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Back from a very long hiatus.


[Now with a parody version!]
Sunset Shimmer: Ex-Queen bee of CHS. Ex-She-deamon. Ex-villain. Overall bad-ass.

However, as the hair 5 are learning, Sunset isn't all she may seem to be. This confident girl may just have a secret or two that she doesn't want out.

((Edited and altered 5/8/15))

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Title gives it away. But saved to read later.

OK so not what I was expecting, but I honestly can't blame her one bit for her fear

5447879 I decided not to make it a mystery thing. It's pretty obvious from the beginning what it is :3


Still, reading it a bit later.

5447880 I like giving tough characters little phobias, and this one just worked so well! Thanks for the comment and the fav!

You also gave a good reason why she has the phobia, as I said I can't blame her one bit.

5447904 Itotallylaughedatmyownjokeforlikefiveminutes. :rainbowlaugh:

Thats it!!!!!!!!!! You. are. just. AWESOME! I love all of your Shimmer stories man! I don't know you might be the best shimmer writer yet! Dude I just....CAN'T deny how good you are! So lets give out the big question....will you help me make a sunset shimmer story? on your free time of course...dont want to mess you up.

5447987 Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sunset is amazing, I'm glad someone thinks I do her justice!

And sure, I'd love to help. What exactly do you have in mind for me helping with? ((You can respond in a PM if ya want, so we can chat some more!))

5447987 Quite right. I rather like this aspect of a vulnerable Sunset Shimmer with nightmares and the like. I rather wish I'd thought of it. This person is quite a competent writer.

I decided to explain to them why I had problems with the dark.

This should have been the conversation. The way you wrapped up the story was honestly rather unsatisfying. If you had instead written out that conversation and included it in the night scene, the story would have been much more enjoyable and satisfying.

5448046 Hm... Okay. I'll flesh out that scene tomorrow and let anyone who wants to know that I did.

D'aaw, Rainbow Dash just reminded me of Raph the entire time (from TMNT?) :pinkiesmile: I love it!

Aww, you. You just had to go and make another Sunset fic for me to love the heck out of, didn't you?

Although, I do have to agree that the ending would have been more satisfying if we got to see the whole conversation between Sunset and the girls. It would have made way for even more great character interaction. Still earns a like from me, though. :derpytongue2:

Personally i know a really good shimmer one that got me hooked on ready fan fics because the one i read made me feel for sunset and the mane 6

Eh. And I thought it was going to be something like "I've started glowing in the dark ever since I got my magic back." Still adorable.

I'm not a big Rainbow fan... mainly because of her bluntness and insensitivity. Her human form does not give her justice. But this story... I like. Hope you have a fantastic 2015.

My friends and Rainbow Dash...

5448652 ...Genius. Pure genius.

5448099 Yes I did :ajsmug: And I'll be 'fixing' that ending later today. Looking back I realize what you guys mean. I just kinda... Stopped writing :rainbowlaugh: bad habit.

Did you really not trust me enough to tell me why you didn't want that window open?

Wouldn't that be closed, since Sunset DID want it open?

5450315 Fixed, thank you!

5450315 5449156 5448652 5448099 5448071 5448059 5448045 5447987 5447934 5447909 5447901

This story has been edited, and that final scene has been advanced a bit.

5450433 I tried to ease Rainbow out of it, but she's just a really blunt character... Thanks!

5450397 I like you included that comic, I really hated that comic deep down inside due to the way the 5 acted like "Oh you helped save the world we love you sunset!"

then couple pics pop up on mystable

"Sunset WHY?!?!"

Didn't even give her a chance to talk.

then it was the crusaders!?!?! totally called it before it happened!

Gah there I go rantting again never mind me but great edit work, Amazing story just got Amazing-er? Thats now a word.


New version has a much better ending. Thank you for expanding it.

5450484 Thank you and... You're welcome... :rainbowlaugh:

5450482 I haven't actually read the comic all the way (just gathered hearsay and seen a few screen caps) but I've hear so many people complain about it!

5450492 My opinion not worth the buy unless you love a gabbygums remake


What? What'd I say?


New version has a much better ending. Thank you for expanding it.

I was just laughing because I got to say "Thank you" and "You're welcome" in the same sentence :3 I'mma dork like that.


Oh. Okay. I was trying to figure out if I'd somehow made a double-entendre.

5450580 Whoo! Par-TAY!

This ending is definitely a lot more satisfying.

5450397 Now I can love the heck out of this story even more! :yay:

Because of your use of the 'Hair 5', I now hate you with the burning fury of a thousand suns. May you pray that we never meet.

5453797 You don't like that term, I'm guessing?

Not to put too fine a point on it
Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet
Make a little birdhouse in your soul

(and while you're at it
Keep the nightlight on inside the
Birdhouse in your soul)

5454718 Awesome tune xD

"But-after the Anon-a-Miss thing, I just figured you guys wouldn't care about something like this."

the what now?

5455490 A special holiday comic. Basically, Sunset is being reformed and all is going well. Then a blog appears (the blogger named Anon-A-Miss), and makes it look like she's gone back to her old ways. The Hair 5 turn their backs on her, not believing her that she isn't at fault. It's revealed that it was the CMC all along. Many bronies feel the comic was lacking, or just plain bad.

ouch. will look into it.

5455510 I meant to add some kind of disclaimer mentioning the comic, and now I have :3 So thanks for reminding me!

"Hair five?" :rainbowlaugh: Lol, you are too much.

5456029 Well you can't call them the "mane 6" because they are human. Following that theme, they are the "Hair 5" :raritywink:

At least until someone kicks me off stage xDDDD

5456335 I mean come on the damn girl lived with Applejack. The punishment of ruining everyone's personal privacy...Detention like....OK? Well Sunset got easier than anyone else I guess. :twilightsheepish:

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