative term, as the room itself was pretty spacious. There were a few shelves of books, and in the back of the room was a large window that looked out toward the city. Near the window was a desk with a fancy golden chair behind it and a really futuristic computer with the keyboard built into it.

Celestia took her seat behind the desk, with Rarity and Twilight sitting in front of her in the two other seats.

“Now then,” Celestia leaned forward a bit smiling at the group, “You must need something very important to come all the way back to Machine, and to seek me out as well.”

Rarity looked down, “We needed to confirm a few things, and we were hoping that you could help us find someone.”

“You see, we're looking for… well, you, but in Applejack's world,” Twilight said.

“Hmm, I see,” Celestisa said closing her eyes thoughtfully, “So, you have figured out my temporal existence then.”

“Then it's true,” Applejack said, “You're my Queen?”

Celestia opened her eyes, “In a way, yes. However, it's not as simple as we're the same person. You see, I, Celestia, am all four entities. I am the Celestia before you now, I am the Principal of Canterlot High, I am the Seer of Fluttershy's forest, and I am also Applejack's Queen. However, the individual beings themselves are separate people. We think independently of one another, feel differently, some are stronger, yet some are weaker, so on and so forth.”

“I don't think I quite understand,” Rarity said frowning a bit, “So you're saying… you're all different people, and the same person all at once.”

“Yes, actually,” Celestia said. She pushed a few buttons on her computer, and the room darkened a bit. The window behind them turned into a large screen and showed them a simulation of their Fluttershy.

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“That's me!” Fluttershy cheered, “But… I here though. How here… but there also?”

“It is just a projection,” DASH said to Fluttershy smiling, “That is not real.”

“You see, each and every world is a mirror of one another. Because of this, each and every person exists in that world in one way or another. They might have a different upbringing,” an image of Standard Fluttershy appeared next to the image of Forest Fluttershy, “Or maybe they'll be born in a different way due to differing circumstances,” an image of the Machine Fluttershy they just met earlier, “Either way though, they exist. They exist because the Universe requires that they exist in order to move forward.”

“So no matter what that person will always exist,” Applejack said, “Even if the world has to jump through hoops in order to make it happen.”

“Exactly,” Celestia said, “But while they technically are the same person physically, most cases the person is completely different than their multidimensional counterparts,” three golden arrows shot up from each Fluttershy, all of them going straight up and never touching, “Therefore, even if they possess similar hearts, their lives are not connected. They are completely different people at their cores.”

“So, nothing would go wrong if someone met themselves from another world,” Rarity asked.

“Not usually, no. In most cases, it's perfectly harmless,” Celestia explained. Rarity folded her arms, her eyes going to Twilight with a knowing smirk. Twilight turned to Rarity and shook her head scowling.

“Don't… you dare…” Twilight seethed.

“Hm…? Don't what, darling?” Rarity asked, “Don't say that I told you so?”

“Ugh… you are horrible…” Twilight said slumping forward. Celestia giggled at them before continuing.”

“Now, in the case of myself, things are a little different,” Celestia said, now pulling up an image of herself, and all three of her counterparts, four arrows going up and then connecting into one, “For the most parts, the rules still apply. We are the same person in our respective worlds, but while we do have differing upbringings, were born in different ways, and might have different circumstances in our lives leading to different personalities, we do possess the same soul, and thus we also have the same mind.”

“So it is like being multiple people at the same time,” DASH-379 said, “All of you make up the whole Celestia, but you yourselves are different parts of her.”

“Yes, very good,” Celestia said, “So to answer your question from before, Applejack, I am technically your queen, but only in terms of me knowing who you are. Beyond that, I am my own person.”

“But… you do know where your version in her world is, don't you?” Rarity asked, “Please Celestia, this is the only way we can talk to you safely.”

“Because of Luna, correct?” Celestia asked.

“Er… well, it's just a hypothesis, but…” Rarity said looking away slightly.

“No, it's fine,” Celestia said somberly, “I regret to tell you that you are correct to suspect her,” Celestia said, “You see, Luna is-” she was cut off by a loud crash, the screen behind her exploding. At the same time, Pinkamena jumped through, rolling to her feet.

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“Thought you could hide from me, huh?” Pinkamena taunted.

“You!” Rarity shouted. Immediately she jumped up, grabbing her spear and charging at Pinkamena, who jumped up with a kick, and then met her spear with her bladed hoop, “You're going to pay for what you did to Twilight!”

