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Friendship Games Spoilers ahead

In the wake of the magical fiasco that was the Friendship Games, Sunset Shimmer invites her new friend Twilight over to spend the night, and Twilight comes to find out that the two have more in common than she ever would have expected.

Preread by DragonShadow
Cover art changed due to viewer confusion.

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That was a powerful story.

I would read this, but I have yet to watch the new movie. I'll get back to it soon.

Well, that was definitely something. For a while I was wondering what direction it'd take and the development pleased me greatly.

Also, it gave me an idea: Shimmer's Home for Reformed Villains

Where everyone is all focused on the big fight stuff, flashy dark vs light, you come in and bring a refreshingly warm and natural approach to post Equestria Games with some nice heart to heart friendshipping. Sure, it's one of those "I've been there, too." stories, but it does it right and it doesn't feel like it's hammering me for symphathy, but rather a genuine reaction that has one trying to help spare and comfort the other from going through the worst parts that she had to shoulder on her own.

It's good to see you've yet to disappoint with these Sunset/Equestria Girls stories. Hope to see more with these two someday before the next movie. ;3

6490677 Yeah, highly recommended to see the movie. Though, at least the author had the decency to avoid using spoiler art. Enjoy the movie! It really was fun.

This is so touching. You wrote a great one-shot story, and you managed to make me feel sad. Good job, man. :fluttershysad:

Don't cry SciTwi. :fluttercry:
Sunset is here for you. Everything is going to be fine.:pinkiesad2:

I liked this. It was very cool. I've seen a lot more Sunset and SciTwi fics now the movie passed. Can't wait for the next movie to come out. Anyway, awesome work here. Really liked it

Technically, Principal Cinch is the one to blame for creating Midnight Sparkle by pressuring her into unleashing all that magic and blackmailing her with her possible acceptance into Everton on the line. As for the battle between Sunset and Twilight it was reminiscent of the Season 3 premiere when we see Celestia and Luna fight if you really think about it.


Also, sleepover story. Yoink!

That was a sweet and touching story.

"Magical Overcharge": That's a really great way to describe it.

This was an interesting story. The first part was intriguingly uneasy, with the awkwardness between them being understandable. The nightmare felt spot-on, with the description of her transformation being frighteningly tangible. The conversation between them after the nightmare was good too, especially the point about Sunset actually yelling at herself when she yelled at Twilight.

The only real nitpick I have is that the pacing feels a bit too fast. It felt a bit like the story was rocketing by before the mood could properly distinguish itself and the weight of everything could really sink in.

Good work!

A lovely character piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it :pinkiesmile:

So much emotion!!!! URGH! My feels.

But for fuck SAKES why didn't they kiss at the end?!?!?!


I enjoyed this. Well worth the thumbs up and fav.

Edit: Actually this easily on my top 5. Seriously.


Cause it's possible to have an emotional scene and have it be completely platonic.

6491847 Allow me to add sarcastic inflections to my previous post.


Oh you were being sarcastic. Sorry, it's hard to tell sometimes, especially with stories like this where you know people will make that kind of comment.

6491867 Understandable. To be fair, though, it was a well written short story that actually tugged at me on an emotional level.

*blows nose through tissue* SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! :pinkiesad2: :fluttercry:

This story made me cry on the inside due to how emotional and powerful it was. I can imagine how difficult it really must have been for Sunset to have to endure so much after being defeated, yet she was able to overcome this, and now can guide Twilight on the same path.

Twilight sniffled again, saying, "I don't really know anything about friendship."

I tried holding it in…
I failed because of this line. :pinkiesad2:

There are a lot of these stories popping up lately. The best part about that is that they're getting better and better as more appear.

This story is at the top of them in terms of how powerful it was.


Cause fanfiction sites are like ship yards and the fanfictino is the ship that people allow to sail. Put simply people love to ship, whether it's needed or not.

:ajsmug: The ship is AJ approved.
ten apples out of ten for the fic, btw.

Thank you for showing that a touching, emotional story like this can be fashioned without shoehorning (or carefully intertwining) romance in. Just pure friendship. No need for anything extra. :twilightsmile:

I agree. I mean, why do people even do that?:facehoof:

is sunset choking twilight?

6493087 I am mashing the green thumb so hard because of exactly this.
Shipping is fine and dandy, but if there is another kind of ship. The Friend-ship.
I like the fact that this story sticks to its guns on that.

Damn, just damn. To go through such a thing is just well beyond what I would wish on my worst enemy had I such a person in my life. I can only imagine what they're both dealing with.

That's another story in it of itself.


For a while I was wondering what direction it'd take and the development pleased me greatly.

With me, I'd imagine it might be hard to predict where it might go. Except that it will probably involve a character crying.
*checks Sci-Twi off the list*
Who's next?

6490728 6490737
You know me, I love to look at a concept and try to approach it from a different angle. Thanks, and here's to hoping I can deliver more Sunset in the future.
Also, keeping spoilers out of the cover was actually something I kept in mind all throughout making this one.

6490815, 6490890 6490944, 6491014, 6491172
Thank you, and you, and you, you too, and also you. I'm quite glad to hear you like it.

