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This story is a sequel to A Moderately Special Day

Flash Sentry has made his decision. He doesn't want to be with Sunset Shimmer anymore. Now, the only thing harder than making the decision is following through with it.

This is a sequel only in the sense that the prequel shares the same continuity. None of the other related stories are required reading to understand the others.
Written before Rainbow Rocks came out.

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Really sorry to see a bad rating here. This story doesn't deserve it:heart:

Forgive me if this comment is utterly useless and doesn't assist your authorial endeavors, but...

That is all.

in a way i hope they do get back together. a very under-rated couple.

Comment posted by NocturneD85 deleted Dec 28th, 2013

Wow, really great story. :pinkiegasp:
Can't wait to see where it goes. :pinkiehappy:


It's complete.

Ending was a little sad, but it's complete.

Meh, not everyone liked the movie, and I probably could have smoothed the whole thing out a bit more.

I apologize if this reply is without any manner of intrinsic value or meaningful feedback, but I agree.

For those wanting to see this go further, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I kinda made this as practice for writing about Sunset before I launched into anything bigger involving her, and this is indeed just a one-shot.

The good news is that this story works as a prequel for the bigger project I want to write, so there may actually be a sequel in some respects. That is, if I ever actually get around to writing it.

3695331 Not sure if satisfied or not :rainbowlaugh:

title of the story must be a journey reference from their song Separate Ways.

Great song. Yeah, sure, let's go with that.

I have to say I liked it. After writing about them getting together it occurred to me to do another one of the inevitable breakup, but it seems like you've done it for me, and probably did a better job than I would have, anyway. Bravo.

Why, thank you very much, though I don't know about doing better than you would have. I must admit that your story about them getting together was the biggest inspiration for this story, and that I probably wouldn't be writing about Sunset at all if it weren't for your stories and the new appreciation they gave me for her character. So, in a way, you're actually responsible for this story existing. I hope to write more about her soon, as she's quickly becoming my favorite antagonist from MLP.

Short, sweet, and touching. Sunset finally understanding the love she's missing out on is an interesting tale, and I think you pulled it off perfectly here.

Thank you. I did my best to show that she's a bit more complex than one might initially think.

This was a nicely done one shot.

I always had a feeling that Sunset was an orphan. And the biggest fear she's ever had since then was being abandoned... :fluttershysad:

I always got that feeling as well. She has all the makings of a truly tragic villain.

3953630 My thoughts exactly. You should see my top 10 sympathetic villains pic on dA.

I just checked it out. Interesting selections. The best villains are the complex ones.

Thanks. As for the issue of them sleeping together so soon, that was a bit of a reference to DragonShadow's story Sunset On My Heart, which is about the two getting together and was the main inspiration for me to write this story. Aside from that, I guess she was eager to explore this new world (and body) and find her supposed destiny or something.

While I'm afraid that it may be a while before I write the bigger story that this one serves as a prequel to, I do happen to have a prequel to this particular story, if you're really desperate for more.

This was a damn good story, so was it's prequel, how come it's not more popular? :raritydespair:

Thanks, but I can think of three reasons why not.
1. Quite a few people want to pretend that Equestria Girls never happened.
2. Quite a few people hate Flash Sentry and avoid him.
3. Well, I'm just relatively unpopular, for the most part.

The perfect song for this fic...


We never really talk, you know? All we ever do get together and have sex a few times a week.

I know such couples. One of those even got married recently. I wonder how long will it last (I'm really cynical IRL...)

She didn't even know why she had the song, and she quickly rectified the situation by deleting it.

We all have that song... (in my case it's "Banned From The Roxy" by Crass).

Sunset removed him from her friends list and closed the browser.

21st Century – when you remove someone from friends list instead of pushing them down the flight of stairs... :pinkiehappy:


21st Century – when you remove someone from friends list instead of pushing them down the flight of stairs...

Probably would've been both, if Sunset didn't throw herself into denial.

So it'd be better for him to avoid her for some time. And definitely avoid stairs...

And another great piece! I like that despite still being an ass as of this point in time, Sunset's still got something going on under the surface, even if she herself doesn't fully understand it.

