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Ironic reasons are the best reasons darling.

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Why some one like me is a pegasister. · 2:59am Dec 15th, 2013

Now I'm sure after reading over my bio you're all wondering why some one like me even likes a show that's aimed at girls 3/4ths my age. The answer to that is quite simple actually, it's a good show through and through. Its not mindless drivel like most cartoons and TV shows on now a days and actually has a point to it. Unlike cartoon network whose quality has drastically fallen since my childhood and airs shows that are not only inappropriate for their audience, but mind rottingly stupid,

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Das Bio

-The Name: Ophelia M. Kinder

-The Mare: The sarcastic, cynical, jaded misanthrope next door.

-The Mission: To provide satire and parodies of common tropes with a more realistic spin. Sometimes humanized in nature (mostly humanized, ponies make better humans than humans do).

-The Reason: Let's face it, it's hard to come by good authors who update, I aim to fix that, hopefully... possibly...maybe. I write mainly to entertain myself, but if you guys like it then that's cool. I'm not out to change the world with my work, just mock it until I can get out.


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Thank you for faving Adagio Needs Sunset's Socks! :heart:

Thank you for the track, it's really appreciated!

Thanks for the track! Hope you're having a good day

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