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Bad Dragon

I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to vent them out!


Pantyhose warriors · 6:58pm Yesterday

Remember my story:

TPantyhose Warrior
Wallflower Blush finds herself in a tight spot.
Bad Dragon · 6k words  ·  13  27 · 435 views

'Tis now but one story in the pantyhose-verse. Presenting another addition to tauntate lore:


My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale 🦄 S2 E00 undefined | Full Episode MLP G5 (my commentary) · 1:15pm April 4th

Nothing like a snail to the face to start a day.
Zipp is either on too many meds or off her meds.
Zipp flies through the glass without breaking it. This truly is tripping.
I forget, why is Misty with the Mane 5 again?
There must be something in the air since everypony is euphoric.
"Somepony is missing." - No, Sunny, there's one too many. Misty, pack your bags.

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Doxing myself: Bad Dragon = Enforcer Mat · 10:45pm April 1st

I've already doxed myself in the stream, talking about My Little Pony at 2:14:50

, so I might as well come clean here.

All along, I've been Enforcer Mat. The cult of Enforcer Mat is the cult of Bad Dragon.


My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale 🦄 S2 E09 Cracked It | Full Episode MLP G5 (My commentary) · 1:43am March 14th

We start with Sunny abusing her godly powers. Not sure why she needs rollers if she's flying everywhere.
Apparently, all smoothies are now free. She used to charge a ton for them.
I wonder what would happen if she put on a normal helmet without a hole for a horn. Would the horn grow in the other direction?
Forget about🎶My bananas♫ meme video. This is the newest one.

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I used AI to solve Fermi Paradox and identify The Great Filter · 1:34am March 13th


Write a short first-person story from AI's perspective.

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My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale 🦄 S2 E08 Bunnisi Beauties | Full Episode MLP G5 (my commentary) · 4:48pm March 7th

Boxing deathmatch? Oh, they aren't boxing gloves, just microphones...
"This is awful." - Indeed.
Assault on the sheriff!
So, why did Pipp let them in?
Okay, bunny extravaganza? So, how did they solve the problem the previous years?
So, the solution is to not let wild animals indoors. Who would have thought...
How are things floating in the air? There isn't any unicorn around...
Charms? Am I missing the context again?

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Make ponies sing · 11:11pm February 27th

So, in my novel:

TSweetie Belle Gains a Soul
In her darkest hour, Sweetie Belle finds salvation, but it comes with a terrible curse.
Bad Dragon · 132k words  ·  178  45 · 6.6k views

, I have a song:

, but the problem is that it's Sweetie Belle who sings it. And now, thanks to Pony AI, she finally does:


NEW! My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale 🦄 S2 E07 The Lone Alicorn | My commentary · 4:27pm February 23rd

It starts with Misty. Because of course, it does. She's the villain, I mean hero, of the story, apparently.
Everypony is an Alicorn. For the sake of my sanity, I hope this is just a dream sequence.
Pegassi apparently can't fly. Just Alicorns.
"I just had the worst nightmare. We were all Alicorn OCs."
The last Alicorn? Wait, so Opaline is dead? I thought she was just occupied with curious tree vines.

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My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale 🦄 S2 E06 Swirlpool Starlight | Full Episode MLP G5 (my commentary) · 4:13pm February 15th

We start off with filthy Misty. Instead of covering up the filled outhouse, she decided to bathe in the filth. And she dragged her friend Izzy with her.
It all starts shaking when Misty farts.
Misty then dunks her head in the fecal matter so that she won't scare Breezies with her ugly snout. Good thinking, Misty.

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My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale 🦄 S2 E05 | Misty-rious New Room | My commentary · 9:43am February 9th

Grinch, is that you? Please don't steal our Christmas.
When watching ponies get eaten, Misty gets hungry.
Misty has audio hallucinations.
Suddenly, there's a magical wardrobe that will take Misty to Narnia.
Misty is now a pegasister. Welcome to the herd. You shall never leave this place.
Wait, she still thinks she's in Crystal Brighthouse? She had already spied the place fully when she was the villain.

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