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The first time it happened, Sunset didn’t pay it any mind due to the circumstances. The second time it happened, she noticed it and brushed it off as the action of a concerned friend. The third time it happened, she finally figured out that Rarity was flirting with her.

6/20/2016: Now with cover art designed by the very generous Novel-Idea! Thank you so much!

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An under appreciated ship to be sure, I greatly enjoyed this! Rarity is very much a diet Adagio when I write her, and seeing that here is refreshing.

I don't think anyone would bat an eye at Sugarcube Corner, but I did pause to think about it when I read 'Sweet Shoppe', :applejackunsure:

Also seems like you've got a thing for the 'rule of three', huh? I remember you referencing something similar in NYNU, :twistnerd:

Very nice and sweet story; that first scene is my personal favorite from the whole of Friendship Games (not necessarily in terms of shipping fuel; just the simple elegance of the way it was constructed, and how true Rarity's words are). It's too bad it's marked as complete 'cause it certainly could pass as the set-up for a longer romance tale, :twilightsmile:

I noticed that scene from Friendship Games seemed perfect for shipping, this is the first I've seen someone actually do it though, and it's wonderful. As always I love the way your exposition weaves into the story.

The only thing I can say I wish was different is that I wish it was a bit slower, a multi chapter story where we watch the flirting grow over time instead of back to back as it is here. But of course that's a lot of writing when you've got other stuff going on and other stories you want to tell, and really this story works well with the length it is.

This was a lovely read, gave me the warm fuzzies :pinkiesmile:

Good job! Lovely story.:scootangel: I personally love this pairing.

Well, this certainly was...something.

Nice to see somepony... someone with Sunset a little different; mostly it's usually Twilight, Twilight or the Dazzlings. Bit of variety doesn't hurt.

Sunsarity I think is the word you're looking for in reference to the pairing.

Very sweet and very natural. Good job.

I enjoyed this story very much. It’s interesting to see variety and how different pairings could form. Well done.
This could be… Sunarity? Rarisun? Sun roasted marshmallow? Ship names are tough… :raritydespair:

Very nice story! I never even knew that I wanted this shipping, until I read this o.o


When I did a search for ship names Rarishimmer also got some pretty decent usage, but there doesn't seem to be one agreed upon name. Probably because the ship isn't super popular. :twilightsheepish:


... There's one I didn't consider. And thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it.


Definitely made it a lot of fun to write, I'll say that. The dynamic was really cool to play around with and quite different from how I usually approach Sunlight.




Thank you very much! Glad there's someone else around who likes this pairing, it really crept up on me rather unexpectedly. :twilightsmile:


Thank you! Glad it made you feel all warm and fuzzy. :pinkiehappy:


I keep telling myself one of these days I'll write a multi-chapter romance story again. It's been years since I touched on it, but I'd really like to do it at some point. Thank you for the read and I'm glad you enjoyed the story!


Human world's weird. :facehoof:

It's a very handy little writing tool, though I do admit I considered naming the story Third Time's the Charm first. Rule of Three just seemed more fitting from the way the story actually ended up unfolding. I probably won't reference it again in my stories for awhile, though.... maybe. :trixieshiftright:

Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:


Thank you very much! And yes, honestly, I had a lot of fun with Rarity's character here. Her dynamic in general with everyone else is just so much fun to watch, and it was an interesting experience to get her interacting one on one with Sunset even for just a one-shot since sadly their canon interactions are few and far between in the movies.


Then my job is complete. :ajsmug:

Rariset is probably the most unappreciated ship. I love how you did it though.


Thank you very much! I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Sunsarity is my fav name for this ship, because it sounds like sincerity~!

Nice story, too~ Sunset shipped with people other than Sunset, the Twilights, or the Dazzlings is rare enough to respect, for sure.

I remember seeing the pairing come up in... one of the longish EG adventure fics, I forget which (edit: This one. Not great, but not bad either.), but it's not delved into much.

They're cute together, though. Sunset's one of the few characters in the show with the street smarts to keep up with Rarity's social charms.


Ooooh, I quite like that one! A nice combination of their names, too.

Glad you enjoyed the story and thank you very much. Writing Sunset with someone who wasn't one of the Twilights or Adagio was certainly a fun little challenge.


The flirting was so obvious that it went and inspired a nine-page story on my end. Didn't think I would like writing these two together so much.


... You know, I never thought of it like that? But now you've gone and planted that thought in my head, and now I'm thinking about it, and I'm probably going to be thinking about it for awhile, because dynamics like that are fun. Thank you very much for that.

