Chrono Reflect

by Valkyrie Sandora

Zenith: Friends Forever

Zenith – Friends Forever

Back in Standard, Pinkie Pie was in History Class when she felt her heart jump out of her chest. Immediately she shot up from her seat and ran to the door.

“Miss Pie, where do you think you're going?” Miss Harshwhinny asked.

“I'm sorry Ma'am, but I have to be somewhere really important!” Pinkie Pie cried rushing out the classroom. On the way she ran into Rainbow Dash. Both of them shared a terrified look, and then ran toward the door together. Right when the reached the door, they saw Fluttershy running to them as well. Without a word, the three of them pushed the door open and ran outside, where they saw Applejewel standing a bit away from the school looking up at the sky.

“Jewel!” Pinkie Pie cried as they all ran to her side, “You feel it too?”

“Y-yeah… Ah do…” Applejewel said trembling, “Girls… y'all need to see this…”

play song

She pointed a shaking hand to the sky. The three of them looked up, and screamed all at once. They saw what looked like a strange black and red creature with a three pronged mouth hovering over them, looking down at them. It looked like it wasn't even really there, yet they could all feel it staring at them.

“W-w-what is that thing?!” Rainbow Dash asked frantically.

“That must be the thing that took Rarity!” Fluttershy reasoned. They heard a familiar laughter to their side, and looked to see Vice-Principal Luna standing there also looking up at the sky.

“After so long, everything I've been striving for has come to fruition!” Vice-Principal Luna proclaimed, “Do you see it girls? That, is the Time Devourer!”

“The… Time Devourer…?” Dash asked fearfully, holding onto Fluttershy for protection.

“My star child has done it!” Vice-Principal Luna said holding her arms out, “All that's left now is for all of my alters to give their energy to her, and she will open the door which will allow Lavos to cross the threshold into Zenith!”

“Once that's done,” Nightmare Moon said in Forest, walking through Canterlot Village, “The rest of the worlds will no longer have their anchor! The very thing that creates the current world will be destroyed!”

Macintosh and Shining Armor grabbed their spears and rushed at Nightmare Moon, but she used her magic to shoot them back. She laughed loudly as they stood up, and everyone gathered around them.

“Once that's finished, I will then be free to recreate the universe in my image! A universe where Rarity and I will never have to be apart again!” Nightmare Moon continued, walking through the Canterlot District in Machine, flanked by an army of robots as they fired at all the civilians and buildings, “She and I will rule the world as it's new Gods!”

“We're not letting you do that!” Twilight shouted as Nightmare Moon walked toward the throne in Medieval. She cast a spell and shot it at Nightmare Moon, but she summoned her scythe and slashed it away. She then fired her Hell Wave at Twilight, forcing her to jump away and take cover.

“You fools think you can stop me?!” Nightmare Moon continued, “I have already won! My beloved Chrono Trigger has reached the highest point of the universe! Not even Celestia's chosen warriors can stop me now!”

“Now Crystal, take my power! Use it to open the door to my realm, and lead Lavos to Zenith!” Vice-Principal Luna shouted. Her laughter echoed throughout the city as purple energy flowed out of her and into the sky. The four girls looked at her fearfully, and they looked back at the sky, seeing more purple energy flowing toward that large creature, probably from other dimensions.

“Is there anything we can do?!” Rainbow Dash asked fearfully.

“Not here,” Fluttershy said seriously, “But our alters with Twilight can stop this!” she ran forward a bit, “Hey! You hear me forest freak?! You better not lose this!”

Applejewel nodded and ran next to Fluttershy, “Please knight version of me! Ya gotta stop this monster!”

“You're a super fighting robot!” Rainbow Dash screamed running next to her friends, “You're best in your line! You have to save us! Please Robot me!”

“I'm sorry about your world, other Pinkie Pie!” Pinkie Pie shouted joining the group as well, “But that's why I know you're not going to let that creature destroy another world!”

