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This story is a sequel to Just the Flu

From the moment Sunset woke up, she noticed that Flash seemed to be acting just a little bit different. He's usually a goofy idiot, but today he's an extra nice goofy idiot. Is today special for some reason?

This is a sequel only in the sense that the prequel shares the same continuity. None of the other related stories are required reading to understand the others.
Written before Rainbow Rocks came out.

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Aw... That's just sweet! :twilightsmile:
You know, I can imagine that Sunset Shimmer had been an orphan before being Princess Celestia's student. poor girl... :applecry:

This was fairly decent in my opinion, considering how hard it probably is to write a friendly Sunset. Have a moustache :moustache:

Comment posted by NocturneD85 deleted Apr 19th, 2014

regardless i like this story. sunset and flash just work better for each other imho.

I think that's pretty much become the new head cannon for almost everyone in the fandom.

daawsome work buddy, really love these little slice of life stories, and seeing one based around sunset and flashes old relationship is great.

4256683 How she came to be an orphan, one can only guess:

I can't speak for others, but I find it fairly hard to write her in a very likable way while keeping her in character.

Always just made sense to me. Just another thing to make her bitter and one less morality chain that held her to Equestria.

Yeah, I think they make a good pair.

Thanks. I do aim to please.

Thanks. Perhaps they'll reunite one day, though.

Me too. Especially if she saw Celestia as both a mother and mentor. Making things between them all the more bittersweet.

And that's why Sunset is awesome (from a writing perspective). She has all the makings for a great and complex character just waiting to be expanded and explored.

Couldn't have said it better myself. And that's why She is my best (non-mane 6) pony. Well..that, and her amazing design and colour scheme. It's..just.. Sooooooo Beau-ti-fuuuuullllllll.:raritystarry:

Oh, yeah, she's wonderfully designed. Sadly, she's a real pain to draw because her hair is so freaking complex. It does look good, though.

Then I guess her hair/mane is like her character. Both fiery and complex.:ajsmug:

4258721 Hopefully, we can get the producers to make that bit canon.

Man your story deserves more thumbs up. By the way I really loved how you wrote sunset.

Thank you kindly. The characterization was the most important thing to me when writing this, so I'm quite glad that you enjoyed it so.

This was very well written, so in the "sequel" it was really almost hard to belive right now the couple broke up, even if I could notice the reason slightly in the beginning. Again, very well written.

Thank you very much. I'm glad to see you liked it.

This is freakin' adorable and I don't care what anyone says. Truth be told, I almost like FlashShimmer more than I do FlashLight, and I'm glad you contributed to this rare pairing with this adorable story.

Have a mustache. :moustache:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I rather like this pairing as well.

Joining the chorus of voices saying this: that was sweet. Those two have a lot of chemistry...

Yeah, they can really make for a good couple.

Really liked the story. Put a smile on my face by the end...but then I looked at the sequel.
So this was pretty much me:
Both stories are still pretty good :raritywink:

D'aww. Even as a non-Sunflash shipper, I have to say this was very sweet. :twilightsmile:

Thanks. At first, I just paired them up because they'd already been a canon couple, but I've really grown to enjoy working with these two (especially Sunset).

5090077 Cool (And Sunset's always fun, yeah. :pinkiehappy:)

This story's hard to take in. I mean, I gathered that it took place before EQG given Sunset's relationship with Flash, but to that regard, I have a hard time seeing Sunset develop from the character you've shown us here to the character we see in the movie.

As in, going from what's effectively a normal girl to a raging, power-mad villain? The only answer I could give is: situation. In EQG, all we ever got to see Sunset do was try to get Twilight's element. We never saw her in any manner of ordinary, everyday scenario wherein she had no evil plots to cook up or enact until the sequel. Thus, I had to take some liberties with her character, and make some guesses as to how she might act in casual situations based on what we see of her (both in the first movie and the comics). Aloof, uncaring, but never viewing herself as bad or evil and with clear potential to become someone better (which she later did). What I came down to was a fundamental lack of understanding as to what friendship (and by extension romance) was, along with the in-universe elements that make friendship work. Severely misguided, but still human (or equine, whatever). Best I could come up with for normalizing her and making her at least somewhat-likeable without throwing out her known traits entirely. Also, this sorta works on Flash being somewhat of a morality chain that helped keep Sunset a little bit nicer. I've done better with her since this.

