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Bad Dragon

I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to vent them out!


Sunny’s failure was even greater than Twilight’s. The world was consumed by chaos. Magic all but faded away in disharmony.

Sunny Starscout is one mare against the dystopian world. On this night, however, she bites off more than she can chew. And no, being constantly harassed by annoying Sweetie Bot doesn’t help at all!

CoverArt by SweetAI Belle

This story is among the winners of the Cyberpunk Equestria Contest

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Seems OK so far.... 0_0...

11593045 I can't wait to publish more chapters for you. Just hold on for one day. They're coming.

Are both robots??

11593088 Do you think having cybernetic legs makes one a robot? And UI retina and sound adjusters and neuro-link and wire connectors and integrated targeting AI and... Okay, I get your point now. Sunny may have overdosed on implants a little, but she's still a fleshling at heart.

As for Sweetie Bot, yeah, she's more of a robot than even robots are. She looks down on robots, actually, but I can't say more lest I spoil the next chapter.

11593089 I always do. I wouldn't dare not to.

It looks like bad dragon is added again

11593406 I tried to keep innuendos to a minimum with this story. Have I failed?

No, I'm saying I enjoy your style and the story fits it.
Plus you know I love your subtext

11593415 I'm glad you like it. I think you'll like the next chapters as well.

Ohemgee SweetAI's winning artwork! Good use of the cover art, haha!

11593803 Actually, the story came before the coverArt existed.

Oh, wow. Well, it was a great confidence then. Great cover choice! Don't forget to post the chapter for today! :raritywink:

I love this jaded version of Sunny. It's pretty fun and kind depressing imagining what could turn her into this. :heart:

11595049 Failure is a great teacher.

Sunny can't compare to Twilight, and even Twilight failed spectacularly.

Only by overcompensating could Sunny hope to make a difference.

A cynic is just a different word for a disappointed dreamer. And Sunny sure could dream big. She wanted to change the whole world for the better. When the world turned in the other direction, she chose to double down. She was in the school of failure for a century. Then triple down. Then she became the extremist you see in this story.

She widened her step. “Charging all systems. Safety protocols disengaged. Ignore collateral potential limit… set to maximum. Initializing hydrogen cooling. All spectrum analyses achieved. Quantum parallel targeting activated. Permanent software update deployed: Sudo kernel singular directive hardcode self-override with: Protect SS.”

What is this? What does quantum parallel supposed to mean? And sudo is not a technical word. It’s just a shorten form of ‘superuser do’. Why does she even need to overide anything if it’s hardcode?


What is this?

This is Sweetie Bot getting serious. She's revealing that she's much more than she appeared to be.

What does quantum parallel supposed to mean?

With quantum computing, you're able to run parallel calculations without the need for additional parallel hardware.

The way I see this, she's able to identify an unlimited number of targets in the time that other processes would need to identify one.

And sudo is not a technical word. It’s just a shorten form of ‘superuser do’.

She's reprograming herself. Something she wasn't supposed to have permission to. She gave herself superuser permissions.

Why does she even need to overide anything if it’s hardcode?

She's not entering parameters as she does on a mission. She's overriding the actual code, and not just any code but her very operating system. She's making a permanent change to her software that will be constantly active regardless of the situation — a constant. Protecting SS just became part of her personality. A life's goal, if you will.

Giver that Sunny has weapons, ¿why is she not hardened against EMPs?

11600337 Even if her legs were protected, her connection with her UI interface and nerves would not be.

Another thing to note is that the legs are fairly new to her. They're a work in progress.

Unlike Sweetie Bot who is the finished product.

This is a good story. Maybe, you can have SwetieBot meet Thrackerzod.


In fiction, EMPs are much more effective than in reality. Let us take the example of the Voyagers:

For protecting the electronics of the Voyagers from the Van-Allen Belts of Jupiter, they were wrapped in AluminiumFoil. PowerGrids are very susceptible to EMPs because the powerlines act as antennas, thus frying things plugged into them with powersurges. Cars, which basically are moving FaradayCages, have their radios burn out because the overvoltage through the antennas, but are otherwise unaffected.

The alternate spellings of Aluminum/Aluminium, made me think about the weirdest metal of them all, Helium:

-um and -ium are suffixes used on metallic elements. We discovered Helium on the sun spectroscopically years before we discovered it on Earth. We mistook it for e metal. If we would have known that it is a Noble Gas, we would have called it Helon because Noble Gas end in the suffix -on, such as Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon.

You probably have 5 to ten NeonLights glowing in your home and do not even know it:

¿Have you noticed the indicatorlights on powerstrips? You probably believe that those are LEDs. That is how we would do it now, but, in the InterWar Years, when powerstrips were invented, we did not have LEDs. We needed an indicatorlight drawing less than 1 Watt. The solution is miniature NeonLights.

