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Sunset's favorite jacket is looking pretty beaten up after that whole rainbow laser explosion, and she doesn't know the first thing about fixing leather. Obviously she knows someone who could help her, someone who's already agreed to be her friend. But after everything she's done, she doesn't really think she's in a position to be asking favors. She hasn't earned anyone's friendship yet, and she certainly doesn't deserve anyone's help. Still, she's got no other options. So she'll just have to swallow her pride and beg Rarity to take some pity on her.
Rarity certainly has her work cut out explaining to her how friendship works.

Set after Equestria Girls, but before Rainbow Rocks. No shipping. Just awkward, self-loathing Sunset and generous, understanding Rarity.

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Oh, I'd love to see this continued!

I like it, a lot :)

she took comfort in the gesture as a reminder that she was wanted
here, despite Sweetie's behavior. “Thanks, Rarity.”

Dat accidental press of 'Enter'

At least then she could have made demands or threats, she could have fired back with insults if denied her request.

*when she
The current sentence is super awkward, hence the shift to make it an introductory phrase. It sounds a lot smoother as a result.

There were a couple other grammatical mistakes, notably some comma splices and using hyphens instead of em dashes (—) for interruptions.

The story was still enjoyable, though. Would definitely enjoy seeing more stories similar to this one.

Whoops! Thank you for pointing out that accidental enter, I'll fix it. I caught one of those before submitting, but apparently it happened a couple times.

As far as the awkward sentence, I was sort of going for a stream of consciousness thing with that whole paragraph, so that effect was semi-intentional. But you're right, your version of that sentence sounds better. I'll probably go change that too. Thanks for the helpful review!

It amazes me that so many, myself included, have had Rarity be the strongest, if not one of the strongest, supporters of the newly-reformed Sunset Shimmer, despite having some of the strongest reasons to dislike her.

Not complaining; it leads to great stories like this.

"Remember though, with passion it's not about putting your mind to it,” She placed a finger to Sunset's chest and smiled gently. “It's about putting your heart to it.”

And she certainly did in the end, Rarity. She certainly did. :twilightsmile:

That was really sweet, spot on! :raritywink:

just when i was looking for a story about Sunset in her first days after the fall formal...

this was really good. Really liked your explanation of Sunset's cutie mark.

That was a sweet little story :)

This was a really REALLY GOOD Sunset Shimmer fanfiction. You nailed each one of the characters to a tee. A lot of times, I feel like writers drag conversations or make the characters say things unnaturally. For example, Sunset Shimmer may randomly spit out something without any reason behind it. But not for you, you've got all that stuff nailed down. Everything felt so natural that I kept reminding myself "I'm reading this.. and it's this good?"

When you got into the cutie mark part of the story, I went "oh boy, please do this right." Soooo many fail so hard at the cutie mark, saying it represents fire magic. Augh, I hate that shallowness. You're interpretation of it was right on the money though. Not exactly like my interpretation, but yours actually works better in casual conversation. My interpretation addresses the yin yang of the cutie mark and what the red and yellow represent. However, both interpretations capitalize on something, "her passion/ambition." I like yours more for causal conversations, because this is generally what the ponies in the show do. There's a lot behind Twilight's cutie mark, but the way its talked about in causal conversation gets straight to the point. That's what you did with the cutie mark and everything in this fanfiction. You got straight to the point with each aspect. It was direct, saying not too much or too little. Well done :D


Generosity is more than just being free with gift-giving. It's also being free with advice, and comfort, compassion. It's one of the couple Elements that isn't easily abusive, unlike Kindness.

Personally, I think Rarity fits very well in the scenario of picking up Sunset from where she's fallen. More people should run with this idea.

5464447 Oh, I'm not arguing. I just went at it from an angle of her needing to overcome a few small hitches. One can still choose whom one is generous with, after all.


I know, just reinforcing your point as to why Rarity's good for this.

This was such a sweet story, thumbs up for you. :twilightsmile:

Sequels or continue, one of the two.

This was part of the outfit the mirror portal had created for her when she first came to this world. Giving it up would feel like giving up a part of herself.

That might actually be literal.

that in order to express how many feels there are, I must use idiotically large font.

thuis would make a great EQG Promo short or a filler episode for the upcoming EQ Acadamey show

Short and sweet, I like it. I wouldn't be opposed to similar one shots/chapters of her having a one on one with each friend.

