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Sunset Shimmer wants nothing more than to be able to enjoy the holidays with her friends, but the festive season does nothing more than remind her of how alone and cold she's been for so many years. Is it possible for her to learn to love the holidays again?

Maybe with the help of some friends, she can.

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Very enjoyable and heartwarming. :twilightsmile:
By now, Sunset earned the right to be happy - and it is good that Twilight is there to remind her.

What a sweet story. I'm glad that this was made.

It's the perfect spot for door number 7 on my Adfic Calender...

Hooray for sweet story.:pinkiehappy:

Perfect kind of story for Sunset for the Holidays, :pinkiesad2:

What is a MLP holiday special?
A wonderful little pile of fluff!

absolutely beautiful story. such a great ending and a good well written story at that. i think you did a wonderful job on this.


Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, Twilight, and Pinkie Pie. All of her friends were there right now, standing in the cold outside her apartment waiting for her to say something.

...except Spike, who either a) was told to stay home because he doesn't deserve any friends, or b) didn't give two shits about Sunset.


Or c) this is Human!Twilight, not Princess, and therefore Spike is a gosh-danged, literal dog. More attention you must pay, before assumptions you make. Hmmmm.

As she headed back into the living room, all those feelings of doubt and anxiety washed away for the moment. Her friends were there to spend the holiday with her, and she was going to enjoy every moment of it.

And then her apartment exploded. The end.



Everyone forgets about Spike, even me lol. But Twilight probably just left him at home for today, that's all. Lord knows Princess Twilight leaves Spike at home all the time lol

Wow, this is a nice little gem. Bittersweet, but has a happy, fuzzy ending. The reflective thoughts and emotions Sunset has here are truly deep and well thought out, and, on a personal note, I can really empathize with her feelings on the holidays.

What gets me with this story is that it just feels so real, and I think its real strength lies in the sheer emotion poured into this work.

Definitely going into my favorites list.

HiddenMaster out.

6713769 To be precise: a dog that was given a personality for no other reason than to graduate his status from that of a mere pet. Take your own advice.

Awww. That was a really sweet christmas story. I :heart: it.


Heh, ok, fair enough. I actually haven't seen Friendship Games yet, so all I had to go on was the snippet from the end of Battle of the Bands.

Really great story,it really shows how much Sunset has gone trough and how much she has changed:twilightsmile::heart:

I feel your portrayal of Sunset Shimmer is very accurate to her established character, and the references to the films and last year's holiday comic certainly help enforce that idea. Even though a year has passed since the events of the comic, and reparations would likely have been made quickly, it's totally plausible that Sunset might have lingering doubts about her friends and about the holidays, especially given the streak of bad winters she's had to endure. The reasons you gave for using human Twilight as a way to get Sunset to be fully honest (i.e. she didn't have to be told to be her friend, she didn't know the old Sunset, etc.) were well-done as well. Pacing was good, every character was written well, and the only negative things I found were a few places where the grammar could be fixed. I couldn't find anything to suggest improving on, but that could be because it's a short story.

Amazing work. You sure know how to press the feelings buttons with these works of yours, eh?

That Christmas special comic did for the Humane 6 (Sans Sunset) what "Keep Calm and Flutter On" did for Fluttershy

6716269 OH MY GOD IT'S YOU


This story is nothing short of outstanding. I really love it, it tugs at your heartstrings in just the right ways. :twilightsmile:

Hate to say it, but some things in the first couple paragraphs immediately turned me off.

The gentle caress of falling snow had blanketed the town of Canterlot in a layer of cushioned snow. It left the town feeling serene, a sense of calm sweeping over everyone as the holidays were swiftly approaching. There would always be those with last minute shopping, or plans that needed changing, but the collective feeling of warmth and togetherness hugged the city and it's inhabitants like a warm sweater.
However, for one particular girl that went to Canterlot High School, the Holiday season had only ever been a time of stress for her. For as long as she had been in this world, that is. The first two years in this world had been lonesome and cold, just managing to survive the weather with what little heat she could muster had been a challenge. A lack of warm clothing or a place to build a fire, that first winter she had found herself lucky to get by.

First the word snow repeats with little in between, and then later the phrase in this world repeats. In the second sentence, the words serene and calm are both used, which basically mean the same thing. In the third sentence, the people with last minute shopping or plans that need changing feels like an unnecessary detail that seems added because you were worried people reading about the calm tone would immediately think about stressful times related to the holidays, or something. Then, there's a phrase "one particular girl", which reminds me of when writers use "a certain mare" to describe a pony.

Sorry for all the nitpicking. A lot of things just bugged me at once. :twilightsheepish: It's nice to see that you're writing again. Silent Ponyville was one of the first fan fics I read and really got into.

Who am I exactly?:rainbowhuh:
I think you might be confusing me with that other time lord guy, he is the really famous one around here. I'm just some writer with a confusing name :twilightsheepish:


Repetition is generally a problem I have when writing that is hard for me to catch when I try to proofread it for release as well, so I apologize for it coming off that way. I'm not entirely sure why my brain works that way, but it just sort of does. I am working on it though, so I hope it's not too much of a bother.

6719137 No. You have the exact. same. profile.

I can really relate to poor Sunset Shimmer although bad things tend to happen in the Fall for me. Luckily things slowly get better and I was so happy that Sunset was starting to move on and heal!

Great story! I liked it!
Sunset deserves a so much love after all the crap she's been through.

This was... okay, I guess?

I mean, the story was decent enough.