Al four of them took a deep breath at the same time and then screamed out loud.

“YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!”

Nightmare Crystal stood in the middle of the balcony garden and held her hand above her head. Four streams of purple energy flowed into her hand converging into a ball of energy.

“With this, everything will be finished,” Crystal said with an evil smirk.

“Rarity, stop this!” Twilight begged catching Nightmare Crystal's attention.

“Oh, you didn't run away?” Crystal asked, “I had thought the six of you would have gotten the hint by now. It's over. You've all lost.”

“Not yet,” DASH-379 said walking forward, “We're not running till we save you!”

“Why are you doing this, Rarity?!” Fluttershy asked, “Why would you want to destroy your home like this?!”

“It's not my home!” Crystal shouted completely turning to them, “My home was never meant to exist, remember?! I'm supposed to be dead!”

“I'm sorry, Rarity,” Celestia said, “I… never planned for any of this to happen. Honestly, no one was supposed to know about this aspect of the universe.”

“And that's supposed to make it better?!” Crystal shouted, “My home, my family, my friends, they're all gone! And I'm supposed to just accept my fate and disappear too?! Is that what all of you are telling me?!”

“Rares, look, Ah don't get any of this either,” Applejack said, “But… if we all just calm down and talk this over-”

“THERE'S NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT!!!” Crystal screamed, “You don't know how it feels to lose everything! To be told that your life only matters as long as you're dead!”

“I know how that feels,” Pinkamena said stepping forward, “Yeah, it sucks, but the point is that you're alive here and now! Also, our friends aren't gone, Rarity! They're… they're right here! Twilight, Applejack, DASH-379, and Fluttershy; they're our friends!”

Crystal shook her head backing away, “No… you're lying to me…! My versions of them are gone! You're not my Pinkie Pie! My Applejack! My Rainbow Dash! My Fluttershy! Or my Twilight!”

“What about what you said to me when we first started going on this journey?!” Twilight asked, “Remember when Fluttershy was captured by the Wolf Tribe?! You said then that it didn't matter what world she came from! Fluttershy was Fluttershy!”

“I know it sounds odd, Rarity, but I am your Fluttershy!” Fluttershy said, “I don't understand it either, but Twilight is telling the truth!”

“It's just like how yer my Rarity!” Applejack said, “Ah don't differentiate between y'all, because Rarity is the most important person in my life! Just knowin that somewhere out there, my teacher, my friend still lives is enough for me!”

“It doesn't matter what form we take!” DASH-379 said, “Whether we are human, machine, or otherwise, friendship transcends dimensions! You have always helped me see that I'm more than what I perceive myself to be, whether as Rainbow Dash, or Athena!”

“You… remember that…?” Crystal asked before shaking her head screaming, “Stop it! I won't let you get into my head!” she jumped off the edge of the balcony. As the girls all ran to the side worried, they saw her floating up toward them, “Nightmare Moon has given me everything I need to regain the life I had before! I'll save my friends… WITH MY OWN POWER!!!”

She then flew off, going deeper into the ruined city.

“We must stop her!” Celestia urged, “If she summons Lavos here, the entire universe will be destroyed!”

“What?!” Applejack shouted, “How's that?!”

“This world created all the other worlds!” DASH-379 explained, “If this world is eaten by Lavos, then the others will lose their anchor!”

“Wait, you know that?” Twilight asked.

“I may have my true self back, but I still am Athena,” DASH-379 stated, “Look, we just have to stop her, right?! I'm flying on ahead! Try to keep up!”

DASH-379 flew off after Crystal. Everyone else ran toward the elevator, but Twilight stopped and turned to Celestia, “Leave this to us! You monitor the progress of the worlds!”

Celestia nodded and walked into the computer room, handing Twilight a small earpiece, “Use this to remain in constant contact with me. I'll guide you to where Rarity is.”

