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Bad Dragon

I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to keep up with them.


On one of my mind trips, I create a pocket dimension that is Equestria. I proceed to conquer it, for it is my right as its creator.

*Yes; this is exactly what it sounds like. The prompt was: ‘your self-insert takes over Equestria’. What else was I supposed to do?

[You might also want to enjoy the Youtube reading for this story made by The One and the Only.]

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I bring up Rise of Insanity by Bad Dragon as some of the coolest surreal shit I've ever read. -Verbose Mode

this story takes the concept of a self-insert way too literally, as the vast majority of it takes place within his own gastrointestinal tract. Um, eww? -Palm Palette

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Amaranthe - Future on Hold — Correlation: 75% (Lyrics)
There's a monster within me — Let me out of here, change my destiny

Pretentious Moi - The Garden — Correlation: 75% (Lyrics)
Lost within your dreaming — The walls to keep the chaos out — Are to keep your fire in

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Nemesea - Lost Inside — Correlation: 70% (Lyrics)
Day by day — I grow stronger — I can feel — I can bear it — Even though I am lost — I'll find my way

Flesh Field - Cyberchrist — Correlation: 60% (Lyrics)
Consciousness. — I see the dark inside me. — And all this time I had thought myself pure.
Straight through Hell and right into my dreams, — This evil man who brought you to your knees. — A world of darkness, — A world of sacrifice

Lahannya - Dystopia — Correlation: 60% (Lyrics)
Despairing for an open door — An exit from a system — That's rotting at the core

Aesthetic Perfection - Living The Wasted Life — Correlation: 60% (Lyrics)
Is this what's left of me — debilitated life — look back and see — nothing but my self wasted — is this what's left of me — what's left will be destroyed — Is it ever ending my self-hatred

Mono Inc. Voices of Doom — Correlation: 55% (Lyrics)
No way back no way out — Been lost before you came here — Here in my netherworld I rule

Brainstorm - Where Angels Dream
— Correlation: 55% (Lyrics)
As I used to believe in holding onto my dreams — As the shadows are closing in, you seek the truth within

Project Pitchfork - Timekiller — Correlation: 50% (Lyrics)
Every time it seems to me — That fiction and reality melt together for eternity
I'm in a state of mind which makes me blind — For the fact that I'm a man — I'm here to stay forever but not today

Judas Priest - Cold Blooded — Correlation: 50% (Lyrics)
I feel no pain or sympathy — It's just cold blood — That runs through me

Kamelot - Soul Society — Correlation: 50% (Lyrics)
My life is just a fragment of the universe and all — There must be more that I can see

Beautiful Sin - This Is Not The Original Dream — Correlation: 50% (Lyrics)
Spent all my life to wait for solutions — I seek out the sun, a ray of light to clear my way — I've found a guide through my own emotions — A field of light, my new horizon
All your life is just a disguise — All you gave, a thousand lies — I know hate's no clue — Don't want to stay where there's no answer

Angels of Liberty - Touch The Daemon — Correlation: 50% (Lyrics)
I’m sick of being human — I feel so alien.

— Correlation: 50% (Lyrics)
One and only reality — Fatal journey to infinity

System Syn - The Void — Correlation:45% (Lyrics)
Understand I have no soul — The concept is a manmade joke

Godsmack - I Stand Alone — Correlation: 45% (Lyrics)
I'll never rest until I can make my own way — I'm not afraid of fading — I stand alone

Arena - Burning Down — Correlation: 45% (Lyrics)
I need to purify if I am going to rise — Into a different place - into a different state

HammerFall - Natural High — Correlation: 45% (Lyrics)
Last night I had a vivid dream — I found a place where nothing's what it seemed — I'm bound to walk this earth alone — I am a hunter and the heir to the throne

Pretty Maids - Pandemonium - 4 One World One Truth
— Correlation: 45% (Lyrics)
A hell bend rebel in a dead society — That boy is psycho driven wild — Hatred his weapon

Theocracy - I AM
— Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
I am the songwriter who seems to write your life in every line — I am the simple truths that shaped your world from your birth

Helloween - I Want Out — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
I want out--to live my life alone — I want out--leave me be — I want out--to do things on my own — I want out--to live my life and to be free

Killswitch Engage - Hate By Design — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
Seek to find, — some understanding. — Redefine your life! — Consequence, effected — in a life that is rejected

Scorpions - Walking On The Edge
— Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
To the center of my soul — You better bring a light — To find the house of meanings

Scream Silence - New Flood — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
The overrunning raging feelings let me Frown — I close my eyes and feel the fright

Apoptygma Berzerk - Fade to Black — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
Things not what they used to be — Missing one inside of me
Emptiness is filling me — To the point of agony — Growing darkness taking dawn — I was me but now he's gone

Deathstars - Death Dies Hard — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
You’ve never seen anything like this before — You will never see a clockwork sunrise no more — I bring no shelter ‘cause I... — I will deny you — This world belongs to me

W.A.S.P. - Cries in the Night — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
I'm living to lose and dying to win

Amaranthe - Mechanical Illusion — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
I falter in a darkened dream — A winding path that's haunting me — It's black or white

Theocracy - I AM — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
I am the thunder and the glory and the blinding light — I am the still small voice that tells you what is wrong and what is right —
I am the sacrificial lamb a guilty world reviled

Wizard - Death Cannot Embrace Me — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
Once there was a fever inside me — It set the demon free — And turned me into dark eternity — I am, I am a creature of mankind

Wisdom - Secret Life — Correlation: 50% (Lyrics)
You say with evil irony this is just fantasy — What if you free your mind and try to see?

