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After the Fall Formal, Sunset remains as proud and stubborn as she's always been. But unfortunately for her, the students at CHS aren't going to keep letting her walk all over them. Highjinks ensue, and Sunset finds she'll have to give friendship a try; whether she wants to or not.

Slow burn. Story will be set in three major arcs, then maybe a fourth to tie things up.

This is a re-telling of Sunset's adventure towards redemption. Major canon divergence. SciSet is endgame, with background WallTrix.

This story is inspired by "Long Road To Friendship" by The Albinocorn so there will certainly be some similarities, but I think you'll find that I take it in a different direction :twilightsmile:

Cover art by me!
Featured on 10/7/2019!!!

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 136 )

Off to a great start!! Can’t wait to see what’s in store :pinkiehappy:

I’m looking forward to this.

Also, don't worry- it won't look like it at first, but Sunset's going to become friends with the Rainbooms. Just not soon.

How long is "not soon"? Like, over a couple dozen chapters?

Love SciTwi/Sunset, and Wall Flower/ Trixie sounds great!

I see some potential here... Let's see how this plays out.

I’m loving this. I can’t wait for more :)

This is off to a good start. Lets see where this goes.


I’m not quite sure how long it will take, I want to focus first on Sunset sort of getting over herself and learning to accept help. This will probably be a pretty long fic, so it’ll take some time :derpyderp2:

what day of the week do you think this story will be most often updated on.

Pretty standard so far, but that's actually fairly encouraging. Things will likely pick up when the story diverges, and we get to see where it is going.

Rainbow really holds onto the hate.

Well, that was...grim. :pinkiesad2:

I'm a bit cautious of some of the ideas concerning Wallflower and Twilight's family and social life, respectfully. I've seen other stories go way overboard with similar ideas, and as long as the story doesn't go too far with them I'll be very interested to see where this goes.

As for Sunset, she's in a very dangerous position. Infection is obviously a big one, but with third-degree burns dehydration is potentially a killer. It's been three days since the night of the dance, and as far as I can tell she hasn't drunk a drop. Under normal circumstances, three days without water can leave you dangerously ill; with a burn like that, she's likely on the edge of death.

Ow ow ow and ew
Poor sunny :(

Jesus Christ, everything from Sunset trying to peel off her bloody clothes to what the injuries look like were hard to read without trying not to feel back pain myself!

P.S. I'm very curious on how much of a role Sci-Twi & Wallflower will have during Sunset's recovery/redemption.

Looking forward to how Twilight popping in so soon and WB being introduced so soon will shape the story.

Third degree burns don’t feel painful. Literal nerve death is present because a third degree burn means every part of the skin and the tissue beneath it has been burned. Also as was stated earlier she would likely be dead from dehydration at this point.



Heh, uhhh whoopsies... I didn’t suuuuuuper research the third degree burns part :twilightoops: :facehoof:

She’s definitely not in tip top shape, I’ll say.

The worst burns might not be painful, but she'd still be in a lot of pain. Any lesser burns surrounding the third-degree burns would still be very painful, and those cuts on her back would be causing her a reasonably unreasonably amount of pain.

As for the dehydration, the burn area is actually relatively small, so it's reasonable she might not be dead...yet. She would, however, be in serious, immediate danger at this point.

True the surrounding area would be agony but she would likely notice the numbness in the center of it. Also by the sound of it she has been unconscious for several days now. This is following burns and relatively hard labor. She should likely be dehydrated enough to the point where her first and only desire would be water.

You're probably right. She might not notice immediately, but if she inspects herself like she does here then she would notice any nerve damage.

And yeah, she'd be on or over the edge of life-threatening dehydration. That said, she might not immediately make the connection, given her more obvious and visceral injuries.

True. Depending on how well her mind is running she could be ignoring a lot of cues while focused on others.

So, first I have a question:

This story is inspired by "Long Road To Friendship" by The Albinocorn so there will certainly be some similarities

In that story Sunset is under supernatural compulsion. Is something like that going to happen in this story?

