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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Another Way

Upon meeting Sunset Shimmer, the newest member of Crystal Prep, by pure luck after school in the hall, Twilight hasn't been able to get her mind off of her. It's finally declared by Dean Cadance that she's in love. Shining Armor and Cadance couldn't be happier, and so could she.

Only problem is, Sunset's taken and she doesn't know it.

Chapters (14)
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Oh Twily… I have a feeling this is going to end in heartbreak for you.


Well, Twilight, we have news for you.

Twi! My poor adorkable bean! D:

Can't wait to see this pursue. <3

I can sense that Twilight would be upset if she finds out that Sunset is Sugarcoat's girlfriend. Great story sequel btw!

Oh Twilight, you ignorant sap...

…I'm…conflicted here. I'm utter SciSet trash, but in this world, Sugar saved Sunset's life, and is in a committed relationship with her, so I don't want to see this version of the two have a falling out.

That said, I wonder if Sunset can get the Shadowbolts to lay off Twily and give her a chance by pointing out that by bullying her, they're basically doing to her what the Rainbooms/Anon-a-Miss did to Sunset. Twily's done nothing wrong, other than be really smart…

This should be interesting seeing the series from Twilight' eyes.

Twilight has made the first step, but how will it play out when she finds out about Sunset's relationship?

One can only hope Sunset can bridge the gaps between the Shadow 5 and Sci-Twi.

Other than that, great story so far!

Too caught up in her thoughts, Twilight didn't realize she had been walking straight into Sunset's back. The two fell to the floor, Sunset catching herself while Twilight fell down. A few laughs echoed around the halls and Twilight flushed with embarrassment. Sunset's friends stopped to see who it was and groaned heavily when they saw Twilight. Sunset, however, helped the girl up.

"You okay?" She asked.

"I'm sorry," Twilight apologized. "I didn't realize where I was going! I didn't mean to bump into you."

Sunset gave her a smile. "Hey, no worries. Just... watch where you're going next time, okay, Twilight?"

"Y-Yeah," Twilight replied.

This scenario looks familiar....

When she arrived at the cafeteria, proud to say she found it on her own, she got her drink and Sugarcoat's drink, having enough to pay and took her leave... only to bump into someone again, and thankfully they didn't fall down this time. And luckily the two drinks were alright, having to be in a bottle and can. Sunset sighed with relief and was about to say sorry when she noticed it was again Twilight.

Twilight began stuttering once more, and Sunset laughed, leading her away so they wouldn't disturbed.

"You know, we've got to meeting like this," Sunset smiled.

Twilight adjust her glasses. "I'm sorry. I, again, wasn't paying attention and didn't realize where I was going."

"No worries, we're cool," Sunset replied, setting down the cold drinks on the steps to sit down, Twilight followed suit. "How... your day going?"



I'm Sciset trash as well. Maybe a threesome?


This comment made my day! I smiled when I read this :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Poor, ignorant Twilight.

This is gonna end so badly. Twi’s not the only one who’s going to get heart broken.

:( <3

I won't read it.

That's smart, it'll only end in tears, anyway! Be strong!

But it could be cute!

No, no, no! That's just what the author wants you to think! Get away from that button!




But what if it's cute?


XD another comment that makes my day

Twilight, you're playing a dangerous game with these texts to Sunset...

Oh Twilight, when you find out why Sunset didn't reply, you'll be heartbroken...

This was so cute! I felt really really bad because I can tell she won't like the news that Sunset is taken by Sugarcoat

Are you going to go back and show what happened at CHS?

I'm shipping SunCoat so hard rn


You... are an awesome writer! :raritycry:

Please don't shatter her heart to badly.:pinkiesad2:

One quick, clean shot. No need to make her suffer. 💔😥

"What chance do I even have with her anyways? She's friends with the most popular girls at Crystal Prep, and I'm in the background! She has a better chance with... I don't know, say, Sugarcoat!"

Oh you don't know how right you are Twilight. :fluttershysad:

Oh dear me...

"Okay! So, maybe, I am," Twilight finally gave in. "What chance do I even have with her anyways? She's friends with the most popular girls at Crystal Prep, and I'm in the background! She has a better chance with... I don't know, say, Sugarcoat!

Oh the irony :rainbowlaugh:

I'm ready to see Twilight's reaction when Sunset is already taken and I will not cry!

Irony indeed :pinkiehappy::raritywink:



Y'all better get those waterworks ready!

"She has a better chance with... I don't know, say, Sugarcoat!"

Twilight, you have no idea...

Poor SciTwi. She got ahead of herself and she's gonna end up breaking her own heart. 💔

Oh dear... this will not go over well! :fluttershysad:

Oh God, everything is gonna crash & burn on Twilight...

Dear Princess Celestia
Twilight's going to cry when she founds out that Sunset is already dating another intellectual bae and all of us here reading this amazing fanfic will definitely cry and feel bad for Twily (kind of)

- Your Student

And now, things will come crashing down.

Oh boy...

If Sugarcoat finds out, Sci-Twi will be in for hell.

Aw jeez, poor Twilight is gonna be heart broken! I honestly can relate to her actions and feelings (but not the kiss). Thinking that someone likes you because they’re nice to you and all that or vice versa. I hope both her and Sunset and resolve this and come out still friends at the end.

Oh dear, I hope Sugarcoat didn't see that. :pinkiegasp:

But if so, things will get even more interesting in the story.... :raritywink:

We'll see what happens. :eeyup:

Time for a roller coaster of emotions

Oh man... this is bad! :twilightoops:







I feel so evil! All aboard the train of feels! No tickets, please, your emotional feels are all that is needed! Enjoy your ride!

Oh shit, Twilight done fuck up now.... I hope Sunset doesn't try hide this from Sugarcoat or less it's all over

AH! For pete's sake. Sweet Luna!

Okay, umm... Sugarcoat's worry about Sunset likeing Twilight seems a bit out of left field. As far as I can tell, none of the Shadowbolts knew Sunset was speaking with Twilight. Unless I missed something I'm a previous chapter, this would be the first time they saw them interact with each other. Jumping that far seems a bit of a stretch. It comes across as trying to add drama for the sake of drama.

That, the particular emphasis on how long the kiss lasted, and the chapter stopping mid sentence makes me willing to bet Sugarcoat saw the kiss. More than likely will have the first line of the next chapter, too.

Oh come on! You really going to end the chapter there?! XD

That cliffhanger though..... I can tell that Sugarcoat has seen the whole thing (just saying)

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