5849630 I'm not sure you grasp the purpose of a prompt.

You see, when someone posts a prompt, the intention of that prompt is that writers write a story about it. If that were not to happen, the meaning of the prompt would be mute.

We all know that things happen for a reason. They have a cause. The existence of the prompt is prompted by future stories that the prompt will prompt.

If you remove the consequence of the prompt, the meaning of the prompt also gets removed for the consequence is the meaning of it.

With a purposeless prompt, existing in this universe, it's anyone guess what could happen. The lack of cause could cascade, imploding the entire world. Or maybe there would be an explosion. I'm not entirely sure...

5851529 You're probably right. :fluttershyouch: Maybe the Universe would still exist even if I hadn't written this story...

To be honest with you, I had no intention to participate in the Rage Reviews contest. I just wanted to read the rules and post the contest on my user page, like I do with all the contests on this site.

Then my brain turned against me. The whole story weaved itself in my head. It was burdening me. What was even worse, the contest was also taunting me. Only the good authors can take a bad idea and make a decent story out of it.

In my subconsciousness, the doubt started to rise up. Am I a chicken? Do I, deep inside, know that I'm a bad author, not capable of executing bad ideas? Is avoiding this contest just a sand in my own eyes, preventing me from seeing the truth?

If I wouldn't try it, I'd never know. It's not okay not to know. Ignorance is not okay. Self-deception is bad!

It was tearing me apart. I had to delve deeper. I had to know. :fluttershbad:

No he was doing it for the steam game. Or getting one of his stories PROFESSIONALLY reviewed. OR getting free artwork!

Yes; this is as bad as it sounds. The prompt was ‘Your self-insert takes over Equestria’. What else was I supposed to do?

I'll just go ahead and leave a quote from the contest thread.

"Why are we doing this again?"
"Because 'There is no such thing as a bad idea. Only bad execution.'"

Alsvid #6 · Jun 6th, 2015 · · 2 ·

At least it isn't another Goddamned Fic about Goddamned Ponies Kissing Each Other On The Goddamned Lips, and for that, I gave it an Upswag.

Seriously, ponyshipping garbage gets 900 likes, and interesting, semi-original things like these get nothing. Get your shit together, FiMFiction.net. It is all over the God Damned Place.

Wow this is a short but decent ok story i give it a 7/10

What did you learn from your failure?

6885971 I'm just not good enough. The instinct driven ape still resides within me and there's no way to kill it. I've been corrupted since birth and there is no cure. There's a set limit to my advancement and all I can do now is just let myself be.

How'd you do the scrambly thingy in the title?


o͚͔̼̠ͨ̈́ͣh̙̗͈̤͚̣̘̅ͮ͂.̠̬͟ ͆̇ͪ̇̈́͆͌T́h͈͈̥ͨa̯̩͌ͪ̿̄͗͘n͉͚̟̭̼̙̿̄̈͂͟ͅk̫̟̰͔̼̹͖̈́͜s͚͎̜̫͗̿͗͋̆̽́!̣͉̘̫̯̰ͥ̏͐

Ḥ͕̖̺̮̖͆̈́͛̇̊͗ͬ̽͝e̡̙̾ͤ́ͤl̲̭̜͙̩͓̬̫̞̏ͧ͐̈ͣ̒ͨ̀̚̕l̸̵̟̯̮̭̔̌̇ͯ͊͐ͭ͢o͔̮͉̳̓̇̇̅͌̍̐̎̀͠ ̰̺͓̰͔̙̬ͭͯ̓̎̃̀f̢̂̈ͪ̂̊҉͉̫̺̟̭̰͍r̻̰̪͙͈̗̹̊̾̑̓ͯ̿ͧͫ̓ȋ̳̹̖̼͛ͪ̌e͓̠̱͆̔̈̍ͣͨ̄̀͝n̢̺͕̯̱̪͚͈ͨ̆͜d͈͖͚͂̈̽

6999418 7000576 I see the insanity is on the rise.


I Doubt the elements would work on you to be honest but w/e

7059814 There doesn't seem to be any limits to what Elements can do in the show. They trapped the Spirit of Chaos for a millennium and he'd take a spear to the stomach better than I did.


The reasons I say thisis because a human is neither good nor evil we simply have the choice to be one or the other.

Discord is chaos in it's entirety and thus the elements may work on a line of detection of this type of energy or that type of energy.

Discord or chaos represents change and a difference from the norm and thus acts as a force of negatively charged energy just as Nightmare Moon was, however a human can be the same way but as a choice and feeling towards something.

