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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Confrontation

Anon-A-Miss ups their game as Sunset and her friends try to stop their scheme, but will everyone make it out unscathed once all is said and done?

Book Two of Anon-A-Miss in the Anon-A-Miss Saga.

The Main 7 tag is up for simplicity, as Sci-Twi does not appear in this story.

Part of "Not Just Any Old Continuity", which includes
Not Just Any Old Trilogy
The Crystal Prep Chronicles
TimberTwi Tales

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Heh, it's a change to have Rainbow be the one with difficulty getting attention.

Keep this going. I'll be tracking.

CSC #3 · Feb 21st, 2019 · · · Chats ·

Oh Sunset......

Why do I get the feeling Wallflower was hoping for that confrontation?

This is probably gonna end badly...


I like this direction.

This incorporates some much-needed changes into AaM, particularly the fact that the CMC want to pull out.

Keep it up.


A countdown I assume.

Spreading lies now! What the heck CMC?! This is going to end badly for them big time! Forget detention they be lucky to be suspended!

Remember who the ringleader in all this is...

I know but figured she know better. Ugghhh i really really hope they get expelled, other wise they be hunted down at school and beaten to a inch of their lives.

Wow. This keeps getting more and more tense. Count me in to the end.

Why do I get this ominous feeling that Wallflower and Trixie might try to pull an
'old Sunset' maneuver to avoid blame.

There is no happy ever after. No place to run, the countdown’s begun.

Is that a reference to something?

Sounds like there’s enough room in this countdown for all of the Manes and CMC- and just a little more....

I know the CMC are going to be in a lot of trouble, but wonder how much trouble Trixie and Wall Flower will be in, they are the ones i hope get expelled.

Save their lives as sure they be hunted down.

Future scene:

Judge: Wallflower Blush, you are hereby found guilty of libel, slander, and attempting to insight a riot. You are hereby sentenced to three years of no access to social media and one year of community service. If you were an adult, you would be spending the next five years in prison.

Given that somebody else is ultimately pulling the strings, I'd expect some leniancy.

I wasn't talking about the CMC I'm talking about Trixie and Wall Flower.

By the time breakfast was over, Sweetie Belle ran ahead of me again! Doesn't she know the expression 'ladies first'?

I take it then by Rarity's definition that Sweetie Belle is not a lady?

I gotta admit Rarity's got mad skills. :raritywink:
She played her tune and Trixie couldn't do anything but dance to it. :trixieshiftleft:

Sweetie Belle is a "young lady" by Rarity's definition.

Ahhh. It is useful to know the distinction between the two in such important and pressing matters as this.

Libel and slander are civil torts, so a judgement is issuable, but inciting a riot is criminal. You'd have two separate trials and different judges. :twilightsmile:

"Oh, is she now?" I feigned disinterest to further rile her. "As a member of the Rainbooms, the band that won the competition against the sirens, why would I think you worth my time?" I had to play dirty. Rub salt in her wounds. "Face it, Lulamoon. You'll always be second best."


As Sunset left the cafeteria, she failed to notice a pair of students holding their phones and looking at each other with suspicion in their eyes.

Snipe and Snails:rainbowhuh:?

Wallflower heaved a sigh of relief as she watched Sunset walk off. "And I've got my eyes on you too," she said as a grin formed on her face. "My eyes, and four other pairs."


Both meetings came to a close, but nothing could have prepared either party for what the next day would bring.

Oh no:rainbowderp:.

She would come to find that she was simply being optimistic.

Sadly, this is true:ajsleepy:.

With the cafeteria in sight, Apple Bloom's regret began to disappear as determination took root. One way or another, this mess ends today! she thought, then strode on in.

This ends now:flutterrage:!!!

" The Great and Powerful Trixie is not playing second fiddle to Wallflower! " She gasped and put her hands to her mouth. I turned and smiled, slightly tipping my hat as the warning bell for fourth period rang.

AHA:rainbowdetermined2:!!! Nice one Rarity:scootangel:!!!

