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Bad Dragon

I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to keep up with them.


Collection of self-contained short stories for readers who don't have the time or energy to commit. With this fanfiction, you get maximum reading pleasure per minimum time investment. Where else can you read an enticing story from start to finish in less than a minute?

I will publish a new chapter every day until I run out of short stories.

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Twilight Sparkle’s diligent way of administrating has spread far and wide.

Both Equestria and the Crystal Empire are run by a long chain of Administrators. An ambitious filly who wants to be an Administrator herself follows the trail of scrolls up to an actual declaration from the Ultimate Supreme Administrator. This exciting administrative duty sets her on the path to reunite with her beloved mother.

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This story is a sequel to Sweetie Belle Gains a Soul

The tyranny of Sombra leaves behind a dangerous artifact. Nopony in their right mind would even think of tampering with such a horrific legacy.

Trixie, however, is not your average pony. Where others see insanity, she sees opportunity. Assuming that Sombra’s magical charm works as intended, she’s going to get even with Twilight once and for all.

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Instead of the shining orb of light, Celestia raises an overloading nuclear furnace. The whole of Equestria is set alight by the deadly rays.

Twilight wakes up not to a fresh morning air but a fiery cataclysm. With her castle melting away, she’s forced to abandon the premises on short notice. But how can one escape to safety in a blazing world?

This story also has a dramatic reading by TheMajorTechie. Be sure to check it out.

[Also Youtube auto-reading (Chapter 1, Chapter 2) and mp3 download (Chapter 1, Chapter 2).]

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In pursuit of time-traveling Adolf Hitler, Kung Fury ends up in Equestria. Can he overcome Discord’s devious ploy, and vast legions of Changelings in his righteous path?

All the while, the shadow from the past lingers in the background, plotting to undo everything that the lone cop holds dear.

[You may also enjoy the Youtube reading (Chapter 1 ( •_•)>⌐■-■ Chapter 2 (⌐■_■) Chapter 3) and mp3 download (Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3) that are available for this story.]

* This story is a MLP crossover with the movie: Kung Fury
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Bad Dragon

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On one of my mind trips, I create a pocket dimension that is Equestria. I proceed to conquer it, for it is my right as its creator.

*Yes; this is exactly what it sounds like. The prompt was: ‘your self-insert takes over Equestria’. What else was I supposed to do?

[You might also want to enjoy the Youtube reading for this story made by The One and the Only.]

Here's what the readers are saying about this story:

I bring up Rise of Insanity by Bad Dragon as some of the coolest surreal shit I've ever read. -Verbose Mode

this story takes the concept of a self-insert way too literally, as the vast majority of it takes place within his own gastrointestinal tract. Um, eww? -Palm Palette

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From a long lineage of Princesses’ guards comes a brave stallion. His only goal is to become a champion among the Canterlot guards like his forefathers before him. All he needs is an opportunity, and he’ll show everypony what constitutes a hero.

[You may also enjoy the Youtube auto-reading and mp3 download that are available for this story.]

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The black&red Alicorn with a tragic past stays confident despite the odds stacked against him. He is protective and liked by his peers. Even in the worst possible situation, he stays in control. Or does he?

*This story serves as a reminder to the fandom that the judgment of fics shouldn’t be based on superficial aspects such as cover art or the presence of a certain character. Stories should, instead, be judged on their quality. Read first, judge after.

[You may also enjoy the Youtube reading and mp3 download that are available for this story.

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Goodfic Bin

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10/10 ~ Flora Blossom

Wow, this was intense! I like it! ~ Mr Swanky Hat

This is interesting, very interesting ~ Drayco Meowfoy

Good plot, solid writing ~ monokeras

Hmm... I have to admit, with the premise and all the obligatory "black & red alicorn OC" elements thrown in, this was pretty impressive. ~ Dark Avenger

Bad has been far more ambitious here than by just making fun of a stupid trope: by taking it seriously, he's made a story that stands out a lot more than just senseless jokes. ~ HapHazred

Had no clue what I was reading first but then I get to the ending it all came together. ~ Dapper Guy

Really good. Shows how some people can be so brainwashed as to genuinely believe that slavery and tyranny is good, productive, order, and freedom is laziness and selfishness. ~ Europa

This story plunged me into the abyss of depression and made my insides turned outside. ~ Hungryman

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The pony has lost his memories. Left to himself, he wanders the streets of Canterlot. Despite his misfortune, he finds his ‘one and only’.

Why worry about amnesia when there is a wedding to go to? It’s not like the forgotten past can haunt.

[You may also enjoy the Youtube reading and mp3 download that are available for this story.]

Here's what the readers are saying about it:

I saw it as an allegory about how a desire to seek love clashes with itself. Those who seek love never stop doing so, and they hurt themselves and the people they love by doing it in the first place. It tells me that staying away from romance is the safe bet, and I approve. ~ Snakeskin Ducttape

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The Mane Seven are on a mission to spread friendship across Equestria. It sounds easy enough, but should they let their guard down?

Twilight is confident that she can cope with any situation. Maybe she’s right and there really is nothing to worry about... Maybe.

[You may also revel in the Youtube reading (Chapter 1, Chapter 2) or mp3 download (Chapter 1, Chapter 2) that are available for this story.]

This story has it's own TvTropes page.

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Goodfic Bin
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Here's what the readers are saying about it:

Dude whoa.... That was powerful. It kinda reminds me of “If you love something” let it go. The type of pony that Twilight is I could imagine that losing her friends would make her go insane, and I know she'd do anything to still be with them. Great story. Mad I didn't hear about it until now. ~ Man on the Moon

Princess of Friendship by Bad Dragon is a great piece of work. ~ Stinium_Ruide

If Twilight can't find a way to save her friends, she'll make a way. And that works out about as well as one would think. ~ FanOfMostEverything

I hope Twilight can let go... eventually. ~ StormyVenture

I liked this story. It was heartbreaking, a bit confusing (in a good way), and overall enjoyable. ~ Heart Felt

it had the nerve to make me experience something you twats call “the feels,” but a nice enthusiastic walk in the woods solved that problem. ~ DR_LaZer

made me cry… ~ deli73

I cried. I didn't shed one tear, but a thousand. ~ Crystal_Chaos

Great story, definitely deserves the tragedy tag. ~ MustacheMerlin

This story really does earn it's tag as it presents a situation that cannot be won and that has no positive outcome, which is part of tragedy in it's strictest sense. ~ HapHazred

Brilliant. Both her plan and the story.:rainbowkiss: ~ Unbridled Dolly

I love it when a story comes together--and I say that this one did, at least for philosophical egghead dorks. ~ Mahayro

I love the entire premise and the ending was perfect. ~ Curify - ChasingVerse

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