6566202 "Lady and The Tramp"-ish dynamics are great. Though this one is more Lady and the Street Rat, if anything. But it's a fantastic dynamic none-the-less

This was very cute and brilliant.
I don't agree with this ship, but you made it sound wonderful in this story! :pinkiehappy:
I'll be happy to read more of your content :twilightsmile:


Welp. Happy to be of service.

A lot of stories have Sunset get all angsty over how she used to manipulate people, and for good reason, but the fact remains that she's good at it. She understands psychology and social dynamics, what threads to tug at and what buttons to push to affect people, and like Rarity, used those skills to climb the social ladder. Just with a very different approach. They're not too different from each other in the end, though.

I am an adamant Rarijack and Sunlight shipper
and I am totally and completely in love with both Rarity and Sunset
but this fic? this is PERFECT
the characters were consistent to the canon, and the chemistry was so well created
kudos to you, author! i now have a new guilty pleasure ship

This was just so sweet and perfect. :twilightsmile:

I really like this pairing, now that you've introduced it to me. It makes me reanalyze everything between Sunset and Rarity, just to see if they're flirting. Because when they're sincere with each other, they're really freaking adorable! But if they ever get into an argument, I'm pretty sure their combined snark well cause nuclear fallout, just saying. Great story RadiantBeam.

The name is either sunity or rarilight......
I hate both of them.....

I checked the wiki and the place the girls visit in Rainbow Rocks is apparently called the Sweet Shoppe and not Sugarcube Corner

That name came from the chapter book adaptation of the first movie, and is not mentioned anywhere in the movies. And, considering the liberties said chapter book took with the script... Frankly, I would have ignored it.

Well I have a new ship. Not my favourite nothing will overtake SunLight for me, but now I ship them so hard! :raritywink: 'Insert Sunset face here'.

I don't even know if it has a ship name

I'm not sure how well (or if) it's established in the fanon, but I call it SunRa (y'know, like sunray?)


You fool! In your arrogance of being 'best ship', you have grown weak! The age of SunAta Le Sonata Shimmer is at hand!

6567071 Actually I'm not against Sunata, in fact I find them so super adorable together! :yay: I just prefer SunLight, and now I also like Rarishim, or whatever the name is. Truly it is you who is arrogant for not being able to appreciate multiple ships of the same character.
Case and point, uh... :twilightoops: I forgot where I was going with this... :facehoof:


Glad you liked it, and I hope you enjoy whatever else I post. :twilightsmile:


A new guilty ship, you say? :pinkiecrazy: Mission accomplished!


Thank you very much. :pinkiehappy:


Oh, a fight between these two would be absolutely brutal, no doubt about it. We've already seen what Sunset is capable of and then some, and of course the show has provided plenty of moments where Rarity wasn't at her best. Not only would the fallout be nuclear, the process of them making up would be a sight to behold depending on how nasty the argument gets and where it ends up going.


Then I've done my job correctly. :raritywink:

excellent story , rarity and sunset best couple! kudos to you on a fun read!


I can't argue with that. Rarishine(?) and, if I may be so bold, SunAta are adorable.

6567211 I guess that could work, but at the same time, RariShine sounds like Rarity and Fluttershy, Like how SunShine is Sunset and Fluttershy.


Thank you very much!

So cute! A perfect cure for the after effects of a grimdark!

aww this is perfect. just the thing to soothe my soul after all the stress from today~:heart:


Glad you both enjoyed it and that it cheered you up. :twilightsmile:

I found this a lovely read.


Thank you very much!

God damnit, why is this a one-shot? I need more of this :) But seriously, great work, dude! :raritywink:

While I'm not usually one for the light hearted shipfic or for stories shipping Sunset in general (usually the writers get the characterization wrong), but I can say that this was a fun and cheerful read. This made my day. :raritywink:

no idea what this ship is called. RariSet perhaps? anyway this was a nice little read.

“So….” Rainbow’s voice was completely casual as she came up to her friend’s side. “When did you two start dating?”

Ever the blatantly obvious element of honesty loyalty, Rainbow Dash.

I can see Sunset with all of the Main 6, but Shimmity, SunLight, and SunShy I see more likely to happen.
I'm actually curious if there are any SunDash, SunJack, or SunPie fics on here :rainbowderp:

I love cute ships like this. Just little slice of life romances.



I prefer ShimRar


I can see Sunset with all of the Main

Coincidentally, there is a dearth of " Sunset clones herself for her girlfriends" fan fictions.

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