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Bad Dragon

I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to vent them out!


Ponies do not serve Princesses. It is the Princesses who have to serve the populace. It is their job. It is the law!

Luna’s reservations and lack of consent is not relevant. She must perform her duty because the law must be obeyed. Refusing to please ponies with her mouth would be a criminal act punishable by another banishment to the moon.

This story is written for children between the ages of 5 and 10 who struggle with public speaking.

This story penetrated and entered Imposing Sovereigns IV, using the prompt Unorthodoxy.

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That picture makes me want her to swallow

11747303 Headcanons are not forbidden by law. So, feel free to accept the headcanon of Luna swallowing at the end of the story.

... In hindsight, I suppose I should have expected something like this when I made that catch-all category. Thank you for the entry, best of luck in the judging, and try not to trip on any of the multiple entendres on your way out. Oh, and don't forget to mark it as an entry in the long description!

(Note: Fully aware the story is not yet complete on Fimfic; I followed the GDoc link.)

11747346 I was actually trying to enter it as Persistence, but ended up deciding on Unorthodoxy instead.

I will publish the next chapter tomorrow.

This is the most outrageous run on of intentional puns I've ever seen. I love as much as Luna soon shall.

11747388 I'm glad you like it. And I'm sure Luna will learn to like it eventually as well. She has no choice, after all, it's the law!

The title and the full context if this weren't E-rated... :rainbowlaugh:

11747620 This is exactly why this story is aimed for 5-year-olds; grownups have already been corrupted and see lewd things in even the most innocent of things.

That explains a lot to be sure. Now commences the pleasing sequel, in which they are thrust into an orgy of voracious lip usage to be fulfilled in the duties they are meant for to be used for and they full well know and enjoy it as it happens.

11748565 Feel free to write the sequel. I'd read it.

A wonderful misunderstanding.

11749955 Even in the end, Celestia still misunderstands it. However, Luna doesn't have the heart to tell Celestia that it was just a prank that Celestia turned into law for a thousand years.

Nice Double Entendre.

“I shall do no such thing. I will do anything for my little ponies, ¡but I shall not do that!”:

MeatLoaf had conspiratory thinking. He got in into his head that masks and vaccines are a conspiracy. For somepony his age, the casefatalityrate from the 'Rona for Δ was roughly ⅙th. He played Russian Roulette with the 'Rona and lost.

11752345 Ambiguity is the name of the game.

11752180 What you resist, persists.

11752362 Yay, you got the reference!

I didn't know about Meat Loaf's Rona demise. That's sad. He's one of the inspirations for my exploration of the dark side. I guess his death was darkness manifest.


One needs to be skeptical:

Skeptics do not accepting claims without evidence, but when sufficient evidence exists, accept claims. Believers accept claims without evidence. Deniers reject well-supported claims despite evidence. Some deniers call themselves skeptics because they do not want people to know that they are deniers:


"I am an HolocaustSkeptic."

True Skeptic:

"The Holocaust is so well-supported that the true HolocaustSkeptics accepted the claim back in 1945. You are not an HolocaustSkeptic, but an HolocaustDenier."

If only we would have a group on FiMFiction devoted to Skepticism.

MeatLoaf was a VaccineDenier and a MaskDenier. He was a ConspiracyTheoryBelieve. If only he would have been a skeptic instead.

11752411 Rona is good in that regard that the deniers mostly suffer themselves. Oftentimes, ignorance results in innocent victims of others, but Rona mostly targets non-skeptics.

You may deny reality, but reality won't deny you.

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