This is true. I can tell ya, though, that it's pretty easy to blame yourself for stuff like this. Twi's just gotta keep her head up and stay strong.

Thanks. Yeah, a few tone changes there. Hmm. Yeah, I probably should've slowed down a bit, especially post-nightmare.

6493397 All aboard the Friendship Express?

Thank you kindly!


But for fuck SAKES why didn't they kiss at the end?!?!?!

Twi still had some traces of acid and pre-eaten hotdog left on her teeth. Not the best time for a makeout session.

Damn right.

Wow, I didn't quite expect it to be that potent. Thanks quite a lot, though, I'm glad you liked it.

There are a lot of these stories popping up lately.

Honestly, I almost didn't write this. There were already fics flooding in that dealt with Midnight in some fashion, and I knew that there were only gonna be more. I didn't want to just jump on the bandwagon, but I really, really wanted to write this once the idea came to me. So I just did it anyway, taking a few days to smooth it before release. I'm quite happy to see that people are enjoying it, and I'm glad I made it.

I'm cool with shipping, but it's really not appropriate for every fic. It actually bugs the crap outta me when a story just has shipping in it that has nothing to do with anything and distracts from the rest of the fic. I just wanted to write about Sunset helping her new friend through what she knows from experience is a tough time. No romance or subplots needed, just two friends with a shared history of mistakes. Nice to see I'm not the only one who appreciates good, old-fashioned friendship. It is magic, after all. Thanks.

I was wondering if that would be an issue. Guess I need a pre-reader—er, pre-looker for my covers, too, because I'm not the best graphic artist. If you see the thing fullsize, though, you can see that that's Twi's neck and not Sunset's thumb (and one can see the indentation in Twi's nose from wearing glasses all the time).

Of course. Hmm, I wonder how to make that beast dealer from Trade Ya! cry...

6493474 Maybe you should continue with Shining confronting Cinch about the events in the movie or the remaining Shadowbolts transferring to CHS, let's face it Cinch would take her anger out on the students considering what happened.

My favorite bits were Spike's very dog-like dialogue and the vomit bucket. Good realistic touches.

6493499 I didn't cry on the inside that much… :trixieshiftleft:

… Perhaps those few days of smoothing it out is what did the trick, hyuk. :raritywink:

"No, but don't worry, I'll get you a bucket you can use." lol when Twilight accepts that at face value.
I really enjoy the sincere realness of Twilight's hesitation before putting her glasses on the nightstand. Your little touches make everything so very honest and earnest. The attention to detail really rubs off on Sunset. That pacing and that dialogue is sublime: I didn't feel like it was rushed because heart-to-hearts simply are oddly timed, sometimes things just get blurted out prematurely.
All in all, I liked this a lot. :yay:

This was really sweet. Liked.

Not going to lie, but that cover art looks like Sunset is choking Twilight.

6494987 Now that you mention it, it does.


I was being honest when I wrote that, for you could really feel what Twilight was going through, and how Sunset was there to comfort her as she had been through the same ordeal. Their experiences may have differed because of the reasons behind their changes, but they share this bond which they can work through together.

6494987 I noticed that two :derpytongue2:

This was perfect.

Simply perfect. :fluttercry:

Wow. Great story here! I LOVED IT! Please make a sequel or something! It'd be totally awesome! Loved this part by the way:

Twilight sniffled again, saying, "I don't really know anything about friendship."

Sunset's smile brightened and she slid both arms around Twilight, pulling her in closer. Twilight's head fell onto her shoulder and her hands found their way to Sunset's back. Sunset Shimmer whispered, "I think I can help you with that."

Okay, both of 'em need a hug.

And as for Sci-Twi...I think she knows more about friendship than she's aware of. She's got Spike, after all, and her BBBFF.

Hmm, I dunno. If I did something with Cinch, it would probably be to explore her perspective and why she's so obsessed with her reputation. I could see maybe some of the Shadowbolts transferring, but I don't really know what reason they'd have to uproot themselves like that unless there was something very wrong with their current experience. Cinch was probably always awful, so they're likely just used to it. Cinch is probably actually partly why the students are so competitive and scornful in the first place.

Thanks. A true-to-life feeling is something I really strive for in my serious works, and I've always loved packing lots of little characterization details into pretty much everything the characters do.

It's been a long and tough road for Sunset, no doubt, and if her relationships with the other five in Rainbow Rocks are any indication, she had to face the vast majority of her problems alone. Twilight must endure the same, but now they have each other, and I dare say the bond between these two will be that much stronger for it.

I think she may indeed. I think they're both gonna be okay, especially now that they're not alone in their experiences.

Not sure I'd go that far, but I humbly thank you kindly.

And a warm thanks to you as well. As for a sequel... Hmm, maybe, but only if I can come up with something really good.

I actually kinda had a similar thought, but a scene like this probably wouldn't have fit with the rest of the movie's tone. I at least appreciate that they brought Sunset's arc full circle, with her acting as Twilight did for her (except Sunset is sticking around). Hopefully, we'll get a deeper exploration of this sort of thing in the next movie.

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