I left my class for the cafeteria. I may not have found Wallflower Blush, but at least I had something to go on. As I entered the lunchroom, I vowed that come hell or high water, one way or another...

...this mess ends today!

Someone please end this madness:raritycry:!!!

Glad to see you're getting such a kick out of my work. =D Next chapter will be up soon enough, so don't you worry.

Hey, what's with all the fighting? - Sweetie Belle

All part of the plan, Sweetie Belle. All part of the plan. - Wallflower
Sweetie Belle raised an eyebrow.

And how is this going to help us get back at Sunset? - Sweetie Belle

Oh, you'll see. - Wallflower

Dammit Wallflower:twilightangry2:!!!

Once the bus reached its final stop, Sweetie Belle disembarked, not caring to see if Rarity was close by. She hurried inside to more angry students shouting at each other. Geez, this is almost as bad as the Battle of the Bands! She covered her ears and made a beeline to her first period class in the hopes of getting some semblance of peace.

Indeed it is Sweetie Belle:ajsleepy:.

"You're going to have to leave eventually."

Sweetie Belle opened her eyes to a slightly frowning Cranky Doodle.

"Is something wrong?"

Sweetie Belle thought for a moment, then nodded. "I wish all the fighting would stop. It's starting to drive me crazy!"

Same here, I don't think I can take much more of it:fluttershyouch:!!!

Cranky Doodle walked up to Sweetie Belle as his toupee bounced slightly, then put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Look, Sweetie," he said as his icy blue eyes looked at her. "Canterlot High has been through a whole lot of crazy things lately. We'll make it through this madness just like we have before. You just need to have a little faith, that's all."

I think it's a little too late for that Cranky:ajsleepy:.

Sweetie Belle winced, feeling a pang of guilt as she passed a student slumped against a locker, sobbing into his hands. Why did she and the girls agree to do this?! Tears formed in the corners of her eyes as she felt herself begin to choke up. She knew that trying to contact Wallflower would be a wasted effort, so the only thing to do would be to confront her directly.

Your perspective was changed by Wallflower simple as that...not that it justifies anything, but still:fluttershysad:.

Have either of you been able to get in touch with Wallflower? - Apple Bloom

Sweetie Belle grunted in frustration. Looks like she wasn't the only one being ignored...

No. And not for lack of trying. - Sweetie Belle

Same here. - Scootaloo

Now Sweetie Belle had to find Wallflower. She entered the cafeteria in the hopes of finding either her or Trixie...

This must end now:flutterrage:!!!

You know, if you can't wait for the next chapter, you could always read some of my other stories just to tide you over. :raritywink:

No no, I can wait, really:twilightsheepish:. Though I will check out some of your other stories when I have time:raritywink:.

Fair enough. Just thought I'd ask. :twilightsmile:

It now appears the CMC are starting to see the light and are getting really sick and tired of being part of this little revenge plan that is about to crumble.

I got a BAD feeling about this...

If only there were some way to expose the dastardly duo and end Anon-a-miss once and for all. But how...? Maybe if they secretly got a recorder and got wind of the scheme and bring the truth to light somehow...


Nice update

Well, that’s one new wrinkle....

Once Fluttershy reached the bus stop, she looked around, then grumbled. Zephyr was probably sleeping in. Again. If that was the case, then her mom or dad would take time out of their day just to get him to school right before the bell rang. Again. She loved her brother, but sometimes he could be so infuriating! Shaking her head with a sigh, she resolved to have another talk with him after the school day. Oh, who was she kidding? He'd more than likely just nod his head and pretend to listen! She took a deep breath, then exhaled. There were more important things to worry about right now.

Same old Zephyr:ajbemused:.

"You okay," asked an all too familiar raspy voice behind Fluttershy.

Fluttershy turned around to see Rainbow Dash, eyeing her with concern. She sighed again. "I want all this fighting to end, Dashie."

Rainbow Dash smiled warmly as she put a hand on her friend's shoulder. "We all do, Fluttershy. We all do."

