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Eternal Sunset

I'm a brony who likes to draw and write, My favorite Equestria girls character is Sunset Shimmer, I enjoy reading Fimfictions that deal with her seeeking redemption and anon a miss stories


The CMC is happy to be enjoying their time with their sisters without Sunset getting in their way, but despite that, they couldn't help but feel guilty about what they had done. When they see Sunset running out of the school they quietly follow and witness Sunset confronting what looks like Principal Celestia, it's not long before things start to turn sour as Celestia blames Sunset for Anon-A-Mis. Princess Twilight soon appears and also accuses Sunset of being Anon-A-Miss, and right before the CMC and a horrified Sunset, Celestia turns Sunset into stone. After leaving Sunset in a special spot, the two Princess return home but not before Twilight gives Sunset's journal to Applebloom to give to Applejack. The CMC now must live with the horrifying fact that they not only ruined Sunset's life but doomed her to an eternal prison in stone.

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It's good to hear from you again, mellonin.

nice work on first chapter

This is NOT our Twilight, or Celestia!!!

Plus, IF they learn the truth. Those two are so f*******!!!!!!

I hope that once Sunset is rightfully freed. She has enough, won't forgive everybody, and just say "f*** it, f*** you all!", and leave forever.

Hmm, 🤔
My "plot twist" senses are tingling and it's only the first chapter.
I guess I'll just have to track and read to see why.

Is this story gonna end shortly like within 2 to 3 chapters? No offense but I can't seem to handle this too much tragedy.

Hmm. I have to agree with you.

Honestly, if I was the cmc I would less upset that they turned her to stone and more upset that they didn’t do it sooner. So all the other things she did in the past gets a pass, but cyber bullying gets you turned into a statute? I’m starting to feel scared for equestria.

Nope. Seems like them if past and future events say anything.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. I hope not, because it seems too predictable.

Two more chapters to go.


How did they know the Anon a Miss fiasco?

I mean Sunset has the journal.Tgat the only communication that she have on Equestria

Twily Twiky Twily.
I don't think you know this but...

I can’t believe Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle turned Sunset into stone, even though Twilight believed Sunset is innocent and helped convince her to stay strong, remember who she is and find her family. I hope they un punish Sunset and release her from her stone prison. Also let me know when the next chapters come out after your done making them.

Good to see another Anon-A-Miss story from you, I do hope that the CMC can undo what Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia had turned Sunset into stone.

Oh, my goodness! Also amazing start!

its obvious its an act, they WANT Bloom to see that and force her to confess

Ah this one, didn't you write a little bit about this before in the AAM forum?

Well, thank God for that.

If you are justice, please do not lie.
What is the price for your blind eye?
-The Riddler

Ooooo this is interesting

Oooooh! I see now! They are turning Sunset to stone to make the Cutie Mark Crusaders confess for their actions and for being Anon-a-miss. That makes a lot of sense to me right now. Nice story! I was thinking of doing a story similar to this but not with Sunset turning into stone. Instead I thought of causing the cutie mark crusaders to be separated from each other and their sisters until they stop the madness and confess.

A-HEM! Rarity…

Ah! Who’d I kid? Most of us; myself included, already knows that.

Well, there was that time during the wedding and there was that time when the cmc got banned from the school of friendship.

So kinda like when they pranked rainbow dash with the cookies?

What does that mean?

Comment posted by Samurai_Arashi deleted Dec 26th, 2021

Man I hope this is an act because if not there is really no reason for sunset to stay at canterlot and continue being friends with anyone there

I hope this is a set up for the Crusaders to make them confess, because if not Princess Twilight & Princess Celestia - alongside the Rainbooms and most of Canterlot High' student body - will regret everything they did to Sunset Shimmer.


Uuuuhhh!!!!!! Please, don't remind me, I know.

Sorry to remind me.

Honestly, I hope not. I like anon-a-miss stories that are unpredictable and that sounds predictable.

Hopefully Celestia and twilight will learn something about trust and all those other things that are important in friendship and any relationship. Celestia never exactly said what went wrong between the two of them beyond its all her fault and considering not many people believe that she might have not played a part in it even if she didn't mean to cause her to run away. Plus hardly anyone writes about them making up.

No, I don't think I did.

The Batman(2022)

Nice quote.

Oh, that was just the idea. This is more fleshed out.

Hey, i'm glad to see you again

It's a quote from the riddler in The Batman 2022

I know, but I don’t know what it means.

An anon a miss fic where Twilight believes sunset is Anon a miss? Sound's like a pretty interesting plot despite it being a little out of character for her. But i can tell Bloom and her friends are in for a world of HELL when Twilight learns the truth.

Well, if this was an act like people are suggesting, is Sunset in on it, and she's using her acting skills, or not and her being in the dark makes her reaction more genuine?
Regardless, the only being that we know of at this point in time that can sympathize with Sunset being turned to stone is Discord.

Great to see you back!

Nice work on the first chapter of this story and I'll be honest... Reading this makes me want to do a Great crusade and make Equestria burn. I hope that Sunset comes out of this and makes everyone pay for this

Huh. You know, that's an excellent point. Where exactly do Equestrians draw the line?

Discord chronically betrays us and gets forgiven every time, but Sunny is merely accused of a crime and gets stoned for it? Would they have done something similar with Gilda in this continuity? Flim and Flam? What measure is a villain?

This is interesting.

Thank you. I’m glad I’m not going crazy.

Just letting you know I’m still waiting patiently for the next chapters to pop up so I can see what happens next.

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