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This is MASTERMIND360, new FIM author here. A brony who always enjoys making Equestria Girls stories that took place after season 2 ended. Stay coolio and stay tuned...


After Lightning failed to remember she spiked the team's drinking beverage with acid, it's affecting her with Sunset and Rainbow, they went on to look for a solution to this, and they need to be quick because practice time is starting at any moment.

Took place sometime during Equestria Girls: Wondercolt Soccer of Friendship even though the fic was dead but it's the least I could do

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Comment posted by SUPERETHAN2 deleted August 29th


Attempted murder? Jesus. What is it with people treating pre reformation Sunset as a cold heartless monster?

To be fair with Sunset, she and the other two were drugged by acid, which was even dangerous than weed, and the effects are kicking in. Sunset was worried the effects will get worse and also furious how Lightning Dust puts acid in their soda cans. So her saying that to her was out of the blue since she isn't thinking straight considering the situation and how bad it may get. Besides, if you're in the same situation as her, what would've you say to the one that started this mess? And how can you handle being drugged by something is dangerous than marijuana?

She has the power and authority to make something legal in the town? Is she releated to the mayor or a local goverment higher up? Or is she the mayor somehow? Or was it a simple mistake you made with out thinking? We can only guess and assume.

First of, her first of her goal is to make her own version of weed to remove its negative effects and make it safer. And keep in mind, she hasn't tested it until she did it in this story, the "make it legal" part was next step she thought of at the moment, she's occupied with making the weed safe (or at least she thought she did, she made Sparkle Marijuana Mark 1 and Mark 2 and none has shown safe effects when they're used) so she wouldn't have time to go over to the next step figure out "how" make weed legal. (Like she would need to do more than just make weed safe and test it with others, it has to be something to get the government agree on in which Twilight hasn't planned ahead of that)

And of course, by the end of this fic, she has to ditch this goal for the better.

Sorry to disappoint but I lost my passion for my dead fics, I'm better off writing new stories instead.

Comment posted by SUPERETHAN2 deleted August 29th


Ok but what was her excuse for almost murdering her when she had the chance before her reformation?

Again, her saying such things were just out of the blue, she's justified in being so pissed off at Lightning Dust she couldn't be mindful with what she says. Also again, at that moment, the acid is kicking in, that got her really worried and even more angry at Lightning. So what she just said there wouldn't be true.

Comment posted by SUPERETHAN2 deleted August 29th


Did that really happen?

If it did really happened, then Lightning Dust would've made a small reference about that, or show signs of dread and fear when Sunset mentioned that, but nope, Lightning wasn't bothered by this, meaning that did not happened at all.

So it's Sunset saying something that did not happen before while she's high and angry.

Considering you like pointing out a lot of things, I'm surprised you haven't other things in this fic.

Comment posted by SUPERETHAN2 deleted August 29th

nice work

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