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Just a silly, glowing changeling OC that likes stories that involve pony kissing as well as 'other' things.


With the memory stone crisis behind her, it's time for Sunset to deal with an even bigger challenge:

A caring Princess Celestia interested in seeing how Sunset lives on Earth.

* Takes place right after Forgotten Friendship, Teen for some tame Sun x Sci-Twi Romance Fluff
* Helps to have seen the two minute short Rarity's Display of Affection
* Cover From a Picture by akainu7
* Editing help by Clancrusher
* Featured on Equestria Daily's 2018 Sunset Day 50 Fic list! :yay:

Recommended - PresentPerfect

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 261 )

Intriguing. Looking forward to more.I

Excellent start, I can't wait to see more.

Can we please drop the Sci Twi and Sunset romantic shipping? Feels like it's shoehorned in for the sake of having it be a thing.

Now if it's just friendshipping, then I'll shut up.

Oho, this is going to be good! Congrats on getting featured already!

Sunset sighed and shook her head, focusing on the task at hand and scouting Canterlot High’s entrance. With it being early on the weekend the place looked deserted. That was a relief, as Sunset wasn’t eager to have to explain the concept of doubles to the human Celestia. The principal probably still thought Twilight had a twin sister.

Actually, Pinkie already explained that to Principal Celestia in Friendship Games:

Principal Celestia: I didn't know Twilight had a twin sister.
Pinkie Pie: She doesn't. That Twilight is obviously the Twilight from the human world since it couldn't possibly be the Twilight from the pony world because the Twilight from the pony world doesn't go to Crystal Prep or wear glasses!
Principal Celestia: Oh...

Some people actually enjoy Sunset x Sci-Twi. Give it a few more chapters and see what happens. If you don't like it, nobody's forcing you to read it.

I'll definitely read the whole story. The main premise is what got me here to begin with. It's the romance that I'll skip around. If possible.

Yes! Awesome start, with credible plot worthy stuff. Teasing princess Twi with the almost kiss, while dating Sci Twi? Princess Celestia calling your living not up to snuff for her kiddo, and wanting to be momlestia when she wasn't before? The fact Sunset has become a degenerate meat eater?!?! This chapter is chock full of potential.

Really well written so far! Can't wait to read more.

Just had to add to tracking, and hope to see more soon. Sunset needs to realize Celestia is there to see her interaction with her friends, to know she's taken care of, but it seems Sunset is doing everything she can to avoid them.

I dig it. Please, sir/madam, may I have more?[/oliver]

see if you can better optimize it around friendship and ponies.”

Just don’t do it using a magical intelligence capable of unrestrained iterative self-improvement with a personality based on mine. Trust me.


More partial to Sunset/Princess Twi, as the superior Sunlight ship.

Does it shoot flame?”

“Some of them do. But I made sure to avoid that model this year

I get that reference and am sad no one else has commented on it.


Eh, who cares. If it's part of the narrative... The story isn't even about Sunset, Celestia steals the spotlight entirely.

I mean it could be worse. It could be the legend of Beanis, for example.


It’d been awhile since she felt that old jealousy.

been a while


I am going to have to warn that the relationship side of the story is present for a good deal of it. I am really sorry that you feel it is tacked on or shouldn’t be part of the story.

I have it in there for for thematic and personal reasons.

Thematically, Princess Twilight redeemed Sunset. Sunset redeemed Sci-Twi. They are like two sides of a friendship cookie. Twilight(s) and Sunset's relationship is one of the more interesting dynamics because Sunset went from being a demoness greedy for power being blasted by a Twilight to being a selfless daymare angel saving a Twilight. Going from Loner, to having friends to having a relationship is a way to show character growth. (I am no genius here, nearly every war story follows the same path of the battered vet finding family/love)

Personally, I like the ship. I think they got a whole lot of chemistry both in personality and their shared history. I also wanted to write a story where the characters were already in a relationship instead of chasing. Hasbro is never going to have girls kiss on screen, but they are not going to have a episode long Celestia x Sunset makeup episode either. Tis what fanfiction's for I suppose to explore all these what ifs.

At least nowadays, we have a basis to work from.

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Wow! It's quite a trip to post up a story before work, and then come back to seeing it at the top of the feature box. Thank you all for being so kind and sweet to read and comment! I am grateful for all of you who can put up with my scribbles and hope I brought a smile or chuckle or twanged a heartstring here and there :)


And thank you, for bringing us a story where Celestia actually acts her age, for once!

hmm this seem like it could be fun

Interesting story idea here. I am not a fan of Sci-Twi/Sunset because I much prefer Real Twilight/Sunset, but I love the idea of this story. I like how Celestia disguised herself as Sunset's mother pretty much. I find it very fitting. I also liked the way they interacted when Sunset was explaining things to Princess Celestia. I look forward to more.

Acts her age? So stirring in the faint breeze as the wind touches her, so old that she had turned to dust decades ago?

But yes, this Celestia is nice.

Lol, I'm loving where this is going. I'll definitely be keeping track of this story. I can already see the mayhem human Twilight will cause for Sunset.

Seems... interesting. Added to tracking and read later so I can check up on this again when I have more time

a motorcycle is like a mechanical horse that you saddle up in

Whelp, that phrase could have all sorts of "interesting" double meanings back in Equestria. :pinkiecrazy: Thankfully, Celestia seems willing to let it go.

The apartment wasn’t the largest, merely a single room with a lofted portion for a bed and a cooking nook. Sunset’s hobbies took the rest of the available space with her guitars, box of art supplies and her prized entertainment system.

Wait, where's Ray?

8813427 Oh come on, it was obvious.

It's terribly bloated as it is, see if you can better optimize it around friendship and ponies.

