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Forget not that I am a derp.


Sugar Moonlight isn't just a pretty muzzle. She was the lead designer for the Canterlogic Impermeable Psychobarricade Skullcap™ (or "anti-mind-reading helmet" to everypony but the marketing team.)

You would think that Sunny Starscout would want nothing to do with her after restoring magic and reuniting the tribes, especially for some important mission out in the middle of nowhere. But even Sugar's never been able to figure out Sunny, and she's been trying for most of her life.

An entry in Shrink Laureate's G5 Bingo Contest and Bicyclette's Sci-Fi Contest. Tied for third place in the former and winner of the Ivory Cedar Committee Award for G5 Is Cool I Guess in the latter. Bingo prompt deliberately omitted from this description to avoid spoilers.

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Huh. When they say that G5 takes place in the same universe as G4, there's a lot more wiggle room in that statement than one might realise. :twilightoops:


Feels very Star Trek. I could see Zipp flying high enough to touch the sky in this situation. ST:ToS fans will get that.

Also, small typo:

“Yes." After a bear, Sugar added, "Really.”

Tho picturing Sugar pausing to allow a random bear to pass thru gave me a chuckle. :rainbowlaugh:

Great work tho! Is love to see this idea expanded on!

People were already writing those fics about G4, you know.

True. But G4 never claimed to be a direct continuation of the earlier generations, as far as I know. And I don't think many people were concerned that G4 wasn't maintaining continuity with its predecessors, either.

Okay, whose ass do I have to kiss and how much do I have to pay them to let you write the lore for G5?

I was more referring to Equestria as we know it being a space colony that forgot that it was one, which I recall as the premise of two completely separate fics, a background detail of two more, and brought up as a possibility for a fifth.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually read this story yet, so if this wasn't the reveal then oops.

You totally need to turn this into the multi-chaptered fic it deserves to be :D

Excellent work, as always.

Minor error, though: you have a line using Sunny's name when I'm pretty sure the action should be attributed to Sugar:

Sunny arched an eyebrow.

That was a great story! Has been a while without noteworthy G5 fics, thanks for the read :)

"Right. And some of the primary sources suggest..." Sunny paused to take in the carving for a moment. "Well, more to the world than what we've seen."

You brilliant sneaky author, you! I see what you did there.

Also, awesome. :rainbowkiss:

Dat ending :rainbowlaugh:

"More sapient creatures, pony and otherwise, that there's just no sign of in the modern era. I can't tell if they went extinct without magic, if we've just lost contact with them in our isolation, if they're deliberately hiding themselves until we get our acts together..."

That's what I thought like what happened to the other creatures

"You're seriously suggesting that I'm... what, the last scion of some forgotten empire? Am I getting a horn and wings too?"

That is also not a good theory about this Pony why she so sparkly maybe one of the crystal ponies ancestors fell in love with an earth pony but I don't know it's a lot of theories to go by

Who was doing the repairs for 200 years if nopony remembers anything.

That's an interesting take on G5's setting. Neat.

Ah, nice, you alluded to this. I love this sort of thing, as you know. Sugar Moonlight is a nice foil to Sunny, and given her heritage and personality, likely a descendant of Sugarcoat. Neat.

"Don’t you think that having no information on unicorns says something about a project to defend against them?”

See, that's what I kept thinking about that whole shebang--why where they going to such efforts to protect against the other tribes like they could attack at literally any moment, when it was quite plain none of the tribes had made any real contact with each other in more than at least one generation? Especially as we eventually learn that both the pegasi and unicorns really preferred to just stay away than try and attack themselves. It seemed wasteful to put so much time, energy, and resources into preparing for an attack that would never come and they had no real evidence would ever come, really.

Personally, I think Phyllis was just exploiting and playing up the paranoia as an excuse to hock her otherwise mostly worthless products for every bit she could. Flim and Flam would've been proud. :trollestia:

Anyway, as for the real point of the story...well, it's certainly inventive, gotta give it that. :raritystarry: Not sure if the payoff's all quite there for me, but then again, despite me being a long time sci-fi buff who's normally thrilled by prospects like this, I think I'm actually interested in hearing more about the Sugar being a crystal pony and not even knowing it angle. :rainbowlaugh:

(I guess that and the fact I know there are plenty of indications in the movie alone to suggest the G5 is really an in-flight generational ship isn't actually the case and that there are indeed lots of G4 relics hidden all throughout to suggest it is indeed the same planet, but I hate admitting that because it wrecks what's otherwise a very cool idea that I don't want to knock at all :derpytongue2:)

The Ark...
Valley Forge...


