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Once I confirm final price I'll alert you for payment.

I expect to receive the books on the 28th or sooner, and will begin shipping them out as quickly as I can. As you're in the USA it'll probably only take a few days to receive it - though I'm going to Washington DC over that weekend so I might be delayed in shipping.

2091279 Hmm.....send me the necessary info for paypal, then I'll more than likely purchase myself a hardback copy. When can I expect actual delivery? Also, on the hope that this actually goes through all fine and dandy, it is possible to publish one's fanfiction that involves other works?

Since it seems I can't PM:
Assuming no one defects, you make 50, so the final price is likely to be $40.

2046972 No prob dude! That KH fic is pretty good.

Thanks for the watch!

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