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What a beautiful Sunset.


Sunset has had the same jacket ever since she came to Canterlot High. Rarity and the girls want to treat her to some new clothes, but some things are too important to be replaced.

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Cute and Fluffy

Good story...:twilightsmile:

Well done. After the day i had at work i needed this exact sort of thing. Thank you. :ajsmug:

Simple, sweet, and a nice little story bite. Have a thumb.
Although, I did notice a small typo in the last line,

It was out pleasure, Dear.

I could've sworn I fixed that in my last pass. Oh well, thanks for pointing it out, and thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:


A E rated story from the glorious boner riser!?

Nice story.

This is..... Perfect.

Really nice.

This was super adorable.

I know the feel.
My dad gave me his old leather jacket about four years ago. The thing had scratches on the leather and holes in the fabric. Since I got it, alot of new memories have been carved into it. Right now no one in my home town can imagine me without the old thing. When people say my name, they think of a worn leather jacket and combed back hair.

This is exactly how I feel about my red hoodie. I've had it since I was three years old (even though it was obviously oversized and served more as a blanket than anything else) and continue to wear it on a daily basis. So many memories, both good and bad, have been formed with it on me.

principle Celestia

The principal is your pal.

I live it! Do you possibly have the link to the cover image?

Totally been there. My grandma sent me a hoodie in like, fourth grade, and I wore that thing everywhere. All the way up to the ninth grade, I always had that hoodie on. I would hide in it the way Fluttershy hides in her hair, and it was the softest thing I owned. Eventually it got to the point where it was too small to put on, so I got a new nicer one. I don't wear it half as much though, it's just not the same.

So adorable...
And boy do I know the feel of hanging onto clothes and other items for sentimental value.

Ever since sixth grade, I had this one black hoodie I wore all the time. Then, one day after eighth grade, my mom tossed it out, and I was MISERABLE because of it. It was covered in bleach stains from Sundays I spent cleaning, tears from getting caught on stuff, and it had this real old smell that I tried to cover up with perfume, but I loved that ratty thing to absolute DEATH. I have a couple jackets that I wear now, but the one I wear the most often is my black Kingdom Hearts hoodie because it was oversized and soft like my old one, but it's not the same. (Lol, this is probably the 50th comment about old jackets you've gotten isn't it)

Source is tagged on the pic.

I still have my leather jacket from my cousin. It is super soft because it has been worn to hell and back. I had to turn it inside out and stitch up the right arm because the inner lining basically split down the arm and I had to sow the inside pocket from over use, but I still have it and even though I got a new jacket, I'd be super bummed if I lost that one.

This story, like the best presents, is filled with warmth and care. Thank you for sharing these feelings with us.

Hnnng *sniffle* happyfeels

I can honestly say I feel the same about a hoodie I can't really wear much anymore.

Living in an area full of blacks and wearing a hoodie that makes one look like a member of the Klan is normally a very bad idea.

...But fuck if it ain't comfy as hell.

~Skeeter The Lurker

The sweet... ow... it's too much!

Here lies GenerousGypsy,
Who died as he lived;
Fawning over adorable things.

6535025 That was my first reaction too.

Maaaaan, I'm the same way about this old orange hat of mine. Its been with me since I was eleven, old as heck, missing the top button and hasn't been washed since then... I still love the dang thing.

An awesome story... makes you think about those little important things,

Tell me... do you cut...
Footloose? 8D

Sunset's memories of her old jacket reminds me of some clothes of mine (and even non-clothes) that I have which I've had for years, yet they contain precious memories which is why I keep them around despite some not being quite so fashionable anymore. Reading this story has shown me a new understanding of memories, and that mere objects have more value than first glances suggest.

The feels are welcome.

Aw, okay, this was very sweet. Well done!

Very well done indeed! :twilightsmile:

OK, OK, this was awesome, but...

Sunset, if that jacket is so important to you, WHY DO YOU KEEP THROWING IT INTO THE AIR FOR THE WIND TO TAKE AWAY!!!!!

I love me some fluff.

if you think this is adorable, listen to the Japanese dub of "Smile" oh my god it's kawaii

6536603 I don't even like the FNaF characters but that is an awesome avatar picture.

6536163 Sometimes I dance to 50's Rock n' Roll, if that's what you mean.
I know the movie and the song and I must admid my feet just can't stop moving when hearing it.:rainbowlaugh:

And here I though the twist was going to be that the jacket was actually Sunset's own pony skin... actually, that would just be creepy. Ignore me.

Aw, really sweet story. Even if I do like Sunset's original outfit and colors more, the new one really does symbolize how far she's come. As well that in this story there's a lot of good memories associated with it rather than just Sunset's original reign of tyranny. I always figured that Rarity would have something to do with Sunset's new clothes, and this is a very good background story for Sunset's new clothes.

"Also, when ponies come through into this world, they appear in clothes. I've made very, very sure that I still have the same outfit I had on when I arrived because I really, really, really don't want to try to go back to Equestria some day and find out that my hide from Equestria became my jacket here. Even in the best case, that would mean I'd be mismatched. ... Also, leather? C'mon, some of my best friends back... well, some acquaintances of mi... okay, so I've heard that cows in Equestria could talk."

6536748 I have it on my mp3 player. Not so much cute as catchy.

fair, catchy is different, A/C syndicate trailer music, to cute, midnight 3.

Refusing to ditch an old leather jacket no matter how tatty it is because of the memories attached to it? Reminds me of someone else, that does:


I tend to hold onto my old clothes for a long time too, although usually not for the sentimental reasons Sunset does. I'm just to practical and cheap to replace them until it's absolutely necessary. I have two different well-woarn coats that lost the pull-tabs of their zippers a long time ago, and I'll probably continue wearing them for another year or two.

Good job capturing the sweet friendship between these girls. I especially liked how you made the wear and tear of their clothing a "reference sheet" for all of the memories they share. That was a nice touch.

To be fair, where is he going to find one that's in any better shape?

Very fluffy.

How heartwarming!

6536940 That's what I was suspecting too... Or else what 6537017 said. I read a story once where the most precious books in Equestria were bound in leather made from the hides of animals who have volunteered to have themselves immortalized therein. I could easily see Sunset treating a leather jacket in the same way, even though she hasn't the least idea who provided the skin.

This one is from that everybody-has-to-try-hot-sauce-on-cupcakes party that pinkie threw.

Capitalize Pinkie's P... small nitpick. Otherwise, this was very heartwarming.


Not at my highschool. Grumblegrumbledetentiongrumbleunfairgrumblegrumble

Because Friendship heals; because Friendship helps replace the bad with good; because Friendship is about moving on to better things.

Because Friendship is Magic

A lovely little emotive character piece. I loved it along with the insight it gives into Sunset's character.

Hot sauce on cupcakes? I thought of my old video that was inspired by Pinkie Pie...

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