“Aw, are you mad at me, Rarity? I was just trying to have a little fun,” Pinkamena said innocently, “Hey! Get in here!”

At that moment, Spitfire and Fleetfoot flew into the room. Celestia screamed and ran behind Applejack and Fluttershy, both of them with their weapons out. Spitfire charged right at DASH, knocking her to the floor with a flying kick.

“So you had the audacity to come back,” Spitfire said, “Fleetfoot, you deal with Celestia. The aberrant and I have unfinished business to attend to.”

“Affirmative Spitfire,” Fleetfoot said. She flew over to Celestia, but Fluttershy kicked her away.

“Not take Celestia!” Fluttershy shouted.

“Fluttershy, take Celestia to somewhere safe!” Applejack said. Fluttershy nodded, took Celestia's hand, and then ran out of the room. As Fleetfoot flew after them, Spitfire grabbed DASH-379 by the neck and threw her out of the window.

“DASH!” Twilight cried. Applejack was about to rush after her, but Pinkamena shot an icicle at her feet stopping her.

“Why don't we let them handle their fight, kay?” Pinkamena said. Applejack growled, looking at Spitfire as she flew out the window to engage DASH-379.

Twilight shot an arrow at Pinkamena, making her jump away from Rarity. She and Applejack ran to Rarity's side getting in their fighting stances as Pinkamena got in her fighting stance.

Rarity charged in first, swinging her spear wildly at Pinkamena, who seemed to dodge all of her attacks. Pinkamena saw and opening and countered by spinning around with her bladed hoop slashing Rarity back.

Twilight fired two arrows at Pinkamena knocking her away a bit and to gather energy. Once she had enough energy, she charged up her white element and cast Cure on Rarity immediately.

While that went on, Applejack charged at Pinkamena and slashed with her sword, actually getting through. Once she had gathered enough energy, she jumped away and charged up her red element. She pointed her blade forward and shot four fireballs at Pinkamena, doing a surprising amount of damage.

“AHH!!!” Pinkamena cried as she fell back, “Damn it! That's right, you're a red adept!”

“And I'm guessing despite your control of the black arts, you're primarily a blue adept,” Applejack said, “And you wondered why I came to help in this fight.”

Pinkamena charged up her blue element, and then held out her arm, shooting a stream of glowing bubbles right at Applejack, who held up her shield to block at least a little. (Bubble Beam)

“You do realize that advantage works on me too, right?” Pinkamena taunted, “My blue elements work just as good on you as your red elements work on me.”

Rarity growled in anger and rushed at Pinkamena, taking the chance to get in a few lucky strikes while she was preoccupied. Once she gathered enough energy, she charged up her black element, and used her Grim Slash, which sadly didn't hurt Pinkamena but so much.

Pinkamena kicked Rarity back, but then had to flip out of the way as Twilight fired with her arrows. Twilight charged up her element again, this time casting an odd spell on herself, Rarity, and Applejack.

“It's called Healing Stream,” Twilight called out to her confused friends, “It should heal us at a steady rate.”

“Good thinking,” Applejack said, “Rarity, let's do that thing again!”

“Got it!” Rarity said nodding. Applejack and Rarity both charged in, clashing weapons with Pinkamena, who seemed to be able to block all of their attacks no problem. Both of them then jumped away and charged up their respective elements. They then rushed past Pinkamena using their X-Slash.

Pinkamena fell to her knees, but then charged up her black element. She held out her hand, sending her Feral Cats move at all three of them. It didn't hurt Rarity but so much, but Applejack looked really hurt and poor Twilight fell to her knees.

Right! She's white! That means that move seriously hurt her!

Rarity was about to rush at Pinkamena again, but Applejack grabbed her arm quickly.

“Aggression without control is nothing,” Applejack said, “Even if you're angry, you have to control yourself. If you control your anger, you can use it to power yourself. Control, then aggression.”

“Control… then aggression…?” Rarity said, taking in what Applejack said.

“Twilight, if you can, cast a mass healing on all of us, focusing on yourself. Rarity and I will protect you.”

“Right…” Twilight said rising to her feet.

Applejack charged up her red element, then using Vigor on herself. She then rushed at Pinkamena with her blade, which now had a red streak behind her.

Twilight waited until Applejack jumped away, and then shot Pinkamena a few times with her arrows. Pinkamena was about to rush over to her, but Rarity jumped in the way pushing her back with her spear.

