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Just a random guy who stumbled into a fictional universe that actually inspired him to write.


One month ago Silver Spark started school at Canterlot High after moving to get away from his past and recover from his loss. This plan hasn't gone very well so far; it's almost as if someone is actively trying to ruin his life. Friendless and avoided by the bulk student body, he is an ideal target for bullies. The Fall Formal is coming soon and Silver might just find a place for a proper new beginning.

Still, ignoring the past doesn't make it go away. It has a habit of popping back up in the strangest ways.

Rewrite Status - 2017-09-05: Chapter 1 - 8 Completed. Any re-written chapters will be marked with (R). Please note the rewrites will not substantially change the plot and are not required reading to understand future chapters.

*Rated Teen for themes of depression and self-harm, some violence, occasional swearing, implied or slightly overt sexuality and probably some other inappropriate things that you could expect to hear in high school.

Note: This is a re-telling/writing of the Equestria Girls storyline starting at the very beginning but primarily from the perspective of a new character. If you are curious what Silver Spark looks like, you can see a picture of him here here.

Warning! There are potential spoilers in the comments!

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NOOO! I want to read more :raritycry:

7561871 Glad you enjoyed the first chapter. The next chapter is close to completion and should be out by the weekend at the latest.

Will you be including the other three movies?

Silver is strong. He has the scars to prove it. He will moat likly tell twilight and the others what is happening.
Stay strong Silver

7584216 Absolutely! It's going to take a while though since I have story plans that will fill the gaps between the films.

7584412 Some bits will probably be shared sooner than others. It's hard to share a story you're trying to represses.

7605803 Hope that's a good wow. :applejackunsure:

I hope the idea I have works out. I'd appreciate knowing if I'm pushing the teen rating.

I have the distinct feeling that when Sunset Shimmer gets her hands on the crown, she'll accidentally spill the beans about how she was the one who started the rumors about Silver, and someone's going to get the unintentional confession on camera...

Or just shortly before that. That could work, too.

7606384 I will neither confirm nor deny your hypothesis. :twilightsmile: No matter what happens, there's a long road ahead.

Shadow you might want to wake up. By the way you should've recorded the conversation.

7617806 In retrospect, recording the conversation probably would have been a good idea. It's a shame it didn't occur to Silver. (or me for that matter :twilightoops:)


For a 6'2 tall guy he really is easy to get hit in the head, huh.

Based on on the latest chapter's last word, I get the feeling we're going to see a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario with silver soon.

7618373 That is true. It'll work out.

7619197 Yeah. It's also pretty easy to hit a stationary target.

7619319 Interesting idea but I can't confirm or deny of course. I'll just mention there is no plan to add a dark tag. Of course that still leaves a fair bit of leeway.

Please have him return to Equestria with Twilight; I'll be very happy if you do have him return to Equestria.:applecry:


7636013 I think he would find all the Sakitan Daggers and destroy them before going back to Equestria. I mean, there are at least two daggers missing that could pretty much cause a lot of trouble why would he just up and leave knowing that the Dagger is out there hurting people?

7636013 - I wish I could promise that but I don't think Silver's gonna run off to a new world with a girl he met 2 days ago. Especially considering he'd be stuck there for 30 moons.

7636510 - Certainly a good point as well. They are rather dangerous aren't they?


7637165 The Daggers pretty much put you in your worse nightmare as a curse that would cause you insomnia or worse, then later puts you insane through the sheer trauma and fear. Soo yeah, it's pretty dangerous to me.


Does that mean he almost looks like how he was before he lost his parents, body and all?

7646222 - I expect they won't go away that easily. There is a reason why as well; it's not just cruelty.

7657750 Thank you! Glad you're enjoying the story so far.

How will he handle things at school?
I don't expect him to start taking names and kicking ass, but i don't expect him to the the doormat he was before.
He should defend himself from Gilda and Lighting, and even Flash who actting liek a major jerk in this fic.

7674615 I hate to say this, but you'll have to wait to find out in the next chapter. I doubt he's going to let things go back to the way they were though. As for Flash, all I'm going to say is, there's more to him than Silver has seen so far.

I'm going to assume this kid used to fight in some way and could probably kick The Diamond Dogs' @55 all at once. Also, if this kid is on medication, how is he paying for it?

7680283 He probably has the skills to take them if he so chose. As for buying the medication and money in general, that will come up later but he's not pressed for cash. If you look at what he's been through so far, you could probably make a couple guesses about where the money is from.

I always have to resist giving detailed answers to questions that I know will be coming up as part of the story in the future. Hope you continue to enjoy the story!

Wow. Talk about intense. I'm scared to think what would've happened if 'Sparky' wasn't thrown through the portal to Equestria.

This is a awesome story, and love it. i just wodner who be paired with Silver, and how he woudl react to meeting Sci Twi.


Now this is the progress I was waiting for!!!

7691155: It wouldn't have been a nice ending, that much is certain.

7693139: Sci Twi has some interesting story potential. I haven't decided how I'm going to handle her.

7693850: Glad to hear it!

That was sweet, but also kinda sad

7710918 That about the balance I was going for. Healing is a long road.

7711886 Yeah. Teared up when Rarity comforted him

It seams that Silver did the right thing.

I give up on guessing who you are putting with Silver. First I thought Apple Jack, then Rarity, and now Pinkie. I don't know anymore.

7714637 - I'm keeping that part of the story pretty quiet at this point. Romance is the last thing on Silver's mind right now. As far as he's concerned the friendships are still tenuous. Hope you're ok with the suspense. :raritywink:

Really liking this story so far can't wait for moar:pinkiehappy:

7730979 - Thank you, I'm glad to hear it! The next chapter is coming along nicely. I'm actually surprised by the pace I'm writing this so far. I hope I can keep it up.

7731653 can't wait but if you have to, go right ahead and take your time :twilightsmile:

7732487 - Oh don't worry, I will. I usually read the chapter two or three times through after I finish it before it goes public just to make sure I didn't miss anything. :pinkiecrazy:

7680673 I found a mistake
The other students will find you eventually. That will end you peace.

Comment posted by A random person deleted Nov 23rd, 2016

7637165 I think I found a mistake
“I am please I could help you Silver Spark.

7744309 Thank you very much for catching both those mistakes! Your correction was accurate on both counts. Hope you're enjoying the story as you find them. :pinkiehappy:

Great chapter totally hope its a shipping between silver and fluttershy but im sure you have other plans:pinkiehappy:

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