Thank you. I always figured that Sunset's problem wasn't that she was evil, just severely misguided, and (as she said) didn't know anything about friendship at all, but that she always had the potential. She's still human—err, equine—though, and she can still feel hurt, despite how much she may not want to admit it or even be able to fully comprehend such loss.


Thank you. I always figured that Sunset's problem wasn't that she was evil, just severely misguided,

Same here. To be honest, the whole 'Demon' thing seemed really out of place to me for this reason. Of course, pretty much the last fifteen minutes of EQG didn't make sense, period, so what can you do? :twilightblush:

She's still human—err, equine—though, and she can still feel hurt, despite how much she may not want to admit it or even be able to fully comprehend such loss.

Indeed; I really like that you're taking that tack. :twilightsmile:

Just saying I would love for you to keep going with this. It was great.

And what, continue to explore Sunset dealing with her conflicting and confusing emotions in the wake of her breakup? I did think about having a scene that took place at school later, and how Sunset reacts to being around Flash again. I might just pull this story out of the "complete" box and add that.

A hidden gem, one of the reasons why I spend so much time on FimFiction. I could very much see this as how things went down with Sunset and Flash.

And it really does say a lot about why Sunset was the way she was up until the end of Equestria Girls. Her intellect was largely disconnected from her heart.

Thank you kindly. And yeah, Sunset just doesn't get it. She just can't make that connection. At least, back then.

Well that was just sad. That was a great tie-in to how Rainbow Rocks says she felt about him.

Geez, Sunset must be wondering what is up with that human body that continues to ooze liquids out at random and monthly cycles. Now it comes out of the eyes with the salty water stuff? Talk about frail bodies!

Poor Sunset; the girl can never catch a break. And yeah, that line just happened to fit perfectly with the denial angle I played here. Headcanon reinforced.

4002231 You've never been around horses have you? A stallion and mare will bang within seconds of meeting each other. I doubt Equestria has ANY qualms against any consensual sex act.


["...We never really talk anymore, you know?"

We don't talk anymore!
We don't talk anymore!
We don't talk anymore!

Like we used to do...

We don't laugh anymore
What was all of it for?
Ohh, we don't talk anymore like we used to do...]

Sorry, can't help myself ^^.

Although he'd known it was coming, it still made Flash hesitate. The feeling of Sunset's tongue in his mouth reminded him of why he'd stayed with her for so long in the first place. It was almost like she knew why he was there, and was making an effort to stall him. He was sure she wasn't, though. After all, this was how it went every Saturday. Come over at noon, crawl into bed with his girlfriend, and then walk (or be shoved) back out a few hours later. Sometimes they'd just hang out and watch a movie or something, but those times were few and far between. They often didn't even speak to one another unless it was relevant to the moment.

I'd hate to deal with that with a relationship. :fluttershysad:

"You're trying to break up with me, and I'm saying 'no,'" she clarified.

That's not how these things work. :ajbemused:

"Go jump down a well, that'll be plenty deep."

How rude of her! :twilightangry2:

He didn't look back, even as he heard the door slam behind him. He listened, but didn't hear anything else from his formerly-significant other. He breathed out a sigh, relieved that he'd finally done it. As far as he was concerned, it was over. She might not be able to accept it yet, but they were through. He walked home in silence.

It's often tough when breaking up with someone, but most times it's for a good reason, and I don't blame flash 1 bit. :applejackunsure:

She reached a hand up to be sure she wasn't hallucinating, brushing her fingers across her own cheek. She pulled her hand back, rubbing her now-wet fingers together in confusion. Sunset gazed in disbelief at the clear liquid that was seeping from her eyes and into the sink, each blink sending more running down her cheeks. Her hand came back to her face, covering her mouth as a squeak escaped her lips. Her head shook from side-to-side, struggling to comprehend what was happening to her. It made no sense. What was wrong with her? Was she sick? What....

Your sad that he broke up with you sunset, your heartbroken. 😒

It's okay, Flash. She didn't deserve you.

Ahhhh that explains it still a bit uncomfortable to think about

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