Second, I have a kind of random comment:

The bricklaying scene made me think of the one in my own post-Fall Formal story (Stumbling Toward Redemption, if anyone cares.) Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing probably depends on what you think of the quality of my writing.

Anyways, I probably won't be able to keep a super consistent update schedule but I'll try my best :twilightblush:

I actually envy your ability to update so regularly.

It feels like the only stuff I've written in forever is "I'm not dead yet, and I haven't abandoned this story either" comments in response to people who, quite reasonably, wonder if one or more of my stories have been abandoned.

I've written three publishable chapters in the past year, and not one of them was an update to an existing work. The way you worked through It takes a while is nothing short of amazing to me. (The fact that other authors do the same doesn't change that.)

This looks interesting. I vant more!


It is natural to annoyed with someone who hurt you a lot.


Considering that the HuMane Five are uneasy toward Sunset, Wallflower and Twilight might end up as her only friends... for a while.

Man, reading about those scars was pretty painful. Someone is going to have to help Sunset, but who would be willing to treat her wounds.

True, though I think I would be willing to call it square with my enemies if I was able to crater them without any reprisal for my actions.

Until she opens up, she'll just treat them herself

Yeah, but she doesn't seem to have the means, nor the skill to heal such a wound on her own.

Perhaps this is when Sunset will begin to open up: accepting help from someone who can treat her.

Yeah true, maybe with her luck, she might bump into Sci-Twi, who knows about the human body to treat her or Wallflower, who knows which plants & (green) herbs that may smooth the pain.


Wow wow wow!!! I really loved Stumbling Towards Redemtion, your writing is fantastic! If I’m remembering correctly, I believe your fic was where I was first introduced to the concept of the Elements of Harmony’s rainbow blast hurting Sunset, which is an idea that I absolutely adore.

To answer your question, there will not be a supernatural/magic part to Sunset’s redemption, but they will be similar in how Sunset keeps her general sour, take no shit attitude and that SciTwi / Sunset’s peers (Rainbooms, Wallflower, Trixie) play a role in how she grows and changes.

(Just a side note, something that helps me stay mostly consistent in updates is taking a crap ton of notes- like, a TON of notes- and writing down little snippets of the storyline that I can include later. That way, writing my chapters goes quicker and smoother. Idk if that’s at all useful, but either way, good luck!)

:heart: :twilightsmile:

I’m ready for more I can’t wait for things to pick up.

Huh. Maybe Wallflower won't be an antagonist in this story. Only time will tell.

Jesus, this looks horrifically painful.

Poor Sunset. If she were a bit less stubborn, she'd be in a nice, comfy bed; on some nice, comfy painkillers; and being treated by a nice, comfy doctor.

A part of Wallflower admired that bit of Sunset. She was the center of attention and she took no shit from anybody. She was noticeable, she was powerful, she was strong.
Wallflower clenched her hands into fists, envy filling her chest. ‘She’s everything I can’t be.’

Will Wallflower be friend, or foe? Hmmm?


And where, exactly, would she get the money for that?

Luna and Celestia would be the first choice. Out of necessity, if not altruism, they would undoubtedly help her.

This is all an interesting twist on this story. So far so good. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Kinda of a waste of 3 chapter slots, it easily should've been just one chapter, but it was interesting to know that Sci-Twi has a stuttering problem & Wallflower kinda admired Sunset for her "Take no s**t" attitude.


Thanks, I’m glad you like it!!!!

I decided to split it into three becuase having everything in one chapter didn’t ‘flow’ very well, kinda felt awkward lol.

Oh this is gonna be a good story.

I has a slight stutter growing up and felt this was very accurate to my experience.

And props on conveying the Asl I've always loved the language and to see it in someone else's writing os cool.

Magic. Good for what ails you.

Used to have a speech impediment. Basically my mind outpaced my speech and so I would hit a brick wall of sorts that made me repeat the same word or syllable repeatedly until I double back to refocus. Managed to solve the issue as a result of a therapist helping me train myself to focus more on talking and speak slower while I was at it. Can’t say poetry ever came up but I’m sure there are a million and one variations to how they work with patients.

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