“Thank you,” Twilight said, hugging Celestia tightly, “No matter what, you're still my teacher Princess. I love you so much.”

“I… love you too, Twilight,” Celestia said tightening the embrace, “You are as precious to me as Rarity is to Luna. Please do not die.”

“I won't. I promise,” Twilight said. She put on the earpiece, and then ran after her friends. Celestia sat down in front of her computer and put on an odd headset, connecting with the entire world to see where Crystal was.

There was still hope for the universe. Celestia wasn't going to let that light fade away before it could truly shine.

play song

Nightmare Crystal landed in a wide clearing. She placed the orb into the ground, and it turned into what looked like a small black hole. She raised her spear and prepared to thrust it inside, but was stopped by a barrage of shots from the sky. She looked up to see DASH-379 charging down toward her.

When she landed, she immediately charged toward Crystal and slashed with an electrified hand. Nightmare Crystal blocked her attacks, and managed to push her back. Before she could go on the offense again, she heard a familiar howl. A black streak shot past her back and forth slashing her before stopping next to DASH-379.

“Thanks Spike!” DASH said, Spike howling in response. Shortly after, the rest of the group ran to join them, all of them pulling out their weapons.

“So… you all wish for me to die as well…?” Nightmare Crystal said getting in her fighting stance, “Fine! Before I bring Lavos to this world, I'll end your lives first!”

“Rarity, we're not giving up on you!” Twilight said, “I know you're afraid right now, but I promise that everything will be alright!” she pulled out the Chrono Cross and readied an arrow, “I'm your light, Rarity! Always and forever! And now I'm going to prove that by guiding you out of the darkness!”

Twilight immediately fired her arrows at Crystal, who deflected them effortlessly and then charged at Twilight. Before she could slash her, both DASH-379 and Pinkamena blocked her and pushed her back. Fluttershy then jumped in and slashed her with her daggers. She then charged up her green element and cast Reinforce on everyone.

Nightmare Crystal charged up her black element and then held her hand forward, casting Feral Cats on the entire group. As they all fell to their knees, Nightmare Crystal charged at the group, but her speak met Spike's fangs as he grabbed the spear and held it down growling.

“Stupid mutt!” Crystal shouted, “I'm sick of you standing in my way!”

Have you truly forgotten about me, Rarity?

That voice. It was so deep, but there was something familiar about it. She looked at the large wolf before her, for the first time noticing the purple highlights in his fur, and the green eyes.

“Wait… are you… S-Spike…?” Crystal asked. She then caught herself and then jumped away, charging up her black element again. She then held out her hand, and to everyone's surprise launched Hell Wave herself, forcing everyone to take cover, “You're just an apparition that bears his name! My Spikey Wikey died along with my world!”

“We gotta take this to the next level!” Applejack said.

“Then leave it to me!” DASH-379 said standing up and charging up her yellow element, “Activating ATHENA Mode! Applejack, you're up!”

Applejack nodded and ran over to Nightmare Crystal. The two of them clashed weapons easily like they were dancing, and then Applejack jumped back next to DASH-379. The two of them charged up their elements and used Beat Rush on Nightmare Crystal.

After they finished, she spun around slashing them away with her spear. Pinkamena then rushed at Nightmare Crystal and slashed with her bladed hoop to gather energy. She then charged her blue element, holding up her hand and summoning a large cannon made of ice right in front of Nightmare Crystal. Before she could move away, DASH-379 and Fluttershy grabbed her holding her still.

“W-what are you doing?!” Crystal fussed.

“Fire it now!” DASH-379 urged. Pinkamena jumped onto her cannon and fired point blank at Nightmare Crystal, both Fluttershy and DASH jumping away right before impact. (Party Cannon)

As Crystal was frozen, Twilight took that as her chance to get a few lucky shots in. She then charged up her white element, casting Healing Stream on everyone.

