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Bad Dragon

I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to vent them out!


I’m Zipp Storm and I’ve always admired Wonderbolts; for their flying, of course. Not sure what’s up with their uniforms. Why anypony would willingly cocoon themselves is beyond me. I prefer to keep my naked freedom, thank you very much.

I'll never wear tight clothes for as long as I live!

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I love the chemistry you gave these two.

11346299 I had good characters to work with. The ingredients were there, all I had to do was put them together.

Hm. I’ve never seen rubber/latex called fabric before, but I suppose it isn’t wrong, just a little unusual. That said, Zipp’s reaction sounds very accurate to someone who doesn’t like the stuff. You definitely need an affinity (or at least a non-dislike) to last any more than a few minutes in it.

Good stuff. Almost expected there to be more, even, but it stands on its own as well.

11346321 It's a reference to the scene:

where Sweetie Belle says, 'dumb fabric'. Or was it 'stupid fabric'?

Zipp is kind of in the same situation, being attacked by fabric, and has a similar reaction.

I’m messed up and I’m sorry.”

Er, not sure if that first "I'm" was supposed to just be 'I,' but given the situation I think both kinda work… :twilightoops:

Good stuff. Definitely see Zipp being opposed to full-body clothing (though there was a story here about aerodynamic sock choice that I thought was amusing).
Congrats on the feature! :twilightsmile:

Get that knife you were looking at earlier and start frantically running at Sunny. I think someone trying to murder her would get her "excited"

In an instant, her non-existent wings erect into existence, along with her horn.

Something tells me that wording was very intentional.

11346546 I can't believe that grammatical mistake evaded me through so many re-reads. It's probably because it makes sense in a way that it wasn't jarring enough to erect my suspicion.

I haven't come across the sock story. Feel free to post it here if you stumble on it again.

Easy-going stories seem to be the magic bullet on this site. On the other claw, if you write a story about the meaning of life, you're sure to erect the interest of 0 readers.

11346576 I guess that would work too, but it would require Zipp to move a lot. With every step, she would be reminded that she's encased in an opposing rubber barrier. It would be torture for her, and her claustrophobia in the making would only erect to the surface more.

11346590 It's just an innocent little word.

...Erect this barn, erect this barn 1, 2, 3, 4

Together we can erect this barn 1, 2, 3, 4...

I figured you meant just the 'I,' but like I said, both uses technically work in the situation, so I could understand it slipping past you.

On the other note, I hate posting links to other people's stories in an author's story's comment section without getting permission first, so with that given, I do believe it was this one (still don't want to embed— I personally think it's a bit tacky, but that's just me).

And yeah, Slice of Life stories seem to be on the rise lately. I'm personally a fan, so I don't mind in the slightest.

11346850 Either way, thanks to you it's fixed now.

Thanks for linking that story. I haven't come across it before, but it does seem to draw on some parallel ideas as my own. Will give it a read.

Personally, I like profound, mind-shattering brain-openers. Slice of life usually doesn't have much of those. Hopefully, I brought the best of both worlds with this one.

dumb fabric

Interesting choice of ship, looking forward to reading for the contest!

11348736 You're in the contest too, right?

I'm the world champ, you know? I bet you can't beat me, *squee, *squee, *squee

I'm running the contest 😂

11348927 Oh, I better play nice then.

I've seen the submitted stories. I'm going against some strong contenders. Your contest is everything a contest should be like. Great rules, great participation.

So I finally read it and it was well written, but it left a few questions that are obvious.
Like wtf is a level 2 alicorn.
How did she hold her pee when she was about to burst just to kiss?
What about getting the suit off?
These should have been addressed.
But I liked it, regardless.


Like wtf is a level 2 alicorn.

The show did it and didn't address it. Suny only had a virtual horn and wings. But in the latest shorts, she's a real Alicorn.

And there's nopony to teach Suny about the ways of magic. Everypony is just trying to figure it out for themselves.

And I did kind of address it with:

You respond, “I didn’t know you could become a level 2 Alicorn.”


How did she hold her pee when she was about to burst just to kiss?

Who says she did? :trollestia:

The thing is, Zipp more or less just wanted to change the subject because Sunny wanted to talk about the kiss, so she made a scene to avoid it.

What about getting the suit off?

There are two options:
a) Either Zipp breaks all moral limits to make Sunny level 2 Alicorn again.
b) Zipp wears the furtight bodysuit forever.

Pick your poison.

Thanks for the review. I sometimes edit stories for a year or even more, but I had to finish this one in a month. I was a bit weary that the story might not be polished enough. I'm glad to hear you found it well written despite all that.

11359774 Things escalated a bit, didn't they?

"¡You are too tight!" is what I tell my marefriend; to which she always responds, "¡You are too big!"

11368719 It's a good thing that it stretches.


To quote Teal'c and Tuvok, "Indeed.":

Almost sounds like a lewd dirty comedy, but Im still intrigued. That edited pictur with her in a WB uniform is seamless.

11406093 It does, doesn't it? Well, I went to great lengths to keep it Everyone rated.

I like Zipp's expression in the picture. It's not one of happiness.

Really good.

I wonder if sprout will pop up at all later

“I’ve never worn any clothes in my life and I swore that I never will. But these wrappings aren’t just cumbersome clothes, they’re rape incarnate!”

I could ask, what the buck is wrong with someone who puts an "E" rating on this story.

11460356 What's the problem? It's just a story about Zipp wearing clothes.

You wear clothes every day and I don't go to your profile calling you lewd because of that. In fact, I'd probably find you lewder if you weren't wearing any clothes.

With that, all E stories that feature nacked ponies should get at least an M rating before this story should get T rating.

I will admit that both Zipp and Sunny are nacked at the start of this story. But very soon Zipp wears clothes, making this story 50% less lewd.

And sure, Zipp has a special way with words, but they're just Zipp's over-exaggeration of the innocent situation.

Aw, you'll get the hang of this uniform way quicker than you think, Zipp. And soon enough, you're actually going to like it.

Good story, mate.

11477016 It's not like Zipp has a choice in the matter, anyway.

I'm glad you liked the story.

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