Me too...it's just getting worse and worse by the day:fluttershysad:.

Fluttershy returned the smile, which slowly faded. "I'm worried about Sunset..."

I am to Flutters...:applecry:.

Rainbow tightened her grip on Fluttershy's shoulder. "You don't have to worry. With friends as awesome as we are, she'll be just fine."

Fluttershy's smile returned, feeling reassured by Rainbow's words. "You know what? You're right!"

Rainbow grinned, putting her hands on her hips. "Of course I am!" The warning bell for first period rang, and she let go of Fluttershy's shoulder. "Trust me," she said. "Everything's going to be just fine."

They'd better be, because it doesn't look like its going to anytime soon:twilightblush:.

"Dude, what the hell?!"

Fluttershy blinked in surprise, recognizing the voice. She made her way towards the noise to see a student with thick green dreadlocks and a vest staring down a purple bespectacled student with suspenders. "Micro Chips! ...S-Sandalwood!" She ran a hand through her hair nervously. "What's wrong?"

Sandalwood turned around to face Fluttershy and pointed at Micro Chips. "He said that spirit animals aren't real!"

"While I genuinely believe that to be true," Micro Chips said as he adjusted his glasses. "I haven't said it before because I knew you'd get angry!"

Well, you said it now:applejackunsure:.

Sandalwood turned to face Micro Chips, glowering at him. "You just admitted it!"

Micro Chips heaved a sigh as he reached into his pocket, producing a phone. "I did," he said as he accessed the MyStable app. "But I never told that to anyone else!" he held out his phone and pointed at it.

Micro Chips thinks spirit animals are a fabrication!
- Anon-A-Miss

Oh shit...:twilightoops:. Wallflower...:twilightangry2:.

"Enough!" Fluttershy yelled, surprising herself and the two before her. Her eyes widened as she covered her mouth with a gasp.

Sandalwood and Micro Chips stared at Fluttershy, then at each other.

Fluttershy regained her composure a moment later. "You two shouldn't be fighting like this," she said softly. "You're best friends. Don't let the little things become big things, like I and my friends almost did during the Battle of the Bands..."

Sandalwood and Micro Chips continued staring at each other until their expressions softened.

"She's right," Micro Chips conceded. "We can have a perfectly rational conversation about this instead of going at each other's throats."

I love it when Fluttershy is the voice of reason here:twilightsmile:.

Sandalwood nodded, then turned to Fluttershy. "Thanks, Butterfly."

Fluttershy blinked. "Um, my name is Fluttershy."

Sandalwood snickered. "I know. 'Butterfly' is a nickname I'm giving you." He put a hand on her head. "As thanks for keeping the peace between us." He gestured to himself and Micro Chips.


"See ya later, Butterfly."

The recollection alone caused her to smile.



Fluttershy turned around and gasped in shock. Sunset Shimmer stood before her, hugging herself tightly as her eyes darted around. "Goodness, Sunset! What happened?"

Sunset shuddered. "I... I've been having a rough morning." She proceeded to tell Fluttershy everything that had happened to her up until this very moment. "I-I think I'm starting to hear voices..."

Oh now...I think Sunset is starting to get schizophrenia:twilightoops:!!!

Fluttershy gasped. "What are they saying?"

Sunset looked away, as though she was deeply ashamed of herself. "...That I'm a monster..." Her whisper was barely audible, but still loud enough for Fluttershy to hear.

"Oh, Sunset..."

The warning bell for third period rang.

Sunset turned back around to give Fluttershy a sad smile. "Don't worry about me. I'll be fine," she said. Fluttershy hesitated momentarily, then Sunset put a hand on her shoulder with a genuine smile. "I promise."

Someone please stop this madness:raritycry:!!!

Fluttershy grit her teeth as she neared the cafeteria, and fervently hoped that this mess would end today !

And it needs to end NOW:twilightangry2:!!!

Of course, I know things are only going to get even worse from here:applecry:!!!

This is getting tense. Keep it up.


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