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"Hello... my name is Cody, and after a Show-and-Tell with the ACUs from Supreme Commander, i got telported to Equestria. Now i must survive without blowing up!"

FYI... this story is about the first Supreme and will evolve into the second one. I have not played Forged Alliance so it will not be here unless i buy it and play it before the story evolves.

yes i know the first chapter is awfull, it was a my first attempt at this writing thing, and i didn't feel like rewriting it.

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my one problem is that this

-----Ok I'm gonna skip this part because i'm lazy. Basically, I 'Tell' the other students about them, like whats its made of and what it can do----

After Answering all question, I entered the Cybran ACU and that's when things went wrong. When i got in, the screen was glitching out and on the screen, i saw that the Aeon ACU was glowing/shining. It flashed and all went black.

would give those that never heard of Cybran ACU (Like myself) some information about them. Also about three I's need to be capitalized

Faved purely because it's Supreme Commander.

Hello Commander. My name is QVA

Do you mean QAI, by any chance?

Ok , I clicked purely because it's Supreme Commander, but oh boy the writing. I'm giving it a pass since you seem pretty new at writing and there isn't glaring grammar mistakes. Aside from minuets (2x) who should be written as minutes.

Also, if you really like to play Forged Alliance, register your Supreme Commander game key, I assume you have the windows live CD game, into your Steam library, you'll receive FA for free.

The story was a mess, I had to do something,

I will give more info later, I already have an idea for how and when if it works

you see I have no idea what you mean by evolving into the second because I don't have any information about the first one

well, then if there is no command limit (how many units can be on the battlefield at once)
then just go mass air power, cause they kill everything and are very easy to make factories for, cause they go unrestricted in any direction and no need for spacing (unless you want shields that aren't building add-ons or power plants with the repair arm upgrade)

If you have the knowhow to build mechs and the resources to get hard to obtain (possibly military strength) alloys to build them with, it is highly unlikely that you wouldn't have skipped a bunch of grades and are already looking at applying to college. (You would also probably be under surveillance by either the military or the government for purchasing those materials.)

Ok ok, i know i left a lot of plot holes in this story, but the first part was my first attempt at writing a story, and I didn’t feel like rewriting it

Good point. FA is a pretty crucial part of the SupCom timeline.

Only Cybran ACUs can interface with QAI (I can't remember off the top of my head what the UEF and Aeon ones are called).

Well I got all three.
please dont ask how or why

The Seraphim will Not be apart of this story

Interesting choice, given that part of the war is a big part of the background for SupCom 2.

I know, all I really know about the Seraphim is that they were an alien race that sort of made the Aeon Illuminate, and made that space thingy from SupCom 2 that Commander Gauge commandeered which I forgot was it’s called, it was something beginning with A, correct me if other wise, it’s been a while.
But yeah anyway this is not a retailing of the games, it is just me being teleported by the Aeon ACU to an unknown world, things will not be accurate, for, their will be no commander Maddox, Coleman, Arnold,(?) Kael, or any one else, thats for me to decide. I also don’t know much of SupCom lore either

This story has inspired me to pull Supreme Commander out of storage and start playing it again.

Yeah, I mean I completed SupCom 2 on my older 360
Also later, I will play them again

When I play, I usually build my defenses up before I begin to make too many units.

same, but I'm saying for when a battle is to come the best answer is air power as the unrivaled mastery of the air results in wins, the only reasons I don't do that in the games is because it's better (to me at least) to go artillery (and if UEF going the Noah cannon from the second game) and go nuclear weapons (and nuclear defense at least one right next to where your commander is going to spend most of the time at) and the unit cap, in forged alliance I love upgrading the UEF commander with the back missiles and upgrading it again so its a nuclear missile

(*yes I understand you have not played the other two games I just listed a few interesting facts from them*)

I played both SupCom 1 and 2. I have not played Forged Alliance
I usually for the first one, get things ready, with navel, land, and air, with some Experimental, if I'm lucky. The second one, I usually nearly the first thing i do is build the Nuclear Defence silo, next is building the Space Temple and the Loyalty Gun (I like playing as the Illuminant) . for units, I usually wait to until i can build th experimental units, i afterwards build other units to defend them

I have not played Forged Alliance

I don't mean to be rude, but... if you like Supreme Commander enough to write a story about it, then you should drop everything now and get a PC you can play Forged Alliance on. Twelve years on, it remains the best RTS, nothing else has come close, and you owe it to yourself to be playing it.

well, i like the Supreme Commander games, I like them a lot, I'll try to get Forged Alliance, but I'm still young enough that I don't have my own way to purchase anything online.

9678386 Maybe it would make a wonderful birthday present sometime :twilightsmile:

The word I should always be capitalized. Please respond to this comment.

Yes it should be
I type on computer and it doesn’t automatically capitalizes things

and while your at it get the forged alliances forever it is the current means to play online multiplayer still after the main servers where closed

just to let you know, you are missing out on the forged alliance stuff. soo many amazing gameplay QoL changes. i would recommend trying to get it soon.

also, another game to recommend, is Zero-K. it's free, and of a similar vein of gameplay as SupCom, it's actually based closer to the source SupCom is built from.

A little update, that game is good, but my computer does not like it at all:flutterrage:

Good luck with that. Then. Maybe some setting or troubleshooting might help.

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