Nightmare Crystal broke free from the ice, and then charged up her black element, casting After Image on herself. Fluttershy and Spike both rushed at her together, and jumped past her to slash her together, but sadly the effects of After Image made her impossible to hit.

“Twilight, there's only one way to undo that move,” Celestia said from Twilight's earpiece.

“Wait, you can see this?” Twilight asked.

“Quite easily actually,” Celestia said, “You have to use a white element to hit her. Do you have enough energy?”

“For a small one, but yeah,” Twilight said.

“It'll have to do. Have Spike keep her busy, and then fire when you get a clear shot.”

“Spike, attack!” Twilight commanded. Spike nodded to Twilight and rushed at Nightmare Crystal, thrashing about and slashing with his tail. Since he was also a black adept, his attacks actually made contact with Crystal's, forcing her to have to block with her spear.

While they fought, Twilight charged up her white element, and readied an arrow, pointing it right at Crystal and charging it up with light energy. She mentally counted to three, and then fired her Prism Shot at Nightmare Crystal. When it impacted her, she cried out in pain as the After Image faded away.

“Thanks!” Applejack said, immediately rushing at Crystal and slashing her with her sword. Once she had gathered enough energy, she charged up her red element and shot a red laser right at Crystal, using Sword Dance before she could block.

DASH-379 charged up her yellow element, and then flew over to Crystal using her Lightning Leg on her. Nightmare Crystal staggered back and looked around at the group wide eyed.

“Why…?” Crystal asked, “Why are you so strong now…?!”

Twilight stepped forward holding her arm out, “Everyone, leave this to me.”

“Twilight, ya sure?” Applejack asked.

“I'm her light,” Twilight said placing a hand on her chest, “I promised that I was going to save her, so that's what I'm going to do.”

“You'll face me alone?” Crystal asked rising up, “You're either very brave… or very stupid…!”

The two of them braced themselves. Nightmare Crystal charged at Twilight, but she jumped to the side out of the way and fired with her arrows. The shots hit Crystal in the side, but she turned to her and begun slashing wildly with her spear.

Twilight dodged and scampered out of the way, even using the Chrono Cross to block a bit. She then pushed her spear away and charged up her white element, hitting Crystal with her Holy Lance.

Crystal fell back away from that and charged up her black element. She held out her hand, only this time fired Shadow Balls at Twilight, forcing the teenager to run circles around her. She got one lucky shot in and knocked Twilight to the ground.

“TWILIGHT!!!” Everyone cried at once.

end song

Nightmare Crystal slowly walked over to Twilight as she lied on the floor helplessly. As she stood over her, she charged up her black element and raised her spear.

“Foolish child,” Nightmare Cystal said, “You were better off letting the others help you. Then you might have been able to kill me.”

“I…” Twilight said trembling, “I don't want to kill you Rarity…”

Crystal stopped, her eyes wide, “W-what do you mean…?”

play song

“I could never kill you Rarity. Not just because of how long we were friends in my previous life, but because of the new friendship you and I gained through this journey. Don't you remember? You asked me to be your light…” she looked up at Nightmare Crystal in tears, “I know that the real you is still in there, Rarity…”

“I told you… Rarity is gone!” Nightmare Crystal shouted, “My name is Nightmare-”

“NO!!!” Twilight screamed, “I don't believe it! I refuse to believe that this is the real you, Rarity! This isn't the girl that I grew to love and admire! The girl who inspired me! The girl who ventured out on this endless journey just to find a way to save her friends! Your world is gone Rarity, and I'm so sorry for that! I wish that I could give it back to you, and if my death would give back what you lost, then I'd gladly give my life, but it won't! Look around!”

Nightmare Crystal actually did look around, seeing DASH-379, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Spike all looking at them, visibly saddened.

“Your world is gone, but your friends lived! Through some odd miracle, we're all right here!” Twilight continued, rising to her knees and grabbing Nightmare Crystal's dress, “We can start over! We have the Gate Key, and with it, we can always see one another! You could live in any world you want, and you'll always be with us!”