I see what you did there.:twilightsmile:


Whelp, that phrase could have all sorts of "interesting" double meanings back in Equestria. :pinkiecrazy:

Back in season one when Twilight turns mice into horses no one asked who the hell these creatures are which suggest that horses exist in/near Equestria.
So most likely that anything with horses doesn't have any double meaning. Or at least no more double meaning than anything about apes for humans.

OK, so far I like everything about this. :yay:

I also suspect that, just as Sunset is wondering where that affection was for her, Celestia is trying to reach out to someone she cared about but was too aloof from. I always figured that Tia's handling of Twilight was at least in part inspired by realizing her mistakes in mentoring Sunset. I confess I'm hoping that part of the story is Celestia and Sunset finally clearing the air between the two of them, about many things. :twilightsmile:

I have no idea how this managed to get six downvotes. It's beautifully written, ties in the shorts wonderfully, has a delightful humor to it and is quite simply a joy to read. I'm very much looking forward to seeing more of this.

Also, is Sunny's pet lizard canon to this? :pinkiesmile:

They might not let them kiss on screen, but if "Rarity's Display Of Affection" wasn't them blatantly shipping two characters I don't know what is. :raritywink:
At least that's my impression of it. I'm not implying anything for this story and I quite enjoy reading SciSet, but I will keep imagining Sunset and Rarity playfully flirting with each other, maybe since before they met Sci-Twi even... And now I'll also imagine them both regularly teaming up to flirt Sci-Twi until she blushes just so there isn't any unintended jealousy. :trollestia:

you have my attention. Now bring us more entertaining sunhorse interactions :pinkiehappy:

I like it. Good combination of (cringe) comedy, emotion, character study and for the lack of a better word, warmth. Characters are very much akin to canon, apart from the Scimmer ship which I don't personally mind at all. Hope to see more of this story. :twilightsmile:

let me guess celestia IS sunsets mother (that comment seemed forced other wise)

also scitwi has shown up hmmmm this is going ot be awkward


Because that is also something I like, and doesn't serve to enrage that other person being a jerk.

... Whoops, I mean that's fine. That's perfectly fine. Yes.

Worry not, all the major parts of the story is written already. I might add a joke or detail here and there, but more of the work is in the editing and polishing up.

I seriously didn't think it was going to hit the feature box! So double pressure there in making it perfect. You won't have to be afraid about it stalling out or month long waits though. (I've read enough stories myself that left me crying at long cycle) Four to five days between chapters. I'll get the next one out by Tuesday I think.

I’m going to nerd out on typography because I am a professional graphic designer and typesetter. :twilightblush:

The original incarnation of Times New Roman was designed and cut for the London Times newspaper in 1931 to use space efficiently and to be readable at small sizes even with the cheap paper and ink used in newspapers of the day. The various flavors and Times New Roman we see today are digital makeovers of that original cutting. It would be entirely appropriate for Sunset to describe the text as being in a revival of an old newspaper typeface.

Linotype machines, as caricatured in “Ponyville Confidential”, were very large and expensive, and were developed in the late nineteenth century, precisely the period Lauren Faust based her original world-building on. A large newspaper like the London or New York Times had whole big rooms of them. The Canterlot dailies—yes, there probably would be more than one—each might have at least a few, In which case Celestia probably has seen them.

Wow! An actual typesetter. That sounds like a pretty cool and unique job! (Seriously, I love graphic design.)

Perhaps the font is named something different in Equestria (Times New Canterlotian?) After all, Celestia is teasing Sunset more on the name by saying 'This doesn't look Roman' in Latin. In the effort to save the joke.

Well, I’m a digital typesetter—what some people call “typographer”—rather than working with actual linotype machinery or a compositing stick. (I do have a brass typesetter’s ruler that belonged to a great-grandfather, though.)

I wouldn’t worry about the joke; it’s amusing on its own merits, and Celestia’s teasing sense of humor fits either interpretation. It was more that I felt Celestia was likely to be acquainted with daily newspapers and would at least know of lead type, typefaces, and printing presses, even if she wasn’t familiar with the details. (I’d bet the palace mailroom gets bags of daily newspapers from all over the country every day of the week, now that I think about it. Hm, excuse me while I note that down for future use. . . .)

Oh, and I am enjoying the story—interesting premise, and I’m intrigued enough to bookmark it!

Movement outside the large studio window caught her attention and the buzz of a familiar toy filled her ears. Before Sunset could rush over and shut the blinds, there was a flash as the selfie-drone snapped a picture of them both.

You had me wondering for a second

I love this so far, I am really looking forward to seeing more!


It's not shipping or hinting. Sunset tried to straight up tell pony!Twilight that she and human!Twilight are dating, it's just she got cut off:

Sunset took a breath. Best to get it out in the open. “Twilight, we’re dat-

“You spend so much time with our friends that there isn’t much opportunity to show you doing something amazing.” Twilight continued on, still looking at the scroll. “I guess other me is somewhat hapless to need your help so many times over so many little things.”

Sunset coughed to cover the rest of her interrupted sentence. “Umm, ahem. H-hey, I got an example. When we were trying to figure out where the memory stone was, I met up with Trixie.

The characters in this are super on point, all their interactions feel like they could easily happen in the show.

I tried to hit the next chapter button only to find it shockingly absent. Excited to see where this leads and can hardly wait to find out.



Why have I never read a story like this before

The premise feels so obviously good I'm shocked I've never noticed something like this before

I don't know why, but I love the very few princess Celestia in EQG world stories.

Plz more

Oh, this is going to be fun. Eagerly looking forward to more. And with any luck, Sunbutts Sr. and Jr. won't come home to an Equestria remade into magical computronium.

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