“I'll be fine!” Rarity said to Twilight, “Cast it now!”

Twilight nodded and charged up her element. She then cast a spell like Cure, but this time healing herself along with Rarity and Applejack. (Cure All)

Pinkamena spun around knocking Rarity back, and then jumped away, “You've gotten really good at working together. I might have to stop playing around with you soon.”

“Playing?!” Rarity shouted as Applejack and Twilight ran to her side, “You're not seriously still holding back, are you?!”

Pinkamena giggled, “Of course silly! Nightmare Moon doesn't want you dead.”

“Then what does she want?!” Applejack asked.

“I'm sure you'll find out soon enough. In the meantime though,” Pinkamena rushed at Rarity and Applejack, slashing both of them with her bladed hoop. Applejack slashed her away, but Pinkamena charged up her black element again, once again using Feral Cats on the group. This time, Twilight took a defensive stance to lessen the damage on herself, but Applejack sadly fell back screaming in pain.

“Applejack!” Twilight cried. Rarity turned to Applejack in shock, and then glared at Pinkamena. She wanted to unleash everything she had on her, but if she lost control…

But… it was too hard to not let her hatred consume her.

Twilight rushed to Applejack's side and checked for a pulse, “She's still alive. I might be able to heal her, but…”

“Think I'm going to let that happen?!” Pinkamena shouted. She rushed over to Twilight, prepared to slash her, but met Rarity's spear instead.

“Control… then aggression…!” Rarity seethed, feeling a dark aura consume her, “Control… then aggression…!” she pushed Pinkamena away, and then stood in front of Twilight, who was looking at her with wide eyes.

“Rarity…?” Twilight asked, “You sound…”

“I'm going… to rip you apart Pinkamena!” Rarity shouted. She did the first thing that came naturally, charging up her black element. This time though, she held her spear close to herself as if still charging.

“JUST DIE!!!” Rarity screamed. She spun her spear over her head as her entire body was engulfed in darkness. She now stood there, as a black shadowy silhouette of herself, her eyes glowing demonic red.

“Took you long enough!” Pinkamena said, “Finally learned Shadow Form, huh? Let's see what you can do with it!”

Pinkamena charged at Shadow Rarity, who stood her ground calmly. When Pinkamena reached her and slashed, Shadow Rarity quickly moved to the side out of the way. She then slashed at Pinkamena with her spear, moving so fast that Twilight could barely see her. Also, she was so aggressive.

Pinkamena flipped away, but Shadow Rarity rushed after her and continued slashing. She knocked Pinkamena into a wall, and then threw her spear at her to pin her there. Shadow Rarity then ran over to Pinkamena and slashed wildly with her hands, which were now black claws.

Twilight fell to her knees trembling. This wasn't Rarity. This wasn't her Rarity.

play song

“Stop…” Twilight begged, “Please… stop…!”

Shadow Rarity wouldn't stop though. Either she didn't hear Twilight, or she ignored her entirely. She continued to slash at Pinkamena for a bit longer, allowing her to fall to the ground after she was done. Shadow Rarity stood over her broken body and tilted her head to the side before raising her spear. Before she could impale Pinkamane though, she turned into water and broke down.

“Wow! Sure am glad that wasn't me!”

Twilight and Shadow Rarity turned to the window to see Pinkamena standing there, perfectly unharmed and clapping.

“H-How did you…?” Twilight asked.

“Oh, you didn't think I was going to let her kill me, did you?” Pinkamena said pointing a finger to her own head, “I'm crazy Twilight, but I'm not that crazy,” she turned to Shadow Rarity, who silently glared at her, “Now that's a good look for you, Chrono Trigger. Well, I think I bought enough time. Tootles!”

She jumped away as Shadow Rarity slashed at the air sending a black shock wave at Pinkamena. She was about to rush after her, but Twilight immediately ran over to her and embraced her from behind.

“Come back…!” Twilight sobbed, “Please come back Rarity…! This isn't you!”

Twi…light…” Shadow Rarity said slowly. After a second, the shadows dispersed leaving the true Rarity standing there, her eyes wide in horror.

“T-Twilight…?” Rarity asked trembling, “What… did I do…?”

“Oh Rarity!” Twilight cried, turning Rarity around and embracing her tightly. Rarity couldn't move to return the embrace, as she was just so horrified by what happened to her. She could remember everything, but the worst part wasn't that.

The worst part… she remembered that she loved it.