But it was held back by some rough grammar. For example, your dialogue punctuation was a bit of a mess.

Attribution of Dialogue (Dialogue Tagging)

✖ "Hi there," the pink pony grinned. (It should be a period: ‘grinned’ isn’t a ‘speaking’ verb.)
✖ "Hi there." The pink pony said. (This should be a comma; no capitalization should be used)
✖ "Hi there"! the pink pony shouted! (Punctuation of dialogue belongs inside the quotes.)
✖ "Hi there!" The pink pony shouted! (Don’t capitalize "the"; treat the "!" as a comma.)

✔ "Hi there," the pink pony giggled. (She giggled while saying the words.)
✔ "Hi there." The pink pony giggled. (She said those words, then giggled.)
✔ "Hi there." The pink pony grinned. (The word 'grinned' isn't a 'speaking' verb.)
✔ "Hi there!" the pink pony shouted. (Exclamations and queries replace the comma.)

(referenced from: The Editor’s Omnibus, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WMMs8H-GpFIXPsQeC0RNu8V-Cq6uyGl_UERpOUK_6KY/edit?hl=en_US)

That should help you do it correctly in the future.

I'd recommend grabbing an editor that isn't yourself. Yes, you can do some proofreading on your own, and you should, but it's easy to miss your own mistakes (or not even see them as mistakes). Multiple pairs of eyes will be better at catching mistakes than just one pair.


I have yet to ever be satisfied with an editor because every time I have had one, someone always still comes along and goes "The grammar is still wrong" because apparently no one will ever be satisfied with grammar, I'm pretty convinced of that these days. (Not to mention some want to very drastically rewrite sentences or scenes, and as an artist how I layout a scene, sentence, or paragraph is very important to the feelings I'm trying to convey, and that doesn't sit right with me.) Even when I used so called 'Grammar Nazis' who did it for a living, someone somewhere was like "Nope still wrong" so I went "Screw it, if the story flows well and isn't too repetitive, it'll be fine." And obviously I still have some work to do on repetition as I've said before.

I appreciation the grammar flow chart, but quite honestly most of it just goes over my head as kind of... Weird and unnecessary? I can't use a comma for a non-speaking verb even though it's formatted the exact same way as a speaking verb? Especially when it's not the end of the dialogue branch, I'm just expressing what they're doing before continuing their sentence? And I have to know every 'speaking verb' and how it's different from describing the inflection of the voice being spoken, and how its different from the actions they are giving portraying how they are speaking? Cause to me, Grinned is a perfectly fine way of saying "They spoke with a happy inflection" but that's apparently not how it comes off according to that grammar list.

I fully accept that my grammar is rough, and I do my best to try and fix it, but honestly there are so many arbitrary grammar rules that make literally no sense to me that even when I do try to follow them all, someone will nitpick it and complain that it wasn't good enough no matter what the quality of the story itself is, and that bothers me a lot. I want to focus on telling a good story, and while I know how you tell the story is just as important as the content itself, I don't think my grammar is so bad that it needs a professional editor to comb through all of it to get the important feelings across.

I do my very best to make sure the story 'flows' more than anything else. Meaning that if I'm reading it, I'm reading it like one of my readers might for the first time and that I don't trip over sentences that are confusing or don't make sense. I know I still miss things, but I personally find the worst thing a story can do is have a jarring sentence that needs to be re-read 4 or 5 times for the reader to understand it, so I will always focus on that first.

I will certainly do my best to try and keep the grammar rules in mind, and if I ever at some point find someone who can edit for me that knows what they're doing and doesn't want to make significant changes to the story while fixing the grammar that won't eventually have someone going "This grammar is still wrong" I'll gladly accept their help, but since I have yet to find one by going to look for one, I'll just keep trying to improve myself for the time being.

Sunset, I know what it's like to kiss someone you love this time of year. But what do we do when they can't be here with us? We celebrate them. And I imagine that's what your parents would want you to do too. :pinkiesmile:

Now this was a sweet story. Well done.

6724314 I feel the same as Sunny too, although it's still around X-mas for me & in Oz it's stinking hot summer. Wish I could visit a country for X-mas with snow, possibly Canada? Always feels lonely this time of year.

This should be added the anon-a-miss group

Her special talent had always been Sun-related magic, pyromancy included, and winters meant less sun and more cold. The opposite of who she was.

So, true. I love this story. I'm actually pretty impressed how similar your headcanon about Sunset's backstory is to mine.

If my eyes weren't so dry from being up too late, I'd be turning on the waterworks right now. this is a great story, thank you for writing it.

It could do with just a little editing, but this is very nearly one of the best Hearthwarming fics I’ve read.

This fic absolutely nails the kind of negative self-talk and biting, spiteful running commentary that goes through the head of someone struggling with despair or depression.

And manages to be uplifting in a realistic way. Way to go!

This is so good!

I feel bad sunset has go through that anonamiss thing with her friends escpically when they were staring to get along before sci twi showed up

Sunset Shimmer, destinada a ser abandonada por todos los que le han importado. No es de extrañar que Celestia nunca haya venido a buscarte. Te mereces ser miserable, frío y solo.

No wayy!!

This is the first time I've ever heard of Christmas Crackers. I had to look it up to find out what they are.

Well this is a decent story even this comment was already late. I don't mind that we don't get to see the girls asking Sunset why she stayed home instead of hanging out with them at Sugarcube Corner, and then have Sunset opened up to them. This would've been too sweet but then again I don't mind that you don't show that at the end.

As they always say, don't get your expectations too high. That's why I didn't complain.

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