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This is MASTERMIND360,nee FIM author here. A brony who always enjoys making Equestria Girls stories that took place after season 2 ended. Stay coolio and stay tuned...

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Childish Sunset Shimmer · 7:00pm Sunday

EMane Mothers
For getting kidnapped many times by the Dazzlings, Sunset was being treated like a kid by her own friends because of their paranoia through their mom act, to protect her. But this leads to madness.
MASTERMIND360 · 32k words  ·  26  4 · 563 views

For getting kidnapped so many times by the Dazzlings, Sunset got herself into being treated like a child by her own friends over their motherly act through their paranoia to protect her.

Nothing can go wrong, right?

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Actually, I was who immediately deleted the moment I got told that I just broke one rule, thought I could be respectful and delete it.

Eddy13 #23 · Sunday · · ·

I saw the post you had written before it was deleted by admin. Chin up, dude! There have been many a time where I wrote a story that I felt would be a big hit, only for it to barely make a blip. Believe me, I understand the disappointment you're feeling.

Understood! :pinkiesmile:

Hope you're looking forward to more chapters throughout this week! :raritywink:

Your welcome, I'm looking forward for more! But please keep in mind that I tend to be a silent reader sometimes

Thank you so much for adding An Anon-a-Miss Carol to your favorites! :twilightsmile:

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