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Those who can't see the Light, are welcomed into the Night!

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About Me

I'm an inspired Writer who had mainly worked with Fanfictions.

I enjoy Dark Elements and am a bit of a fan of Discord's Chaos shenanigan. Favorite MLP:FiM episode is Season 2 Episode 1-2 when he first made his appearance.

Favorite song is Open up your Eyes from the 2017 My Little Pony Movie

Currently trying to accomplish

  • See if I can complete the task of created 20 Complete Stories!
  • See if 1 of them can become an Audio Drama!
  • Destroy Princess Celestia's precious sun so I can plunge the world into eternal Darkness!
  • Finishing my Chocolate Milk~
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2895937 Lovely. If you ever need someone to talk/chat with, I'm all ears:heart:

I do kinda have a friend on here, the main reason I actually created the account on here in the first place when I was looking for him. (An ex-co-administrator of mine from a dead forum site) Though we don't talk to each other much, but if you're wanting to interact with me, I have no problems.

2895931 I tend to do that. It's one of the odd things about me. That and I saw you had none so I thought to strike up a conversation:heart:

You're not, just not used to out of the blue people asking to be my friend. Kind of surprising really I'm not used too.

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