I imagine that if they were able to build a generation ship with enough technology to reach other stars, they would have built their systems with no small amount of autonomous reliability and perhaps self-repair. Hell, probably some form of magical maintenance

well today was the day that I went on a Wikipedia adventure learning about the film Silent Running which I may have heard of before but never really knew anything about

Well that was a cool story. Hopefully it has a better ending than Halo 1 i.e. no flood lol. I would reference other Halos but I've only played the first one. Although I do have an Xbox 360 someone gave me I really should find some chords for it and see if it works I hear the new Halos pretty good too

I was drawn in by the incredible characterization of a yet unknown character, continued to be sucked in by the fascinating backstory and dynamic with Sunny, and left very wowed and curious by the ending and implied concepts. Would really love to see the idea continued, if you feel so inclined.

Polish guy here, it was actually an encyclopedia. Also, the phrase "koń jaki jest, każdy widzi" is still used when describing something obvious.

This makes too much sense.

11090141 11090153 11090236 11091000
Glad to know this seems workable. :twilightsmile:


Tho picturing Sugar pausing to allow a random bear to pass thru gave me a chuckle. :rainbowlaugh:

With Hitch, you can never be sure...

11090183 11090260
In all fairness, I probably owe Starscribe some credit for borrowing one of his primary plot lines. (The other being "TF/TG isekai." And the two are by no means mutually exclusive.)

Yeah, this is definitely one of those ideas with a lot more untapped potential. No guarantee I'll actually tap any of it, sadly. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the catch. Both main characters having five-letter names that start with "Su" was a bit of a headache.

Basically what 11090851 said. The system has redundancies on top of redundancies, plus a meditating alicorn overseeing the whole operation and diverting any major debris that could cause the sort of cascade failure no amount of automation can cope with.

I hadn't considered it, but Sugar Moonlight being a descendant of Sugarcoat does make sense.

If anyone asks, one of Sunny's ancestors raided a museum full of Old Equestrian books and artifacts. Argyle never admitted where all his materials came from.

But yeah, most of my G5 stories are desperate attempts to spare some part of Equestria from this disenchanted dark age, to varying degrees of plausibility.

As for Phyllis's business tactics, I blame the shareholders. If she doesn't have something to show off every year, how can they tell she's doing any work?

No Niven Rings or sapience-consuming horrors here. Not in this corner of the galaxy, anyway.

Fleshing out a character who did nothing more notable than strut down a catwalk was certainly an interesting challenge. Still, my first story on the site featured Derpy when all we had to go on was Season 1, so it wasn't new territory for me. Pairing Sunny with a pony who has little interest in friendship or history certainly led to an interesting dynamic for the both of them while crafting the story. Glad to hear that worked as well as I'd hoped!

Generation Ships don't need to be because of an apocalypse, might just be a colonization mission...

Probably everyone else is fine back on Planet 1?


Shippy a bit. Still haven't watched the movie, shrugs.

I was actually thinking of the various landmarks that were passed along the journey, but a topic for another day. :twilightsmile:

Personally I think calling it a "disenchanted dark age" is a bit of an exaggeration, because, sure, the pony tribes divided, but it's not like that's the first time it's happened according to G4 so it makes sense it'd also not be the last given enough time, and it's not like any of the three tribes were really that bad off despite being divided regardless. They all seemed economically, politically, and even socially stable, and all three had shown signs of having advanced in various (though not equal) ways in the time since G4, and managed to free themselves of other certain pesky problems G4 couldn't ever seem to be truly rid of (the windigoes being a particularly excellent example). I mean, sure, I don't want the tribes divided and think they're better off united again too so I'm glad they're making the effort to do so, but...honestly, I think fans sometimes overreact about how "bad" a thing it supposedly was. :derpytongue2:

Honestly, all the evidence suggests that Twilight's era of friendship quite likely lasted for a fairly long time, as Zipp's airship hangout suggests the "great divide" happened comparatively recently.


A much better theory than mine of Sugar Moonlight just being vanilla-cherry sprinkled with cinnamon.

Hah! That's certainly one way to explain how G4 and G5's setting exist in the same world. They don't!

Douglas Trumbull's directorial debut, before he decided just doing the special effects was enough...

Here's to one of the very first background pony fics for gen 5 :)

Isnt this comments section quite the collection of secondary authors?

