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What a beautiful Sunset.


Sunset drags you through the portal for another weekend escapade, but once you're through you realize this isn't the usual trip. Twilight has a new spell to try and you get to see just how much ponies enjoy pets.

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Sqeeeeeeee! So cute!

Mmmmyesss...adorable pony scritches:rainbowkiss:

Lyra will be jealous

Best scritches!
Also.... Lewd!

Really wish there was a Sunset emoji.


So fluffy and adorable. Just what I needed today.

10/10 I must give a pony all the scraitches now

I can't get over how cute this is! :yay:

It's actual hard to decide if I'd rather be the pony or human in this scenario.

So petting is the pony equivalent of... handholding?

Most wholesome way to take over Equstria imo.

That's a very comfy story.

Your thaumatological technobabble is fun to read.

Adorabetes ❤️

Dawww! This is so fluffy and cute!

The solution is simple.
Split your consciousness between to bodies, turn one into a pony,
And Go Scritch Yourself!

Absolutely adorable!

and a Cloverian arch reversal spell

Maybe, you meant "Clover's" (Clover the Clever)?

If she finds him as a Human(thanks to twilight), she is gonna break in and assault him and then get herself knocked out from the platonic affection:pinkiecrazy:
Ponies love platonic affection, it's their way of making love:ajsmug:
Gets a defibrilator charges up READY!!! shocks you back to consciousness here ya go:scootangel:
THEY ALL DO!!!:pinkiehappy:
Are you dead already from too much cuteness? Respond if not, i'll make sure you'll die from cuteness then:pinkiecrazy:
That's what the Sexlord said!:rainbowwild: don't go overboard or i'm dragging you away from them if you go non-con!:pinkiecrazy:
Depends, if you are the only human though you can only be the one giving the scritchy scritchies, not receive any(not even in EQG), so that question is solved, unless you got a friend with you that is turned into their human self to give you this affection---you just got platonicly assaulted by your friend and are now being blissed to oblivion!:rainbowkiss:
No Actually that's very good:twilightsmile:
SWEET CELESTIA AWESOME IDEA!!! but how do you wanna control both? you can only control one at a time, and a mindsplit would be devastating, difficult descision...
i died from reading the story Please get a defibrilator and revive me, if that don't work -USE PLATONIC AFFECTION ON ME!!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
most likely!

Shessh i am not even the author and i pinged almost everypone here!!:rainbowlaugh: that's just sick!:pinkiehappy: ok goodnight everypony!

No, I didn't.

Adorable x 2! Sunset & Twilight might have found something they like more than video games and books, respectively.

Ok. I asked that because in my translations and edits I often deal with wrong character or location names, so I ask when not sure, is this name misspelled or author used OC name.

Also translated on Russian, if you don't mind. I'll provide links when editing will be finished. Of course, all credits will be written there.

As I promised, here are the links to the translation: FicBook, PonyFiction

Sure, no problem. In this case the -ian suffix is applied to the description here to indicate that it's of or related to the theory or style of a country, person, or the originator of the theory/style. It'd be similar to calling something Shakespearian to denote a similar style to Shakespeare or related to his works.

Yep, thanks, one of my editors explained me about -ian suffix after I wrote my first comment here. I'm not a professional translator, I had English (as foreign language) only in school and in music high school, and this means that I don't know it so well, so it happens that I sometimes fail on some simple things like this time.

I'm a sucker for cute things!!!

Who wouldn't love some scritchies?! i would actually love'em, especially since sunset wanted to experience it as her actual self and noe as a Equestria Girl where she has fingers anyway:3

This is adorable. I dont know whats fluffier, this story or the chest flood described within.

Any plans to update Starting From Scratch?

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