This was really lovely... I'm among those who'd love to see more stories like this.

Very nicely done

Sunset's cutie mark, to me, symbolises balance between the pursuit of power and opening herself to helping others. Probably because it looks a lot like the Buddhist 'ying-yang' symbol.

5599575 good lord, please don't ever go through that portal naked Sunset!!

I can't believe this story has 3 dislikes. :rainbowhuh:


I loved this story. THUMB UP FOR YOU!

This was very well written and I really do hope you do a follow up to it. Such a very wonderful story.

I love this ^-^ I got recommended here from Worn Leather by Holy, and I am very glad that I made the trip! :derpytongue2:

How nice. I liked this though I'm not a big slice of life fan myself.

Good work

Sweet with the help of this story I got some sick nasty head cannon for Sunset's cutie mark.

A cute story nice job :ajsmug:

As well-handled as your other work! I like the subtleties of the various interactions, though I was a bit taken aback by Sunset’s reaction to Rarity’s touch, given how tactile ponies as a people seem to be—but then I suppose Sunset might be an exception to that broad trend.

A couple of errors I should point out, though: the past tense of “lead” is “led”, and as is very common, there is trouble distinguishing “it’s” (contraction of “it is”) and “its” (possessive form of “it”). If your reaction to the latter is “but that’s inconsistent”, alas, you are quite correct. English is a most irregular language.

You should change the Rarity tag to the new Rarity(EQG) tag

awesome story

Comment posted by Clayton Harbaugh deleted Feb 18th, 2018

“I have no idea what you could be thanking me for,” the girl said casually. “Good manners should be expected of any lady.”

This is why Rarity is my favorite, along with Sunset, of course. She's the most well-mannered of the group.

Author Interviewer

This was everything I wanted it to be and more. Very well done!

I should be able have it ready

You missed one. :B

She was so sweet to her. :rainbowkiss: I absolutely adored your portrayal of Rarity in this - a shining example of the generosity she so often represents. And it was pleasant seeing her both comfort Sunset Shimmer and work expertly in her own element to assist her. :twilightsmile:

Sunset and Sweetie Belle were also quite in-character here too. :eeyup:

Polite and welcoming paired with hesitant and repentant was rendered here wonderfully. I particularly liked how you showed that Rarity keeps a list of her friends' and families' measurements so she can make fashionable gifts for them, and then implied that she was already planning on making Sunset Shimmer something like that in the future. :raritywink:

Your idea that Sunset's cutie mark represents 'passion' was also unique, as I've never read of that anywhere else. Thank you kindly for the engaging read. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome! Loved this! Give me more Sunset stories like this! Please and thank you for sharing this!

I love Sunset Shimmer stories, especially sweet ones like this.

I have an idea for you I Wonder In the vesion of Equestria girls Sunset Shimmer as a twin sister name Sunshine Shimmer she was Princess Celestia Student her sister sunset shimmer try to clam her down but she didn't listen to her and abanded her studies and do her own path to steal Twilight crown. Sunset Shimmer she a nice girl in chs but her sister Sunshine Shimmer was the big Meanie. Sunset Shimmer was so scare of her sister She didn't have a choce to Be force by her sister to be lackey along with snips and smails. they serve as minor antagonists and Sunshine Shimmer's bumbling lackeys. Sunset Shimmer is best friends with Fluttershy pinkie pie applejack rarity and rainbow dash. Sunset shimmer was force by her sister to kidnap twilight dog spike. Sunset shimmer tell twilight i'm sorry her sister sunshine shimmer force her. Sunset shimmer was happy to have a friend like twilight but she give to crown to her sister sunshine shimmer and turn into a raged she-demon. Sunshine Shimmer hypnosis everyone in school along with her sister sunset shimmer as her own army to take over equestria.

Hi! I read your story, or rather, only the part of it that you posted :) I like her very much. I was more intrigued by sunset's explanation of her cutie mark, since I didn't know what the sun on sunset's t-shirt meant :D
I have one question. I really liked your story, and I look forward to continuing. But I have a suggestion. Can I translate your story into Russian? If you understand Russian, I can send you a link to the site where I will publish the translation and indicate you as the author.

AWWWWW MAN this is the cutest story ever!


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