I love how at the end the grand worldshaking plot twist is treated as little more than a joke. I would've spent at least a thousand more words ruminating and waxing on that. You turned it into a gripe. Stupid backwater asteroid planets. Its little wonder a dozen get blown up every day when they randomly fly off track and ricochet into suns.

Sugar Moonlight... that's a... Sweet name for her ;)

Neat lil' bit of worldbuilding. Could easily build up into a sci-fi epic, but works well with a lot of unneeded questions being left unanswered. The focus was on the interplay of the erstwhile acquaintances, and did a fine job building off the movie and presumed history.

Author Interviewer


thanks, I hate it :')

I really likedthis. We need more Sugar Moonlight.

I chuckled at the chapter title.

Sugar blew her candy cane-colored bangs out of her eyes and made a point of looking around as much as she could bear. “Yeah. Great. I always wanted to be stranded with only some untested pegasus device to get us back to civilization.” She jabbed a pale hoof at the gasbag-basket monstrosity they’d ridden to get this far, held in place only by a sandbag tied to a rope Sunny had tossed overboard as they'd landed.

Ah, Pegasus magic in it then... welcome to the new rules of physics Missus Engineer... don't worry, if you are any good you can adapt.

Oh... and avoid any weirdo Earth Ponies if you value your view of the universe as a sensible place... no NOT Sunny, she isn't the right sort of weird. Just stay away from any Earth Pony you can imagine wearing a lampshade while NOT drunk.

"What's so... They're creepy and cast creepy spells and live in creepy..." Sugar realized she had no idea where unicorns lived, and for once, that almost seemed like a bad thing. "Creepy unicorn places!"

Hah! She accidentally isn't utterly wrong about all of that. Their anti-jinx rituals could reasonable be considered creepy, and Bridlewood has enough shade and warning signs to be creepy. As for the spells... give it a few decades after the return of magic, at most, and SOME spells will qualify. Mind control at the least, should be rediscovered by then, and maybe even hatred/fear based magic like Sombra (and Celestia and Twilight) cast.

“Um, Sunny Starscout?" A hesitant hoofbump later, she added, "Smoothie Barn… fulfillment… services?”

Well, she knows how to do the requisite sort of lying to write a resume... (MAJOR pet peeve of mine, and part of the reason for my long-term unemployment).

I might or might not edit in further comments as I read.

A great start to a story, unfortunately it ends before it's really allowed to go anywhere.

“It’s in an odd position in the historical record. The island doesn’t show up on any modern charts, but you find folkloric references to it a few generations ago. The further back you go, the more concrete the references become.”

always do love to see history being done in fics

“I mean, based on some of Dad’s notes about this ‘Sunset Shimmer’ pony…"

to mimic a long-ago comment, well, that's an intriguing cutoff...

Sugar took a few steps back from the crazy filly. "It's just a game," she said. "Though everypony knows if a unicorn really jabs you with their horn, you become a unicorn."

aww, what a fun little racism

"What's so... They're creepy and cast creepy spells and live in creepy..." Sugar realized she had no idea where unicorns lived, and for once, that almost seemed like a bad thing. "Creepy unicorn places!"

very cute!

Did you know that the horizon's shorter than what the historical record suggests it should—

well, that's an intriguing cutoff...

None of us have seen a trade ship either, but we still maintain the docks.

now that just raises further questions!

"For the record, we should be able to approximate unicorn capabilities with theoretical models. Thank you for your time, Ms. Starscout."

oof, a bit of hubris there!

"You're seriously suggesting that I'm... what, the last scion of some forgotten empire? Am I getting a horn and wings too?"

ooh, like this bit of background pony biography! really does make a lot of sense, and a lot of intriguing possibilities here

The long muzzle was almost inequine, and the eyes were blank, empty things.

haha, nice inversion of Celestia and the other tall-model horses being the only ones with actually horse-like muzzles!

and everything turning out to be a generation ship is a fantastic concept to tie together the very strange incongruousness of the G5 setting, with its absurdly small population sizes and nonsensical technological development. i know that the use of Flurry Heart was due to the prompt, but as a choice it really ties together the themes of this story, with Flurry Heart carrying out the plans of the generation before her, giving the feel of the passing of a torch. not to mention the great payoff to the line about the shrunken horizon, and just being an intriguing concept that raises all sorts of questions about what happened in the time between the series, in general!

the flashbacks to Sugar and Sunny's interactions pre-movie were also great for establishing your version of Sugar's character and the two mares' history, individually being fun scenes that extend what we saw in canon. a thoroughly enjoyable story, thank you for it!

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