Of course, if that's not what you meant, then I just rambled for no reason.

I think most of my issue stems from the fact that Sunset started being a manipulative bully at CHS quite early on. At least, that was the impression I got from Twilight's conversations with the others regarding Sunset breaking their friendship apart. And I feel like that aspect of Sunset's character was there at the time this story presumably takes place, but I couldn't find a connection to that aspect of her character in the story. So I had a hard time accepting the character you wrote for the story. It just didn't feel quite right.

Yeah, she was likely pretty cruel from the get-go (though she looked fine in that first Fall Formal photo). Best in-universe thing can say is just that there was nothing around for her to be mean, manipulative, or nasty about during the course of this story. Best meta thing I can say is just that I didn't have as good of a grasp on her back when I wrote this, and may have indeed stretched her characterization too far. I do screw up sometimes, after all.

This story honestly felt pretty plausible to me. Sunset Shimmer doesn't like talking about herself, she's relentlessly hard on herself (how else would she be beauty-queen material, strong enough to handle a sledgehammer, better informed about horse princess magic than Twilight herself, or, especially, all three?), and she wants others to admire her and look up to her. If you wanted to get on her good side, treating her like a princess would be an excellent way of going about it, especially if you caught special occasions in her life that she herself didn't think were bothering with.

I'd also add that pre-demon Sunset must have genuinely not been a complete monster (unlike Queen Chrysalis, who literally spends her weekends huffing kittens), since (a) Sunset went for the Element of Magic in the sincere expectation that it would make her a princess, and (b) she repeatedly held back from actions that would have made her ambitions much easier to achieve, but would also have been a lot more evil than anything she did pre-demon... but I suspect that this is genuinely beside the point, since the description of Sunset above seems to be just as true of her post-reformation self as it is of her pre-reformation one.

I can't believe this passed me by. This was so fluffy-dovey cute. Stupid Flash getting shipped with Twilight by people that didn't even put in any effort into building those two to want to be together to begin with. Flash just fits better with Sunset. Damn you Hasbro and your inability to see you had a good ship to begin with!

Fuck canon. Make something that builds on Rainbow Rocks and go AU if you have to. A story about trying to get back into friendzone at least. Then next movie you can try to get the two to hook up? :P

Buck it, AU all the way. Movies sucked story-wise for the most part anyways.

Damn right. ShimmerFlash forevermore. I should totally write more of that.

You've got to be one of the best Flashimmer writers on this site :twilightsmile:

Flash leaned forward over the table, speaking a little more loudly. "I said, 'happy birthday.'" He leaned back and spooned out some of the cake in his bowl.

Huh, I thought since this was a sequel to the previous story where sunset was sick he was doing this to help her, but doing it for her birthday is still a nice thing for him to do nevertheless. :twilightsmile:

Sunset's voice grew a little lower. "I said 'don't worry about it.' I got over it a while ago." She paused as she took a bite of her cake again, surprised by the thought she'd just had. Suddenly, she'd had the compulsion to say, "Besides, I've got you now, right?" She'd held her tongue, of course, but the fact that the idea had crossed her mind at all left her feeling a little strange. Despite that odd sensation (or perhaps because of it) Sunset found a smile forming on her face.

At least your not alone sunset. :fluttershysad:

It was barely audible, but it made Flash's smile just a touch bigger when he heard her say it. "Best one in years. Thanks, Flash."

Happy birthday sunset. 😊

Ehhh idk I get that but I like to think flashie was the only one who could bring out this small side of sunny

I love this. So cute

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