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Eternal Sunset

I'm a brony who likes to draw and write, My favorite Equestria girls character is Sunset Shimmer, I enjoy reading Fimfictions that deal with her seeeking redemption and anon a miss stories


Sunset has once again become a pariah, the students of CHS have turned against her, and even her own friends have abandoned her. At her lowest point and without her friends, Sunset is left vulnerable as the students voice their frustration at her being Anon-A-Miss. But she still had one friend who believed in her and that was Twilight Sparkle, with her words of encouragement, Sunset is reminded of who she is. With her confidence back, Sunset begins to take back control of the school and hunt down Anon-A-Miss.

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I already LOVE this. I have seen ALOT of Anon-a-Miss stories, and am always happy to see a new take like this. Sunset is acting exactly how she should, standing up for herself to prove she is right. She isn't depressed, she isn't letting it make her breakdown, or any of that. She is letting hersepf be sad and angry, sure, but she is using the sadness and anger for the right thing, to prove her innocence, ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

Thank you! as Forgotten Friendship proved, even if the students hate Sunset if she still has her confidence then she will fight back. I always enjoy Anon-A-Miss stories where Sunset fights back, there are so very few good ones out there.

Lets be 100% real here. The only new bit of this clusterfuck waste of a comic, is that Rainbow is actaully innocent for once.

Everything else is recycled.

Great start, can't wait for more.

I am confused... do you mean this story, or the comic itself?


A smile spread across Sunset’s lips at the news but it quickly disappeared as she noticed something odd about this.

Why don’t you come over to my place?” Sunset typed back, she waited anxiously until she received a reply.

It’s better if you come here, trust me. It’ll be worth the trip.’

Sunset pondered over the message, something wasn’t right here. She reread the messages and noted how vague and urgent it was. She thought back to one of her mother’s lessons on how to spot forgery in letters, looking at how each word is worded and looking for the sender’s personality in them. She could tell right away that this wasn’t Rainbow Dash, the rainbow-haired athlete would’ve been banging on her door to tell her this in person. Furthermore, the way this message is written gives off signs of a trap.

Could Rainbow Dash be setting me up?’ Sunset thought grimly, she couldn’t imagine Rainbow Dash doing this to her. “Then again, Mom always said that a pony’s true character isn’t always visible.”

Sunset stared at her phone for a minute before making up her mind.

I’ll see you at the school,’ Sunset typed, if this was indeed a trap then she’ll deal with it accordingly.

Great! I’ll see there,’ Rainbow Dash replied.

Sunset downed the rest of her tea and pocketed her phone before making her way out of her apartment, her mind already formulating a plan of attack.

Hmm. Sunset Shimmer has a feeling that this is a trap.

ENOUGH!” Sunset shouted using the royal Canterlot voice, the effect was immediate as everyone in the hallway instantly went silent. “I’m only going to say this once so listen up! I am not and have never been Anon-A-miss! I don’t know who they are but rest assured that I will stop them!”

With that said Sunset marched confidently down the halls, the students moved to the side to give her plenty of space. They watched her pass with wide shocked filled eyes, especially a young red-haired girl with a bow.

Hah! Well done Sunset, there's the confidence I was looking for. What's wrong Applebloom? Getting cold feet already? :pinkiecrazy:

Both? I can't remember if Rainbow ever did it in the comic, but she's usually the one to set Sunset up to be assaulted and almost killed by Gilda and her gang in these stories.

That's sadly true, she's made out to be a monster.

Don't think I've ever seen an Anon-a-Miss story with quite this premise.

That being so, you have my interest and a Follow from me on it.

Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter and beyond!

Sunset Shimmer is angry and is ready to finish a war she never started.

10545498 You're very welcome, and keep up the rad work!


Great! I’ll see there,’ Rainbow Dash replied.

Sunset downed the rest of her tea and pocketed her phone before making her way out of her apartment, her mind already formulating a plan of attack.

Should be "I'll see you there".

Good first chapter.

A great start to this new story, looking forward to more!

Sunset chuckled as once again the proof of her foolishness was right there in front of her, but she so easily dismissed it. She felt so stupid for ever doubting her mother, she felt deep regret and remorse for betraying and abandoning her. She had everything she could have ever wanted and she threw it all away for power, she reached over to grab her journal. Sunset closed her eyes and saw the image of her mother’s smiling face, her eyes shone with pride at her daughter. Sunset wiped the tears away and stood up, she has had enough. She felt her confidence surging as a fire ignited in her heart, her hair extended into a ponytail, and pony ears sprouted from on top of her head. She is Princess Sunset Shimmer, daughter of Princess Celestia!

Students of CHS, Sunset just ponied up! If she truly was Anon-a-Miss, she wouldn’t be able to use her magic! Harmony is the source, so how could she activate her power if she supposedly turned her back on her friendship with those who represent its virtues?

Rainbow Dash walked through the snowy streets as she made her way home, she would have taken her bike home but her parents didn’t want her riding on the slippery road. Her thoughts strayed to Sunset Shimmer, despite telling Fluttershy about bad guys not needing a reason to be bad, Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but question why Sunset would throw away their friendship.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Rainbow muttered in frustration. “She was our best friend, no, our family. How can we mean so little to her?”

