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"Look at me, I'm Hitch. Everypony loves me, I've got a perfect mane, shredded abs and think my paid-off mortgage gives me the right to drag my deputy to chase after the crazy mare he already told me to arrest too many times to count. Bleh." Sprout murmured, kicking any small rock that got on his path in frustration.

The entire herd of bunnies that had gathered around the taller stallion suddenly cheered at his heroic speech and Sprout groaned.

(or: the movie if Hitch managed to drag Sprout along on the adventure)

[Cover art by me ]
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Never thought about Pipp and Sprout before. But you're right, they do have a lot in common.

Poor sprout will be driven insane.

Hey there. Yeah, this looks like an interesting spin for an AU. REALLY liked how Hitch used reverse psychology to get Sprout to come along after all. Of course, the downside is that Phyllis will probably end up taking over as the main villain(ess), honestly believing that she is trying to protect her town in the absence of the law and she would probably be at least marginally more competent than Sprout. On the upside, Sunny, Hitch and Sprout would probably reason with her once they got back concerning how the unicorns and Pegasi don't have magic either before any MAJOR harm was done.

Anyway, the dialogue, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all pretty well done.

Again, very good work on the dialogue and characterizations. And, yeah, didn't think of how many similarities Sprout and Pipp had until you mentioned them in your author's notes, but it DOES make sense. And, yeah, Sprout's mixture of frustration and curiosity definitely makes sense after the stuff Pipp said.

Definitely looking forward to more of this.

Oh wow cool an interesting take on of what if scenario so instead of leaving Sprouts in charge of Maretime Bay hitch wanted him to come along even though he'll probably drive him crazy and probably once they get sunny they will both drive him crazy I wonder how this will work out

So you kind of skip over the part when everything went horribly wrong at the concert and sunny and the others got the crystal well they thought they did now Sprout has it and it looks like pipp found him and she was pretty emotional knowing that her life is ruined after they found out that the Royals cannot fly either and it looks like she wanted him to help her which Sprout never thought a pegasus ask for help so it looks like he's being dragged into the mess and I had to admit you've got a good point they actually have in common with each other and they can actually be friends in the long run I wonder what else is going to happen with Sprouts along guess we'll find out next time

I've had the exact same idea about how Hitch could have dragged Sprout along: Playing on his fears about being left in charge to make following him look like a good idea. And he could get some much needed character development along the way while Phyllis would have been a much better pick for a main antagonist. Can't wait to see where this goes!

Aww! Sprout is coming out of his shell already. Nice!

Great job and the story mate can't wait for chapter 3

This was a really good chapter Great job mate keep up the fine work

Another really good job on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up here. Yeah, I could see Sprout getting frustrated enough to snap at Hitch after the day he THINKS he has had already (it's nowhere near as bad as he thinks, but it will take some time for him to realize that) and I also liked Sunny shutting down Sprout's retort concerning his mother's company with the simple fact that Phyllis and her employees had no way to get field testing on their products. And, of course, Izzy catching Sprout's bad mood was good too, even if Sprout will still be misunderstanding for a while.

REALLY looking forward to more of this.

Wow this was a pretty interesting situation we're in right now so it looks like sprout and pipp finally caught up with the others after that Fiasco going on and the castle and it looks like he's going along with the others despite how many times he wants to go home walking through the flower field Sprout try to convince Sunny to go back because what they're doing is just a mission that's not going anywhere but it looks like the intense between hitch and Sprout is getting a little awkward and I really hope they don't make him look like an idiot but it looks like Izzy told Sprouts how dull his sparkle is and he started to question about this whole situation even though he doesn't trust unicorns or Pegasus well I guess we'll find out next time

"Look at me, I'm Hitch. Everypony loves me, I've got a perfect mane, shredded abs and think my paid-off mortgage gives me the right to drag my deputy to chase after the crazy mare he already told me to arrest too many times to count. Bleh."

How is that speech heroic?

Thank you for your comments! <3

Sprout pretty much gave up on the mission the moment they left Maretime Bay. Unlike the others he has no motivation to be there, doesn't bother to find one either so he's just drowning in his pessimism. He does make points that seem logical from the outside, like 'why forgive Sunny so many times? Why go to Zephyr Heights? She's already arrested!', but no one listens so that frustrates him too. It's how I imagine a lof of his missions with Hitch went before the movie.

Also he has all these pent-up issues that were hinted at the start of the movie. Without him becoming an emperor, he's left still dealing with them. Maybe with the help of old and new friends that can change ;)

The bunnies reacted to the heroic speech Hitch was giving in the background(the one during that scene in the movie), Sprout was just mocking him and was interrupted by the bunnies cheering Hitch.

Poor sprout, the craziness won't stop. And despite some valid points he makes, there are some that Sunny makes and he doesn't want to acknowledge.

I never noticed the irony of Sprout messing up his workspace before.

Phyllis might stay more on the defensive however, which would be a definite improvement.
But that does cause it to occur to me that they never said what they were leaving town for... could lead to "captured by the Ebul (sic) Unicorns" misconceptions on Phyllis's part.

Guess Phyllis really soften him too much

Poor Sprout, always the one left behind. :twilightoops:

Great chapter there meat can't wait for the next one

Well this is a very interesting situation here and seeing a whole new light of sprouts so they decided to stop for the night sprouts and hitch try to start a fire but apparently Sprouts has been thinking this whole thing is crazy and and apparently he really started to get annoyed by hitch and basically he just told him that he's always Mr Perfect nothing he does was wrong basically he was very jealous of hitch all the success he has and everything even though he didn't help himself he could have been better but Sunny tried to get both of them to come to the fire it worked with hitch but unfortunately sprout just stayed back just a stubborn as he is but then somehow zipp sort of convince him to come here which he did and basically just stay quiet throughout the night and it looks like they'll be heading for bridlewood it's very soon and he's been thinking about what the heck are they fighting for maybe he's starting to think about this well I guess we'll find out next time

I like the new cover you put in there

just like how Connor convinced Hank to come with him to the Homocide at a Sex Club in Detroit Become Human by tempting him with the cases' details.

Zipp: "How can you two get anything done if you just complain all the time?"
Sprout: "We don't! It's part of our charm. Quit bucking it up!"

Actually… that makes sense for Pipp and Sprout to be close friends. Surprise we haven’t seen a ship fic of them yet either.

Yo this is a good Sprout story. Liking the character development and can’t wait for more.

I look forward to the next chapter

Izzy will always remain adorable, especially when she acts in the weird Behavior, she is still adorable :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I hope you are doing well. I hope you get your muse back soon, i look forward to the next chapter

Comment posted by MatTheBook deleted January 10th

Hope you're doing alright!! I know college can be rough, especially with writing!!!

I reread this story again for the 15th time today, and I gotta say, your portrayal of Sprout is spot on.

I can't wait to see what happens next with him!!

Thanks for your lovely comments :) It makes me happy to know people like this story, even if I there aren't updates recently. I'm on holidays right now, but haven't had much time to write, besides of dealing with(my longest one yet) writer's block. Maybe if I try hard enough I can manage to write before classes start again, but can't make promises :fluttercry:

I'm thinking of posting some art I did for this fic, to not leave you guys hanging. Was gonna wait a few more chapters since it has spoilers of the end of the story but...it's not like most of you haven't guessed that part of the plot already :twilightsheepish:

Aw!! You're welcome!!

Good luck with breaking your writers block!! I've gotten bad cases as well!!

I look forward to the art!! If you wish to wait to release it til the proper time, then do so. I'm just happy you've not abandoned this story

Hohohoo....well well...this slowly but surely turns interesting with each chapter....favorite and Follow

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