“Ah wouldn't mind ya stayin at the castle,” Applejack said, “We got plenty of room, and you'd be a great knight.”

“Discord would probably let us stay at Celestia's mansion in Machine,” DASH-379 said, “You could help bridge the gap between man and machine.”

“And I'm sure that you'd be welcome in Canterlot Village,” Fluttershy said holding her stomach, “You could take my hut, since I'll probably be moving into Macintosh's hut soon.”

“Or you and I could just wonder around the other worlds together,” Pinkamena added with a smile, “It gets lonely by myself all the time.”

“Nightmare Moon made you feel like you didn't have a world anymore, but she was wrong,” Twilight said rising up and hugging Nightmare Crystal tightly, “The whole universe… is your world.”

“The whole… universe…?” Nightmare Crystal asked, her eyes slowly changing back to blue, “But… what about my family…? My Mom… My Dad… and… Sweetie Belle…?”

“I wish I knew what to say about that,” Twilight said tightening the embrace, both she and Crystal crying, “Your family as you know them… they might be gone forever… but somewhere in the universe they're out there too. If you love them as much as you love us, then I know they survived somehow,” Twilight looked Nightmare Crystal in the eyes and held her cheeks lovingly, “Let's search for them, together.”

“Together…?” Nightmare Crystal asked, “You'd… still travel with me…?”

“Of course,” Twilight said, “I don't ever want to be apart from you again. I'll follow you, anywhere you go.”

It started to look like Rarity was beginning to come back. Her expression softened, and she slowly reached for Twilight's cheek. As this was happening, DASH-379 looked up and gasped in shock.

end song

“Twilight! Rarity! Behind you!” she screamed. Both of them looked to see a black tendril rising out of the black whole that Crystal created, and lunged toward them. Crystal pushed Twilight toward the group as it shot into her, engulfing her in a black flame.

“RARITY!!!” Twilight screamed.

Mistress! Use the Chrono Cross! Hurry!

Twilight nodded and charged up her white Element. She then readied her bow and arrow, pointing it at Nightmare Crystal, who was screaming in the black flame. The Chrono Cross began to glow, empowering her arrow and turning it pure gold. When she released the arrow, it shot through the dark flame, and immediately pierced Crystal's chest. (Chrono Cross) She gasped in shock and then exploded in a blinding light.

play song

Hey, wake up.

How long are you planning on sleeping?

When she came to, she was in a dark environment. Standing over her were two boys. One had spiky red hair straight out of an anime, and had a sword at his side. The other boy had blueish purple hair tied in an orange scarf, and had a two bladed staff lying on the ground next to him.

“Who… are you…?” she asked them.

“We're the ones before you,” the blue haired boy said with a kind smile, “We were Chrono Triggers too.”

“Chrono… Trigger…? That's right… that's what I am now…” she said, holding her knees and shedding tears, “Why did this happen to me…? I just wanted to live my life in peace…”

“Yeah, that sounds familiar,” the red haired boy said rubbing the back of his neck, “I was just going to see a fair when it happened to me. This guy here though, he has it bad. He was just trying to make his girlfriend something nice.”

The blue haired boy sighed, “You're not going to let me live that down, are you Crono?”

“Nope,” the boy, Crono said with a big grin, “Not on your life, Serge.”

“How are you two so jovial…?” she asked looking up at the two boys before her, “Didn't your lives get ruined because of this…?”

“I… wouldn't say they were ruined per say,” Crono said, “I mean, yeah, it wasn't an ideal outcome, but I don't regret anything that I did. I mean, I got to travel through time! Besides the whole dying factor, that was sort of fun.”

“I got to learn things about the world that I'd never get to see just staying at home,” Serge said with peaceful smile, “Learning that my father was insane was a bummer, but it wasn't his fault really. But the most important thing, we got to use our lives for a better cause.”

