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I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to vent them out!


Sunset Shimmer and her friends defeated the evil, memory-wiping villain Wallflower Blush. Reformation, however, takes time.

Sunset Shimmer agrees to teach her discipline with the patented fighting style.

This story participated in Sunset vs. Villain competition.

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Funny, in rather twisted kinda way. I hope one way or another things end up well for Wallflower -- i mean who wouldn´t run around nakers and wipe everyone's memory if they could? It's a totally forgivable crime...

break in the gym
break into the gym, i suppose?

11728908 We'll see how things turn out in the next chapters.

Fixed the mistake. Thank you for pointing it out to me.

Sunset Shimmer agrees to teach Willflower discipline with a patented fighting style.

I’m disappointed that there isn’t a violence tag, then.

11730019 What she calls a fighting style isn't really a fighting style, but it does involve a lot of skin contact and violation of one's freedom. It's a different kind of violence is what I'm saying. The violence tag would be misleading.

I want to see the new master of tauntate™ square off against Sexy Commando Gaiden style...

I have yet to decide if this is a parody tale or just a comedy played somewhat straight.

I'll get back to you on that.

11732622 It's a parody. In EG, every other girl wears pantyhose because they're easier to animate. It's never explained in canon, though. This fic gives a parody explanation for why EG wear tight clothes most of the time.

This is more than comedian gold... this is absolutely hilarious :rainbowlaugh:👍
Sunset Shimmer logic is mind blowing 👏:rainbowlaugh:
I think I get a cramped stomach from the laughing fits I had here...
Glorious :rainbowlaugh:🙏:rainbowkiss:

weezing laughing intensity is rising

Ok... laying dead from all the laughter over here...
Please continue :rainbowkiss:👍

Not so clever girl... She should have waited until her bladder was empty and the Panty hose grip was released.
For all she know... she signed a contract to wear panty hoses like this all year long, ever day at least for 8 hours straight... or something like that.

Hm... I think last chapters comment was worse than this?
She should have signed with a fake name.

Hole ly shiiitttteee...
I think murdering Flim and Flam is valid self defense by this time.
Killing Sunset Shimmer would probably be necessary for mental health reasons alone :rainbowlaugh:

Sunset Shimmer in the first chapter:

This story bearly started and it already over?

Time to burn the world...

Sunset Shimmer trying to stop Wallflower to burn the world, perhaps the universe and Sunset Shimmer (Skeletor) and Twilight Sparkle (He-Man) have a argument:

Wallflower be something alongside:

Only the Pantyhoses ever defeated her and she is unbeatable now...

Wallflower after being freed from the Pantyhoses after having disposed of
Flim & Flam:

Thank you for your comments. After publishing a story, I'm always worried that nopony would see the things I see in the story. I'm happy that you saw the things I wanted to portray.

I'm especially happy to see that my humor hit its mark. Sometimes I feel as if I'm the only person who gets a chuckle from my own comedy.

11782650 Wallflower still wants to erase memories, mostly her own because they're too traumatic. That means she's still evil and hasn't been reformed yet. However, as time progresses, more trauma accumulates and her wish to erase everything only increases, which means she is becoming even more evil. And evil should be punished, and that's exactly what she's getting. All is right with the world.

There was an alternative ending where Walflower successfully erased her own memory. But then she finds herself in this situation without even knowing how it all happened, making it even more traumatic. She is then stuck eternally erasing her own memories. Very cathartic, if you ask me.

But hey, at least she'll have a million dollars on her deathbed because she signed the contract. That's something, I guess.

11782655 You have so many ideas, that you should write a sequel.

Next time that girl gets a chance to get her revenge:

Happy near year to come everyone.

11786607 It's like the villain's redemption arch, just the exact opposite.

I do not know how, but I missed this story.

You really are into fur-tight bodysuits.

> “Science also shows that compression increases physical performance and recovery. It stands to reason that we can enhance our skills that way.”

It also prevents varicose veins and venous ulcers.

It sounds like WallFlower is in danger of HyperThermia.

¡EveryHuman in Canterlot High School is a PlotHole!

¡This will end in tears!

I am certain that she will make the perverts on the Internet very happy.

This raises questions of memory and culpability.

11782632 Sunset Shimmer is the one who tried to conquer Equestria with a dozen mind-controlled students. My headcanon is that when she first jumped into the magical mirror, she landed on her head and damaged her brain.


