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Eternal Sunset

I'm a brony who likes to draw and write, My favorite Equestria girls character is Sunset Shimmer, I enjoy reading Fimfictions that deal with her seeeking redemption and anon a miss stories


The Mane five have been having these awful dreams where they abandon this strange creature and leave her crying, their cutie marks start glowing and they visit Twilight to ask what is going on, they find her in the library preparing to leave on a trip. She explains to them what is going on and they noticed similarities between Anon-A-Miss and what happened at Cadance's wedding, as Twilight prepares to leave, a very sick Spike stumbles in, and Twilight immediately goes to him and diagnosed him with a unicorn illness. With her being the only one to treat it it is up to her friends to help Sunset and save the Rainbooms friendship.

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Now that is an awesome twist and spin. The mane 5 crossing the portal instead of Twilight. I'm interested to see what happens already.

Shouldn’t luna be handling their dreams?

They might each talk to their human counterparts separately and possibly bring up the wedding.

An Anon-a-Miss story with the Mane Five crossing the portal instead of Twilight?

Not in this case, also that’s a story for another time. :raritywink:

Or maybe a 5 v 5 verbal confrontation in the cafeteria in front of the table Sunset is sitting at alone. That would definitely throw everyone else for a loop.

I hope you like what I have in store. :twilightsmile:

Your other stories were entertaining and enjoyable so I'm sure it'll be all good.

No pressure though. 😉

Honestly, I would leave the cafeteria, because that would give me a headache.

Interesting premise. Having dreamt about what the Humane 5 did to Sunset will definitely help the girls sympathize with her.

Well this story is off to an interesting start, I look forward to the next chapter.

You're one of the few people who can make Anon-a-Miss stories that aren't the same thing over and over and have promising premises. Please keep it up.

Wow! Thank you so much! This idea was inspired by another Anon-A-Miss fic that had the spirits of the Elements of Harmony manifest into real People and hold a trial for the Rainbooms.

Lesson Learned by Diamond Sword it was don by this user and nice reply

The only other Anon-a-Miss story I can remember that was on a similar level to your works was Role Reversal.

I Read All Your Stories, They Are All Very Cool, And I Feel This One Will Have Great Potential

Excellent start to this new story, and I will be following it to see what happens next.

And Twi, AJ and Dash are a herd, huh?
I definitely approve.

On another note, though, I wouldn't want to be in the Rainboom's (to say NOTHING of the human CMCs) boots by the time AJ and the girls get done with them.

I only have ONE minuscule caveat about it, and it's this:

Rarity is busy working on her Christmas gifts

NOT to nitpick, but they don't celebrate Christmas in Equestria; they celebrate Hearth;s Warming,
Same basic traditions, different names, so you might want to go back and tweak that just a bit.

Hmm so far so good, my gut tells me this has a great potential to be an awesome story. Me gonna wait😎

10800415 You're very welcome, and I was glad I could be of help.

Is this the same story as that teaser you wrote a while back?

You had my interest with that description, but now you have my attention.

Hope to see more soon :)

Following this, I can't wait to see where this leads though I get the feeling both Dashes are going to try and pick fights with each other.

Now this is a rare kind of Anon a Miss story.

Who you betting your money on?

if we're talking RD v. RD(EqG?) One is a member of the military and a known practitioner of Karate, the other's a varsity soccer champ. Pony RD would wreck her face.

Fluttershy vs Flutters(EqG)? again, giving this one to the canonical user of the Stare. if it can stop Discord in its tracks, an angry teenager stands no hope.

Pinkie vs Pinkie? Comedic Draw ending with them making peace for all of them.

AJ vs AJ(EQG) this I'd give to human AJ because she'd be far more used to a human body, and this one I'm more sure would come to fighting than the two RD's because having grown up a redneck (well, Hillbilly to be precise, there is a difference), having one's honor imunged would lead to Fist City, even if you are outright lying.

Rarity vs Rarity(EqG) This? I could see starting with feigned politeness leading into catty comments, leading into knock down drag out hair pulling clothes tearing catfight.

The fact that I don't mention them actually thinking of Sunset first? this is immediate post-third season MLP crew. I'll be honest, the season 1 and 2 mane 6 were... really kinda not likable. RD was a borderline bully, Rarity put her friendships on the line repeatedly for upward mobility, Fluttershy was barely functional unless something furry was in front of her, AJ was stubborn to the point of self-injury, and Pinkie Pie was.....Pinkie Pie.

Actually, I’m pretty sure both rainbow dash’s are practitioners of karate, I think.

As for the fluttershy’s, I’m pretty sure they would both sit on the side lines.

The pinkie pie one Ivan agree with.

The applejack one I can understand.

And the rarity one is just hilarious.

Honestly, I don’t remember much about the earlier seasons.

Human Dash probably also know some karate, but not black level like her pony self. But pony version will have the disadvantage of being in a human body and her muscle memories are all out of whack

Eternal Sunset: Makes another Anon A Miss

Sunset Shimmer: Ah shit, here we go again

Will this be like that other fic where Dash and AJ go beat their counterparts up a little? for some reason pony Dash wars alot of belts lol she's some edgy anime protagonist.

Sunset will probs instantly recognize these girls are not her versions. Oohh.. would be hilarious that the real anon a miss/CMCs spot her with the pony mane 5 . Not realizing its not their versions, thinking their plan isn't working doubling their work. Only for it to backfire as she now has witnesses to clear her when new post pops up and people see her not even with a phone on her hand.

They won’t pick fights with their counterparts, they promised Sunset they wouldn’t.

Didn't comment on my theory on CMC mistaking them as the rainbooms initially making them double their efforts cause they thought their plan didn't work.

ever thought of stories that doesn't involve Anon a miss? your stories are awesome though.

I have but I want to get out my Anon-A-Miss ideas first. :twilightsmile:

That's fair. Does one of the ideas involves an Sunset peggy sue? heh

Peggy sue is a trope/genre where it involves a main character reliving the events of his life again but with memories of whats to come. They would then change things for a better 'happy ending' . It's literally a new game +

An example would be from a fanfic i read where Naruto woke up as a kid again before even taking the entrance exams. He took the opportunity to go save Sasuke's family and prevent the Uchiha's massacre

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