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Sunset Shimmer is best pony.


This story is a sequel to Autumn Adagio

Adagio used to be in charge of her life, using discourse to manipulate others, now it only feels like life is running her... ragged.
Aria has had to take on responsibilities with Adagio struggling to balance life and accepting their mortality.
Sonata... is Sonata.

Meanwhile across town Sunset and the girls are experiencing a massive upheaval in their lives by the name of Anon-a-miss.

I found the artwork on pixiv, but the page is in a foreign language to me, so have the link: Here it is!

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 32 )

i like what I've seen so far :ajsmug: i hope to see a second chapter soon:twilightsmile:

Just read this. I love the premise already. The idea that anon a miss happens at the same time as we see the dazzlings adjusting to mortal life isn't something often seen, but I look forward to the next chapter. Usually in other stories the dazzlings find sunset or something after this whole ordeal is basically finished or when sunset transfers to another school, etc.

I smell a Sunset Dazzling Team up

There's a few. But definetly not enough anon-a-miss story's with the Dazzlings. And Sunset/Adagio is really cute :twilightsmile:

Great first chapter. Can’t wait to read more! :twilightsmile:

So I was making some quick clean up edits when I scrolled further down, and I didn't realize that I had this many comments.

Thank you all so so much, it really means a lot to me. Also sorry about not having the second chapter done yet.

“Yepperoni sisteroni!” Sonata chirped as she pulled a tupperware bowl out of a messenger bag that was slung over her shoulder. “Anyway, I was in the kitchen at the house, and I have combined the magnificence of tacos and nachos.” She said as she opened up the container revealing her strange culinary creation, “I call my new creation the Tacho.

thank you. This made my day. I miss that show.

Rare to see a repentant Adagio. Also Sunset is bound to be having one hell of a meltdown by this point.

On her way back she stopped by Joe’s to get a drink, and let the other two girls know what she got them on her outing today. She dropped the vegetables in a fridge and put the bags in a shelf in back and sat at the outdoor table Adagio had used on her break, while drinking her FizziePop™ Twisted Berry flavor soda pop. She watched as the afternoon sky slowly changed from hues of blue and white to the evening reds and oranges, the cool afternoon breeze chilled, and streetlights started to light up. When she was ready to go she threw the glass bottle in the trash and turned to go back in for the groceries, but stopped when she caught sight of a familiar girl across the street.

What you did there.. I see it.:trixieshiftright:

Given that Dash is normally the one giving the harshest treatment to Sunset in Anon-a-miss fics, it is good to see that she is still somewhat believing in Sunset or giving her advice in this fic as of right now hopefully Sunset still has Rainbow on her side.

I need more of this and I need it now

Holy crap! Vaguely Freaking Demented commented on my story!

Sorry had to get that out, been holding it in for... a while, I see you on literally almost anything I read.

Back to the next chapter!

I’m flattered that means something to you. Honestly this is the first time anyone has reacted as if my commenting was a noteworthy event.

I see you in just about every stories comment section I read, either A) you are secretly me from another dimension or B) you read almost as much as ShortSkirtsAndExplosions writes. You are one the two most recognized commenters I see on the site, the other being FanOfMostEverything. I just did a double check, and I made it two stories in my read list before I found you in the comment section. It is just really exciting to see someone who I recognize as a reader comment on something I wrote.

Fair enough. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Looking forward to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

So will Sunset heed Pinkie’s warning? Or will the sirens need a crash course in dealing with hypothermia? Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.

I'm hoping Sunset turns her back on the Rainbooms, except maybe Dash, and hope Twilight bangs her head for being so natively stupid.

What's an Adagietto?

"Rainboom" is a Proper Noun since it refers to the name of the band so it should be capitalized.

Thank you, should be fixed.

It's a musical term referring to a brief adagio.


Mate, stop teasing us. I want to know how Adagio and Sunset’s meeting will go down.

Things should start coming to a head soon I imagine.

This is pretty good. I look forward to seeing how you move it from here

Next one is gonna be intense.

[Audible Excitement]

This kinda doesn’t make sense. If Rainbow really didn’t believe Sunset was Anon-A-Miss, she wouldn’t be all sneaky about it. She’s just start yelling about how it’s a frame up or something.

I’m curious, why does everyone act like Sonata was nicer than the others? She was like a petty little child, when she wasn’t being completely vapid. “Too bad! So sad!”

I actually based her brief brush on a cold I had once, felt terrible. It was a cold but felt like full on pneumonia. I got over it in a similar amount of time, I slept for about eighteen hours and when I got up I was starving and only had a slightly runny nose. I don't think she slept that long, but she wasn't too far off.

Fastest I ever had was a fever that lasted about half a day, when it broke I sweated enough that I looked like I had showered with my clothes on.

aw taco fish, she really is my favorite siren. hope to see more from her.

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