It also prevents varicose veins and venous ulcers.

That's what my other story is about. I have to remember to publish it someday.

11819835 The nights get cold in schools. Not for WallFlower, though. She's hot.

11782640 At least you'll be able to stand back up, unlike Wall Flower

11819843 Wall Flower wished she had a plot hole, so she wouldn't sweat so much in that area.

11782643 Wall Flower is sleep-deprived, hyperthermic and desperate. Rationale is not her strong suit at this moment.

11819846 What are you talking about? My stories always end in tears!

11782646 She should have signed as 'Sunset Shimmer'.

11819848 And Flim Flam brothers will be happy as well. In a sense, everyone will be happy except for Wall Flower.

11819874 You mean like, is it really rape if the girl was too drunk to remember anything?


Yes, it is rape. It is wrong to take advantage of impaired people. This brings up an interesting point:

Although it is wrong to take advantage of impaired people, bad people go it anyway. Impairing oneself is a stupid idea. The teetotaler Adam Ant understands this:

11819930 You're right. Still, the suffering comes from the memories, not the act itself.

11822551 It's a series of events that one would prefer to fade out of memory.

Too bad she doesn't have the means to achieve that anymore.

With that, they'll keep haunting her, scarring her mind every day.

But at least the contract is temporary. Just 1000 months left to go.

I doubt with the mount of stress she has that she didn't get there, a challange with a perfectly healthy lifestyle anyway.

11822580 Many people struggle with varicose veins in their old age, so I can see your concerns, however, with so many layers of pantyhose, Wallflower Blush is immune to varicose veins. At least in that regard, her healthy old age is guaranteed.

Funny, I had not considered it. But a heart attack from the stress or the toxic comments sure are a way of her to go out...

11822652 Yeah, I could see the stress getting to her within seconds.

Good thing she has the relic with which she can wipe the negative comments from her memory and weather through the stress.

Oh, wait, she doesn't have that anymore...

Well she most certainly will be building up all sort of stuff, wonder if muscle development will be coming from her daily struggles.
Though that girl can make the siblings regret their deal by changing her apartment constantly, needing the siblings to hire someone or waste their own time re-installing equipment etc.

11822665 I think the most buildup in Wallflower will be in the form of emotional damage.

As for your solution to her predicament, Flim-Flam have been around long enough to recognize loopholes. Their whole spiel is to discover loopholes in the system. Whatever you think of, it's already predicted and covered in the fine print.

But hey, Walflower is getting $1000 per month for doing absolutely nothing. That's something, right?

Some may even say that her financial independence is secured and her life is comfortable, but we all know that she's far from comfortable. She's probably the most uncomfortable person alive, mentally and physically.

Wonder what job she might ai for to increase her life standard.
I actually could see her doing stuff like Formal 1 rcer and other stuff, highly demanding on the body with protective gear, though her pantyhose might make up for the protective gear :rainbowlaugh:
Maybe Pantyhose Astronaut?
Or actually street fighter for price money ?
Damn... That be funny as it would be impressive.
The jokes about her getting a stronger opponent with growing pantyhose damage to free her movements might be hilarious as it is impressive.

11822686 You're a writing genious. All those ideas are awesome!

Please let me know if you decide to write any of them, I'd love to read a story like that.

I already write to many stories, I actually have 4 other stories I currently culled for some content from time to time, my Alicorn lore in the mass effect story is gorgeous example from a story I ripped apart, having it writen when I was bearly understandable.

But I probably will add it as a character in one or two of my stories later on, as a funny but seriously ment character.
Probably the one with Pinkie Pie on the cover.

11822711 Pantyhose Warrior is, indeed, a unique character that can spice up a story. I hope she serves you well.

What would you prefer her to be?
Abesinian, Minotaur female... heffer I think is the term? Maybe a Diamond Dog?
I already have a idea to implement a female character.

11822753 I think pantyhose are mostly associated with humans. I think the clothes also look the most sexy on humans.

Then again, I could be wrong.

I am going to introduce the character in one if my stories. Want me to tell you once it's out?
I also plan to make some advertisements for you in the Author's note.

11827159 That's awesome news! This character does, indeed, deserve more stories.

Please let me know when you publish the story/chapter with Pantyhose Warrior. I'd love to read it.

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