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I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to vent them out!


Loving somepony means making them happy. But what do you do when her happiness is tied to being a tree?

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I came in expecting a dark fanfic
Instead I got a funny fanfic
I was not disappointed

11557877 Maybe I should add the comedy tag.

11557934 11557980 I've added the comedy tag.

I did try to make it funny from the start, it just wasn't the main focus. I primarily wanted to explore some new concepts.

You look at this cover art and you expect it to be a dark/scary story. And this was on the exact opposite of the spectrum.

11558138 Well, there are quite a few dark undertones between the lines. My aim was to write a dark story.
Discord is thinking of killing an Alicorn.
Twilight sacrifices her friend for the good of Equestria.
Twilight destroys Discord, not for what he did, but for what he might do.

Not really seeing the comedy here, the end just undercuts any and all humor of this for me, not to mention feeling pretty absurdly out of character for Twilight...
At the very least, it probably warrants a Dark tag.

Honestly, this felt more like a dark/horror story to me. Nothing particularly funny happened.

“Just finish it, Twilight.” Discord walked to the yellow tree and hugged it. “Make me a tree as well.”

AndLegend has it, when Discord became a tree along with his beloved.

A tour guide pony explains gesturing to a giant forest.
Where many different animals and creatures reside, filled with not only regular animals but many creatures of many types, including Ballet Dancing Buffalo, Long Legged Rabbits, trees that grow pies, and feeds off the chocolate Rain storms that form over it.
With Pinkie's great great great great grand children like to visit and play in.

11558511 11558520 Fixed. It is now dark and no longer funny.

11558577 That was beautiful. I think you could write a whole sequel based on the ideas you presented.

I noticed. The new tags fit better.

Doubt it, I'm not much of a writer, just wrote a small bit.
But if anyone wants to use it for a sort one shot sequel, go ahead.

i thought this was a wacky little thing where twilight was way out of character and suddenly it's a monumental tragedy with all of equestria at stake. very good. i guess discord wasn't familiar enough with the idea of empathy to notice anything off

11559021 What you wrote was very good. Also tragic, knowing that Fluttershy rooted herself down just outside the castle and the whole town got overgrown by a chaotic forest.

11559173 Twilight had plans, but she didn't act on them because of friendship.

But when she wakened up by Discord, she was no longer okay with the status quo. Discord activated her trap card.

Everything was staged by Twilight. Even throwing Fluttershy out the window. Twilight needed Discord confused and off his game.

Mentioning the word 'tree' to Fluttershy, Warning Discord, knowing full well that he'll intentionally disobey. Everything was planned and staged.

Discord was too self-obsessed to notice that Twilight is acting out of her character, and Fluttershy was too focused on her life's dream to care.

Be suitable conqunces for Twilight's actions, the forest over runs Pony Ville in the end, or sourronds it.
Ether way things have changed, but not fully tragic, the descendants of the ponies now travel through the forest playing and having fun.
Gathering supplies, and food, maybe timber wolves becoming anew species bearing fruit that grow on them.
Apple Trees growing all types of apples, and even jars of Zap Apple which are rare to find.

A clue to find them is to see a Pony in a bunny suit hopping around and following said pony leads to a tree with jars of Zap Apple jam or pies.
But grab them quick! they fade at the end of the day to wait the next year.

11560534 I still don't get why you're not a horse-famous author around here. Everything you write is pure gold.

LOL. reason is writing to me is like work.
I can think of ideas but putting them down right takes work, and I got enough work as it is.

I burn out on writing pretty fast, but i do like to share a idea or two every now and then and let someone more talented use the ideas.

11560835 I have the same problem.

Regardless, if not you, I hope somepony else makes use of your ideas.

Is this story's concept based off of what happened to Fluttershy in Fallout: Equestria?

11566722 I did read that story and I do know what happened to her there. However, that was not a direct reference. Honestly, I just wanted to win the competition that wanted more stories about Fluttershy wanting to be a tree.

So, underneath it all, this is just a story of Fluttershy wanting to be a tree.

But if you want to make a connection, yes, there is one. Both this story and Fo:E reference Fluttershy's canon desires.

Honestly I'd demand Twilight finish it the same way if I was Discord in this situation

11570492 Discord was clearly distressed about Fluttershy dying. But now they both gained immortality and shall live forever. Discord will worry never again.

¡I love the Interrobangs! This story could use Inverted Punctuation.

11578390 There are two ‽ in the story. With that, I think this story reaches the minimum quota of interrobangs.

Hello! Working my way though the treefics, and here's your review. Kind of a dark comedy and pretty readable, though I wasn't always entirely convinced by Twilight's voicing.

11621221 Thank you for your review. I'm glad you liked the story.

There's a reason why Twilight acted weird. Deep inside, she was calculating. She also tried to hide her true feelings. The more she would act out, the more she could hide the truth from Discord.

I hoped readers would pick up on that, but it seems I should work on making that clearer.

Oh, interesting. I must admit I didn't quite pick up that little subtlety. Thanks for the explanation.

11726503 Another great review. Thank you!

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