This line of thinking puts a human more towards the lines of NMM but not as corrupted as she was towards the point of her banishment.

Luna remains the same even after being purged of the corruption and the same could be said of a human, but our nature makes us willful and resolute in that we only change when we give up and accept it or we want to actually change.

Its why I don't understand displaced fics always encasing them in stone because they get hit by the elements.

Would make us actually crazy enough to be the dastardly villain the elements don't want.

7060287 We seem to have a little different head-canons, it seems.

I, for one, think the elements can be abused. Nightmare Moon wasn't cleansed of her corruption at first. She was cast out to the Moon for a millennium, which was probably an even harsher fate than being turned to stone would be.

It's also safe to assume I've been corrupted by the literal shit I had fought my way through.


if the elements can be abused then that means in a sense that the mane six are little hitlers with them.......oh shit its fallout equestria all over again.

7257035 I removed this story from your mlp group. I had thought it was insane enough for the insanity folder. Sorry about that.

7257623 Nothing can scare me!


How dose one do that with there text:raritydespair::heart:

Its so bootyfull:heart::pinkiecrazy::heart:

I WANTS TO KNOW:raritydespair::heart::pinkiecrazy:


From the thumbnail and the description, I really thought this was going to be about Doug Rattman.

Read it anyway...

7705198 Doug Rattman:

A paranoid schizophrenic, he is dependent on anti-psychotic medication as a means of keeping him sane.

Clearly, it's not him. I don't take any anti-psychotic medication.

look man I'm going to be brutally honest here

I don't usually like to read any stories that don't prominently feature torture and foal rape :applecry: I'm a big fan of that ~

However I took a chance on your story...

Imagine my surprise and delight when I got to the unexpected torture and foal rape scenes! :rainbowwild:

Have a like and fave ok :pinkiehappy: not a lot of folks are willing to write gorey foalcon so I applaud your bravery :twilightsmile:

...Haha, whoops! Now I have to wipe down my keyboard :raritywink:


The Cringe Review

Well, that's a title for sure

This is a Twilight's Reviews review.

I must say, it's not that bad. Although part of it was a little disgusting for me, to be honest, but at least it isn't anything more than that. Maybe instead of taking the prompt a bit too literally, you could expand more on personality? Maybe you could give more character detail and not so many detailed descriptions about your insides. Also, when you were at the part where you were taking over Equestria, I expected something a little more than just the princesses trying to defeat you. It would've been a bit better if Celestia had commanded armies of ponies trying to stop you, and also, where was Cadence? If there's a threat to Equestria, I think all princesses need to be present. Plus, you need the self-insert tag in there, too.

8034342 Thank you for your review. 'The insides' were meant to be taken more as metaphors than their literal counterparts. My surroundings were my views of the pervasive societal norms and brainwashing. Yet, any other interpretation is also viable and welcome.

The princesses reacted in mere minutes. You can't really raise an army in that time or gather the cavalry from Crystal Empire. You take what you have and make the best of it.

And thanks for the Self-insert tag part. It didn't exist yet when this story was made. I've added it now.

8034512 You're welcome! It would've been smarter is Celestia were to call an army even if it may be disorganized, and Cadence could just fly over and help. I was just expecting Celestia to be more prepared since she is very wise.


Dear Celestia,
There's a weird creature here in Ponyvile. It seems pretty harmless, but it took Twilight's cutie mark. Perhaps, you should come and check it out. Maybe bring Luna, also, if she's already awake.

Very interesting... Very interesting...

How do you do the corrupted symbols?


When I came on the page it said if I wanted to translate Vietnamese to English :rainbowlaugh:

8192946 Now that's insanity. :rainbowwild:

An interesting take on the prompt. I'd have to say it was a great read.

I see no better way to take over "Equestria" than what was present. XD

I'm adding this to my Favorites~ :D

An interesting read, but unfortunately not something that fits my preferencies.

1. It's about escaping humanity (apehood) and society (intestine). It's about becoming more. Shedding one's skin and becoming something else.

2. Discord is practically God himself, yet he couldn't escape stoning.

9280260 I did embrace it. Still, you can't deny me of the opportunity to go out with a 'fuck' on my lips.

z̴̢̛͚̣͕͖̪̣͎͔̪̞͕͑̋̀̃́͜͠Ǎ̵̹̻͕̣͍̠̫͕̐ļ̸̩͎̯̟̝̹̼̆̐̿͜G̴͔͛̔̌̌̚o̴̻͎̱͌̈́̆̈́̉̑̆ͅ ̸̧̗̤̯͓͈͙̹̪̬̪̀̈́̆̐̊̽T̸̖̭̙͍̳̺̤̺͍̺͂̊̏́͆̎͑̊̕̚ͅę̷̡̢͓̝͔̗̘̼͓̝̥̱̺̐̽̈́X̸̢̨̠̦̼̰̯̱̠̘͖͑͗̇́̇̈́̍̃̽̊͗͘͝t̷̳̥̹̯͙͎̱͒̈́̓͜

11091022 This is the most meta story in my repertoire.

Comment posted by KingSombraTheTyrantRuler deleted Dec 21st, 2021
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