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Who doesn't love a suave romance between best bacon gurl and a conniving (but really hot) villain? Well, now's the time for you to shine! Invite your friends and join this friendly little group.

This month's featured story is While you make pretty speeches… by TheInfamousFly It’s an amazingly we well written story with an interesting take on the prompt and we recommend you try it.

Story link:

TheInfamousFly link:

Honorable mentions of the month: Multithreaded Coupling by The Sleepless Beholder

Multithreaded Coupling link:

The Sleepless Beholder link:


1) Post in the proper places.

Make sure the character you are shipping with Sunset is in the proper folder.

If non of the folder’s have the character that you have with Sunset theirs always the other folder 📁.

All NSFW material must go in the NSFW folder.

2) Keeping things on topic:

This group is dedicated to reading, writing, and shipping, so those topics are really what new threads should be about. We’ll also let you talk a bit about the site itself, since this tends to be a bit of the default place for talking on the

Within threads, try to stick to the topic at hand. Things will drift sometimes, and we understand that, but if it gets disruptive or is irritating people, we may have to interfere.

3) No Spoilers

Maybe you like spoilers, and want to share them with the world, or at least don’t mind them.

Well, that is good, but not everyone does want to find out these things ahead of time. Some people like to have surprises when they are reading, watching, or just in general scrolling.

First, no spoilers in the thread title. You can't escape 'em if they are right there staring at you!

Second, put spoiler tags around them, so they aren't in plain sight. Anything in the first dozen lines of the first post shows up in the feed, where anybody browsing by will see it.

4) We don’t like spam.

if we see your post as spam, we will lock it or delete it.

Generally speaking, the biggest factor with spam is that it’s annoying. This could be the same thread being posted multiple times in the same group or across multiple groups, posting things that are off topic or promotions, derailing threads and posting memes and “Me too!” posts…

5) Don’t break site rules.

A very self explanatory rule but still worth mentioning.

Good luck and have fun in our group!

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Please forgive me for adding a story to the "Taco girl X Sunset competition (August 2021)" folder, and immediately removing the story.

I wanted to make sure the folder accepts additions, since the deadline is tomorrow, and I am hoping to have a proper story for the contest.

(The test addition story I used was not published during the contest period, so it does not qualify.)

Comment posted by Reactception deleted May 3rd, 2021
Comment posted by SnowOriole deleted Apr 26th, 2022
Comment posted by Reactception deleted Jun 12th, 2021

You should update the contest description or people won't join anymore thinking that the deadline is over


2nd bragging rights and knowing you're pretty good too

3rd bragging rights and knowing you're alright

Grammar is pretty important if you want to be seen as a credible judge for a... writing contest.

I'm gonna see what I can do in a week, lol.

Welcome to the competition thnx for joining

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