Here is an example of a sign with orange Neon and blue Argon:


11600659 I think EMPs can be effective plenty in real life. All it takes is one well-aimed ejection from the Sun and it sends us back to stone-age.

And thank you for the science lesson. I learned something new.

11600630 Plot-twist, she is Thrackerzod. Immortalized since Twilight time, upgrading herself over the centuries.

She's not a cold-blooded, psychopathic killer. She only does it to blend in. After all, the lack of bloodlust on the battlefield would be a clear indication of being a robot.


The way solar flares destroy powergrids is that the powerlines act as antennas, thus causing an overvoltage, making the transformers (transformers are more than meets the eyes) explode. Cheap electronic devices, running on batteries, in plastic cases, without antennas are probably safe. Antennaless battery-powered devices with metal cases are safe because the metal case acts as a FaradayCage.

An EMP is great at destroring powergrids. Getting a blown powergrid back on line could take months, and any device plugged directly into the powergrid, instead of using a powerbar with a builtin surgeprotector and a little glowing NeonIndicatorLamp, will be fried.


¡Thrackerzod lives!

11601373 Other devices are vulnerable as well. Pacemakers could stop working if an EMP went off.

The way I imagine it, her legs aren't connected to her mind with Wi-Fi. Such a connection would be too slow and prone to hacking. Instead, she has actual wires running through her. Wires that act as antennas in an EMP blast. Besides that, her legs are attachable. They're not surrounded by metal through all sides. And they use surface charge as sensors. Sensors that could overload.

Sunny Starscout would have to be adorned in full-body metal armor to be immune to EMP blasts.

Oh, wow, and noice!

11603318 I'm really grateful to SweetAI Belle for taking the time to make the coverArt. There was a bunch of stuff she had to do besides using AI.

Great story that really entertained me. I love the contrast between the two main characters and how the story unfolded.

11607510 This is one of my favorite stories as well.

The plot was supposed to be about Sunny. Sweetie Bot was, more or less, implemented for dialogue purposes. But the contrast between the two shifted the focus and Sweetie Bot basically hijacked the whole story.

Some odd/memey dialogue aside, this fic is a barrel of fun. Very unusual to see a hard boiled, edgy, Sunny and it almost veers into parody at times with the overly precocious Sweetie Bot, but its a bit of a stand out as the only G5 Fic and you've used the set up well.

11618635 Thank you for your review. I thought I would struggle a bit when I started writing it, but then pieces just fell together in place.

I'm surprised it was the only G5 fic since G5 is more of a future than G4.

G5 just isnt as popular yet I find. Great potential, but unrealised.

Don’t think I’ve seen a g5 story use sci fi so cool

11630216 And not just that; it also connects to G4 with Sweetie Bot (Sweetie Belle). This story acts as a bridge both to the past and the future.

Simply put... I love it. :raritywink:

11747542 This is one of my favorite stories as well.

This story is basically Sweetie Bot + Gen 5 + (more or less) Fallout: Equestria.

11832384 I was kind of aiming for Cyberpunk 2077, but I guess Fallout: Equestria might have also inspired me a bit as well.

So many references to the point I lost track of most of them and loved every second. You're right, this is one of your best works so far. The only problem I have is, it feels too much like an opening chapter to a massive story. Since I know you don't like doing long-term work, unlike me. I would love to at least see a sequel. Maybe they could run into other immortal variants of characters. Or have Sweetie Bot meet the Twilight hologram and question it's sentient and such.

Also, reading your stuff again, reminds me that I'm not the only one on this site who loves comedic gore. Sweetie Bot swinging that head around was so damn funny.

Not exactly a long review. I did have something bigger, but lost a lot of it during a page refresh. Either way, I'll ask what your second review will be when my own story is finished. I'll even update you when that final chapter drops.

11920693 Thank you for your review.

In RL, nothing happens in the void. The world and the past shape all the stories. I tried to recreate that with this story. The robo-shop isn't Sunny's life. It's just a piece of the story that is her life. I'm guessing that's the reason why it feels like a part of something bigger. I wanted it to feel that way. This story is a mere glance at the awesome life of Sunny.

The problem I find with sequels is that it's hard to make them better than the original story. It also splits the reader base.

I know how to put my best leg forward, but don't ask me to walk.

Sunny engaging other immortals is a good idea, btw. One could really write a novel on that concept alone. I don't think I have it in me, though.

I'm always weary of losing data. It happened enough times for me to learn the lesson. For longer things, I either write in GDocs or I ctrl A + ctrl c frequently.

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