Like you’re one to talk, Rainbow.

Make sure in the inevitable revelation of innocence, someone actually asks the Rainbooms how they could claim Sunset was like family to them when they threw her away over a half-baked conclusion based on evidence so flimsy that only a complete idiot wouldn’t see Anon-a-Miss for the painfully obvious frame job it is. Last I checked, people don’t disown their own flesh and blood that easily.

That will be pointed out to them.

This is an interesting start and you have my attention, like a hooked fish.

It would seem that soon everyone; even the CMC, will learn that they truly underestimate Equestria.

Hope my hooked fish thing amused you in some way.

Good, because that was the intent.

Anywho, good stuff so far again, great Sunset and Momlestia story so far, love the parallels and all. Hope to see the next chapters up soon.

Yay more Anon-A-Miss!

Interesting to interpret find you family as what would Celestia do.

I'm enjoying the story too, but I would like to point out something I feel a lot of Anon-a-Miss critics overlook.

We can see that the efforts against Sunset are a frame job, but this is because we have information the rest of the Rainbooms don't. Consider it from their point of view; Applejack's nickname is now common knowledge, only a day after Applejack told Sunset. She had no reason to suspect Apple Bloom at this point. By the time of the confrontation at the lockers, several photographs that Sunset took are leaked online, and Sunset can't explain how they got online. This is very suspicious and odd behaviour. Remember, they don't know about Sunset and Twilight's messages, and the Rainbooms applied Occam's Razor to the situation. After all, 'Sunset took the pictures and posted them online' is a much simpler and more likely explanation than 'Sweetie Belle snuck into the room without anybody hearing her, managed to guess Sunset's phone passcode correctly (another plot hole that is rarely addressed), plugged her phone into her computer and uploaded them to a dummy account designed to look like Sunset'.

This is part of why the scene hits so hard for a number of reasons; it's a textbook case of dramatic irony. Yes, not hearing Sunset out was foolish, but at that point in time there is no realistic reason to suspect anybody else.

does Sunset even have a passcode or something to lock her phone?

Given Sunset's past, I would be astonished if she didn't have a passcode. She's been in the human world long enough to fit in without anybody suspecting her, so I imagine she knows the importance of passwords and keeping information locked. Remember that when she was a bully, she was dealing in personal information, so she would almost certainly have kept that locked behind passwords.

Besides, not having a passcode on a mobile phone, a device that can be easily stolen, is foolish.

dude, she doesn't even know how to use photoshiop. Her frame up photoes are cut and pasted. All i'm saying is even after years in the human world. Sunset isn't well verse in the technology .

And yet could easily fake texts between friends. She's also pretty good at video editing, if the first film is anything to go by;


The images you refer to were apparently convincing enough to fool several members of faculty, including Vice-Principal Luna.

ok, fair enough. But i still like to argue the fact ; Is Sunset ever obvious?

Given we only have the words of the Rainbooms to go off, who didn't think to talk to one another after the texting incidents, it's hard to say. One clue we do get comes from Forgotten Friendship;

Pinkie Pie: Ha! The closest you've ever come to a party of mine is freshman year, when you pretended to be Applejack and texted me, "Your party is lamer than a hungry duck in snow boots."
Applejack: Like I'd ever say that.
Pinkie Pie: It really hurt my feelings.
Fluttershy: And it wasn't very nice to the ducks, either.

This would suggest that Sunset was reasonably good at hiding herself but at the same time relied on the others to not think twice about what was being spread. Human beings are not known for being rational all the time.


This is a good start.

Given how the passcode can now include your fingerprint and facial recognition, it won't be that hard for Sweetie Belle to access Sunset's phone while she's asleep. I've brought this up in a previous story.

Not unless it's part of her plan.


It’s nice to see an Anon a Miss fic that DOESNT portray Rainbow Dash in a negative way. Still, I fear what’ll happen in the next chapter.

There's too many of those, Rainbow Dash may be mad at Sunset but there's no way that she'll take part in anything that will physically harm her.

Sunset ponying up without the other Rainbooms. She never did that in Friendship games. Speaking of which, what did Sunset say about ponying up at the end of Friendship Games? Something along the lines of it happening when they show the truest part of themselves or something? Certainly fits here.
And I have a bad feeling about what's coming next, which may result in thing going further south between Sunset and Rainbow.

You'll just have to stay tune to find out.

Fair point. I'm not sure why, but I assumed this story takes place in the winter of 2013/14, when the comic was written and such technology was not common on smartphones AFAIR.

Here's the trouble I see in this. Sunset never once made it blatently obvious that it was her doing those things during her Bitch Queen days. Yes she did rely on people not being that smart to a degree. But she was also smart enough to not make it look like she did it.

And this is where the comic fails for good, and what defenders of it seem to ignore. This is post Rainbow Rocks. WHY would Sunset ever have a reason to do this?

Put this between Equestria Girls 1 and Rainbow Rocks, then the idea is actually more believable. This relies on the character being so fucking stupid. That the Dazzlings deserved to win, and that Sunset might as well not done a thing during the Battle of the Bands finale.

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