“If we hadn't fought, our friends would have all died at the hands of Lavos,” Crono said, “Just like… I'm assuming yours as well.”

“My… friends…?” she looked up slowly, “That's right… Lavos will… kill them…!”

“You have to face him now,” Serge said, “Crono and I fought our battles. As of now, you're the only one who can stop Lavos.”

“I wish I could get another crack at him, but sadly it's not my fight,” Crono said with a shrug.

“Even if I did though… how would I stop Lavos… for good…?”

“Lavos exists everywhere, while in a way you exist nowhere,” Serge said thoughtfully, “You could probably create a paradox and draw him into one single possibility. If you did that, if you killed him he'd be gone forever.”

“That would be dangerous for you though,” Crono warned, “I could almost guarantee that you wouldn't live through that. Knowing that, would you be willing to do it?”

“I… I don't…”

“We shouldn't force her to answer that right away,” Serge said, “For now, return to your friends. Spend time with them, and decide then.”

“I can… return to my friends…?”

“You could leave here anytime you want,” Crono said, “As long as you know the way back.”

She was about to question that, but she then saw a bright light above her.


“That voice…! Is that… Twilight…?” she asked, slowly rising to her feet.

“Looks like your ride is here,” Serge said, “Maybe one day, you'll be able to stand beside us.”

“Till next time,” Crono said giving her a two fingered wave, “Good luck, Rarity.”

As both of them faded away, Rarity looked up into the white light as it got bigger. She saw someone holding out their hand for her to grab. She reached up with everything she had, feeling the hand get closer and closer, until it tightly grasped her hand and pulled her out of the abyss of darkness.

end song

She felt someone wrapping their arms around her tightly, grasping her hand as if for dear life. As she opened her eyes, she looked around. Applejack, DASH-379, Fluttershy, Pinkamena, and Spike all knelt around her looking worried, and Twilight was the one holding her.

“Rarity!” Twilight cried holding her steady. She was back in her original attire, and looked to be her original age of seventeen. Though she had for some reason retained a single stripe of white hair, it was pretty clear.

play song

She was Rarity again.

“Twilight…” Rarity said looking at her beloved friend desperately. She then looked around again at the alters of her friends with her. No, they weren't alters now. Though they looked the same on the outside, something about them seemed familiar.

“So, got it all out of your system?” DASH-379 said with a familiar smirk.

“Seriously girl, ya gave us quite a scare,” Applejack said shaking her head.

“I knew she'd be okay,” Pinkamena said with a large grin, “You guys need to have more faith.”

“Oh Rarity…!” Fluttershy cried embracing Rarity tightly, “I thought I'd lost you all over again!”

“Girls…” Rarity said looking at them in sadness and devastation, “I am… so sorry…”

“It's alright Rarity,” Twilight said, “You're back now.”

“No, it's not alright,” Rarity corrected, “I almost destroyed the entire universe! And for what? Because I lost my world? W-what happened to me? Why did I…?”

“That was due to Lavos' influence,” Celestia said, walking over to the group, “I have seen how Lavos can corrupt the mind. Many good people have lost themselves to his influence. You are the first and only person to be able to pull themselves back though.”

Rarity stood up and walked toward Celestia, rubbing her arm and looking away in shame, “Celestia… I'm sorry for what I did to you…”

“No harm done, my child,” Celestia said with a maternal smile, “Have you found your way back to the light?”

“I… I don't know,” Rarity admitted, “I'm not sure what it is I must do now.”

“While you managed to stop my sister from getting this world,” Celestia said, “Lavos has still managed to gaze upon the other four worlds. He knows where they are, and he will devour them if nothing is done.”

“Along with trying to get you back, we've been looking into how to destroy Lavos,” DASH-379 said, “So far though, we don't know how to destroy him permanently.”

“Come to think of it, we don't even know how to reach him,” Applejack said folding her arms.

