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Eternal Sunset

I'm a brony who likes to draw and write, My favorite Equestria girls character is Sunset Shimmer, I enjoy reading Fimfictions that deal with her seeeking redemption and anon a miss stories

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Coming Soon · 8:01pm Nov 14th, 2020

This is an excerpt from an Anon-A-Miss story I'm currently working on, I hope you all like it!

“We are so dead!” Rainbow Dash said in a panic, gripping her hair as she paced around the club room.

“Sunset’s going to kill us!” Applejack said, hunched over on a chair with her right hand holding her head.

“Now, darlings. I’m sure if we explained what happened, Sunset won’t be too mad at us.” Rarity tried to assure her friends.

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there was already a fanfic where someone crossover Forgotten Friendship with Anon a miss where Wallflower erases the memories of Anon a miss the day after the Rainbooms disowned Sunset..

But i wonder, what if Wallflower who admired Sunset erased all the bad memories of Sunset from just the rainbooms right before Anon a miss happen? Anon a miss happen while Sunset is investigating the memory loss of her being a bully or fall formal, the girls instantly figured its a frame up. but the question is it because they don't have memories of their prior resentment? Sunset is conflicted

Oh ok awesome! I apologize for my late reply I was asleep, anyways I bet it will be amazing!

I'm working on it. ^^

I hope there'll be any new and amazing Anon A Miss stories will come eventually it would be even greater since it's almost Dismember

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