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In this community-driven group, you can download the free editing program, which will greatly improve the quality of your stories. So far, you've been blind to your own mistakes, but from this day forth, the program will lay them out for you and suggest corrections. It's a must-have tool for every writer.

This Group exists to support and promote the free editing program created by Bad Dragon. Users can share editing lists, download the program, and help support its growth.

Come, join our community. We strive to make Fimfiction stories great again.

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426754 Thank you for your words of support. Please let me know if you want to get more involved with this project. There are loads of things you can help out with.

I don't think so LOL. And I understand how you feel about the other spell checkers...I'm amazed and proud of you for making one yourself :).

426752 You can add 'everypony' to the Grammarly dictionary. I don't think you can make it highlight 'everybody', though.

Whatever the case, I'm not trying to compete with other spell checkers. They're better than my program on many fronts. However, my program does have a niche (adjustability) that other spell checkers lack.

I'm not sure...hmmm...I'll have to test it out sometime. All I've thought about doing when I messed around with Grammarly was make it stop highlighting "everypony" so far...

426732 That's a nice upgrade. Still, can you add your own words for Grammarly to check? Can you tell it to underline 'everybody' and suggest 'everypony'? With TextSeparator, that's very easy to do.

Ah, and that's true! Grammarly only recently became more adaptable - sending emails I subscribed to showing words that I commonly misspell and having options to not make certain words trigger checking or have newly added options to choose what kind of writing or story to edit. These are recent additions LOL

426636 I use Grammarly, as well. It's a very good program. However, it's also very static. You can't tell it what to fix. You can't repurpose it for your own needs. With TextSeparator, you can. Once you find a mistake you've made, you just add it to the grammar resource, and you can be sure that in the future, you'll be alerted to it by this program.

This looks really cool! I use Grammarly - is that as good as this? :)

Also, I'm first comment! :D

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