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Join my community driven project to make Fimfiction stories great again · 6:05pm Apr 6th, 2018

Inspired by this post, I adjusted my multiple-purpose program for finding synonyms.

I used the post as a text, and the program showed me the paragraphs where the phrase 'she sighed' was used and suggested various alternatives based on a thesaurus resource. Anypony is welcome to add more synonyms in the document. The more synonyms that get added, the more powerful the tool becomes.

You can download my program —> here <—.

I'm also happy to supply anypony with the code if interested.

PS. Originally, I used this program for separating a story into chunks, and it can still be used this way.

It can also be a grammar checker, you just have to use a different resource document (you're free to add more stuff here, as well).

Edit: Here are the instructions on how to use of this program. Feel free to add more content.

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Comments ( 8 )

While I won't be using it myself. It sounds like a neat program. I'll send it to a few people to see what they think.

Wow this is so cool :P Nice programming

This thing is super usefull!

Amazing. Will send to idiots. 10/10 will send again.

I'll trust you once again, as long as you don't say mean things anymore.

5198600 Trust me with what? Did I ever say anything mean?

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