Applejack apparently recovered, as she slowly walked over to them and placed a hand on Twilight's back.

“Hey, we gotta move,” Applejack said, “DASH and Fluttershy are still in danger.”

“Right,” Twilight said releasing Rarity, who was still traumatized, “Rarity, come on.”

“I… I…” Rarity said. Applejack grabbed Rarity by her top and held her against a wall.

“Snap out of it!” Applejack ordered harshly, “There's a time and a place to get lost in your head, but the battlefield isn't it!”

Rarity took a deep breath and nodded vigorously. Did Applejack see what happened to her? Had she woken up by then? Applejack released Rarity and turned to the door.

“Come on. Let's get out of here,” Applejack said darkly. She ran out the door, Twilight following her closely. She stopped at the door and turned to Rarity.

“Rarity, are you-”

“No Twilight, I'm not,” Rarity said, the haughty flair in her voice not present, “But… Applejack is right. Let's go.”

Twilight nodded, and the two of them rushed out of the room.

play song

Outside things were a grizzly sight. Right in front of the mansion were DASH-379 and Spitfire, engaged in ferocious hand to hand combat. The two robots seemed completely unaware of anything that was going on around them. DASH had taken a lot of damage it seemed, as she was sparking a bit.

On the other side, Fluttershy and Discord were on their knees injured as Fleetfoot stood over them. Celestia was on the ground behind them helplessly trembling.

“Targets disabled,” Fleetfoot said calmly, “Continuing with the mission.”

“NO!!!” Celestia screamed, backing away from Fleetfoot as she walked past Discord and Fluttershy toward her.

DASH-379 charged up her yellow element, and then fired her Charge Shot at SPITFIRE, who fell to one knee hurt. DASH then rushed at SPITFIRE and began her own assault on the slightly larger android.

Right before Fleetfoot could grab Celestia, Fluttershy grabbed her foot.

“Not… take… Celestia…!” Fluttershy seethed.

“Target is still partially able,” Fleetfoot said turning to Fluttershy, “Continuing with termination sequence.”

She grabbed Fluttershy by her hair and held her up. Fleetfoot then charged up her blue element and stabbed Fluttershy in the stomach with her ice engulfed hand. Fluttershy's scream alerted DASH-379.

“FLUTTERSHY!!!” DASH shouted. She was about to rush to her aid, but Spitfire slashed her in the back with her fireblade, knocking her to the ground.

“Never take your eyes off your opponent, aberrant!” Spitfire shouted. She then charged up her red element and used her Eruption spell, causing the ground underneath DASH to explode and knocking her over to where Fleetfoot dropped Fluttershy.

“Fluttershy… live…!” DASH-379 shouted, “Please…!”

Rarity, Twilight, and Applejack ran outside just in time to see Fleetfoot and Spitfire prepare to fly off, Celestia screaming and struggling as Fleetfoot carried her over her shoulder.

“No!” Rarity shouted.

“You are too late, Chrono Trigger,” Spitfire said, “As expected, the aberrant stood no chance against me,” she walked over to DASH and grabbed her by the hair, “You are obsolete, Athena.”

“What… did you call me…?” DASH asked slowly. Spitfire let her head drop as the two evil androids flew off.

“No!” Applejack shouted running after them, “Your Majesty!”

“APPLEJACK!!!” Celestia screamed. It was hopeless though, as the two robots flew off too fast. Poor Applejack fell to her knees and pounded the ground in frustration.

“Damn it! DAMN IT!!! Not again!” she shouted. She was alerted by Twilight's screams of horror.

“Fluttershy and DASH are badly hurt!” Twilight cried.

“Can you heal them?” Rarity asked.

“Yes, but they're not moving for a good while!” Twilight fussed.

“If we don't go now though, we'll lose this world's Celestia!” Applejack exclaimed, “Damn it!”

“I know… where they're headed,” Discord said walking up to them, “Come with me… we'll heal your friends and prepare to rescue… Miss Celestia.”

“Thank you so much Discord!” Rarity said. With his help, they managed to get DASH and Fluttershy inside the mansion, but Applejack stayed outside for a bit longer, looking in the direction of where Spitfire and Fleetfoot took Celestia.

“Don't worry, my queen,” Applejack said, “I'll save you this time. I swear it.”

She rose to her feet and walked inside the mansion. If she was going to rescue Celestia, she needed to be prepared herself. She just hoped that Celestia would still be able to help them whenever they did find her.

There was no telling what they had in store for Celestia.