“What if we just use this?” Fluttershy asked. Everyone turned to see her kneeling down in front of the black hole that Rarity made.

“Fluttershy, get away from there!” Twilight cried running to her side and pulling Fluttershy away, “God, one of these days you're going to get us killed.”

“No, she has the right idea,” Pinkamena said walking over to the hole, “Lavos exists outside time and space. If we use this, we can reach that realm.”

“That portal probably leads to where Luna really is,” Celestia explained, “We call that place the Darkness Beyond Time. If Lavos were to be anywhere, it would be in that place.”

“So all we need now is a means of defeatin Lavos for good,” Applejack said, “Anyone got an idea?”

“I… know how to defeat Lavos…”

Everyone turned to Rarity, who had her eyes closed and was trembling. Twilight slowly approached her with a worried expression.

“Rarity…?” she asked, slowly reaching for the now crying teenager.

“We have to create a paradox around Lavos, drawing him into one single possibility,” Rarity said, trying her hardest to keep from breaking down.

“A paradox…?” Fluttershy asked, “Um… I'm sorry everyone, but I'm still really confused…”

“We basically have to break time around him,” DASH-379 explained, “It makes sense, when you think about it. Lavos exists everywhere in time.”

“He's an anomaly in the universe,” Pinkamena explained, “If we correct said anomaly, he won't be able to escape to another time line.”

“Oh! I get it now!” Fluttershy said perking up, before tilting her head to the side again, “So… how do we correct it?”

“You hit Lavos with his antithesis,” Celestia said, “He exists within all worlds, so you hit him with something that exists in no world. Do that, and you'll cancel out both anomalies.”

“Something, or someone?” Rarity asked looking up at Celestia. It took a second, but eventually Twilight realized what she was hinting at and shook her head.

“Hold on. Rarity, you can't be thinking-”

“That's what you mean, right?” Rarity asked Celestia, ignoring Twilight, “Lavos and I are both anomalies in the universe, so we can cancel each other out.”

“That… would work actually,” Celestia admitted, “Sadly, you and Lavos are both beings in the universe that aren't supposed to exist. But if both of you were to cancel each other out…”

“Then Lavos would be gone forever,” Rarity reasoned.

“Wait a second,” Twilight chimed in, “What would happen to Rarity if she did this?”

“It is as you're thinking, I'm afraid,” Celestia said gravely, “If Rarity were to use this method, it would result in both Lavos… and herself disappearing.”

“Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on a minute!” DASH-379 exclaimed, “Rarity, you're not thinking about sacrificing yourself to stop Lavos, are you?!”

“We jus' got ya back, an' yer plannin on offin yourself right afterward?!” Applejack asked.

“Rarity, no! Please don't do this!” Fluttershy begged, “We'll find another way!”

“But that's just it, isn't it?” Rarity asked, “There isn't another way, now is there? If we're going to destroy Lavos for good, then I need to do this.”

Twilight turned to Pinkamena, who had her arms folded and her eyes closed, “Pinkie Pie, please talk some sense into her!”

“Celestia… what if I did it instead?” Pinkamena asked, “I mean, I'm from a world that doesn't exist anymore too.”

“Yes, that is the case,” Celestia said, “However, there are other Pinkie Pies in the world that will live full lives. Rarity here has literally gone against fate itself, and is alive when she shouldn't be, on top of being from a world that's vanished.”

Pinkamena grimaced turning away. Rarity sighed and began walking off.

“Where are you goin?” Applejack asked Rarity.

“I need to think for a bit,” Rarity said somberly, “I'm going to Standard to clear my head and… figure out what I'm going to do, whether or not that means I give up my life.”

It looked like her friends had more to say to her, especially Twilight, but Rarity didn't want to hear her friends try and talk her out of this. Honestly, she wasn't even sure she did want to do this, but if it was the only way to stop Lavos and Nightmare Moon…

After all… it's not like I'm supposed to exist anyway…