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Hi! My name is Bitty Bug. I like entomology and making friends. Nice to meet you!

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Sunset and Twilight's school schedules in Oddball · 12:32am Oct 8th, 2019

If anyone is interested, here are Sunset and Twilight's respective schedules in Oddball. The + indicates who they share the class with.
Sunset’s Schedule:

  • Homeroom - Ms. Harshwhinny
  • 1st period: History - Ms. Inkwell                                            +Rarity, Pinkie
  • 2nd period: Advanced English - Mrs. Cheerilee                     +Fluttershy
  • 3rd period: Study Hall in Library - Mrs. Cheerliee
  • Lunch

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History DagiTwin ?

here is a cutesy Wally, I hope she brightens your day \o/

do you ever plan on doing the follow ups for "it takes a while" that you mentioned in the last chapter of it?

So is 'It takes a while' finished or is there going to be more? I only ask because it's marked incomplete.

Hey, hope everything is going well, keep up the good work!

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