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Flash Sentry. The nicest guy you could possibly know. Always there for you. Always a gentleman. Always a friend.

Always a friend...

And nothing more.

Now in his mid-thirties and still single, he finds himself struggling with yet another romantic rejection...

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This is so heart braking :pinkiesad2:

Orrm #2 · 6 days ago · · 1 ·

Flash Sentry, is utterly foolish, isn't he? He goes after those who wish not with him but rejects every single one that desires him.

A fair guess would be that he didn't even give them a chance.

I can't tell whether it's arrogance or ignorance. For now, I'll settle for calling it, Tomfollery.

9778628 Agreed. That doesn't sound like the Flash I've seen. The Vinyl one I can understand since he was into Twilight and it wouldn't have been right to go out with someone else when you have feeling for another person, but the other times I don't buy.


That is surely what Flashy needs. Or... he could meet a lady with the name Hope? I'm sure I can hook him up with- oh who am I kidding. He's hopeless!


This was so nice of a read!

This is heard to read. It just feels too real. At least for me, I can definitely relate to this.

Truth be told, I wrote this based on personal experience.

Comment posted by Disavowed ASH deleted Last Tuesday

This hit too close to home. This hurt a lot. :fluttercry:


Okay, so you're mind's made up.

Glad I invoked the proper feelings! :twilightsmile:

Also, thanks for pointing out the error. The things I miss when I'm in the zone. XD

"Beggars cannot be choosers."

Reminds me of Aggretsuko, where in the first season, this is deconstructed, as it becomes obvious that Ritsuko's date simply doesn't have the same emotion investment she has, and he just goes along with whatever as she burns herself out.

The SECOND season meanwhile, it hits Ritsuko with the truth that these men she thinks are nice aren't just going to politely wait around for her for eternity.

Have you ever been asked out by somebody who you didn't like in that way? Or somebody who you never even talked to before? It sucks. What're you supposed to do? Give them false hope that maybe you reciprocate even though you don't?

The guy blatantly rejected people while getting rejected himself when he came on to people who thought of him as a friend. Then he bitches about why no one wants to be with him.

See the problem?

There has to be some kind of attraction for a relationship to happen. Forcing yourself to be with someone you're not interested in is just gonna make everyone miserable.

Yes, but not giving someone a chance while complaining on how others do the same thing for you is simply hypocritical.

Who knows, maybe after a date or two the two people may like each other rto some extent, however if a person does not take advantage of given opportunities then he only has himself to blame.

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