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In the darkness of a malfunctioning elevator, there's little else to do but lay your heart bare.

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Holy crap; Sunset's face on dat coverart! :rainbowlaugh:


Sunset chuckled wryly, then began digging through her jeans pocket. Soon enough, she had made a small pile in front of her consisting of a wallet, keys, lighter, pocket knife, pepper spray, and some gum.

Pinkie Pie managed to scrape together some gum, paper clips, a few rubber bands, string, more gum, several balloons, a melted candy bar, a lot of loose change, and a rubber bouncy ball.

Okay, MacGuyver; you're-

“If this were a TV show, we’d somehow be able to use all of these items in ways that would allow us to break out of here and stop the terrorists!”

... Dammit, Pinkie! :facehoof:

Now of course, the question is... was this really real, or just another of Pinkie's dreams? We'll just have to wait until Sunday to find out for sure, :trollestia:

“What're you looking at?”

This is so quintessentially Sunset that it makes me laugh and leap for joy at the same time. :pinkiehappy: Also, Sunset and pinkie have the best story of how the got together and their first time together.

I was beginning to wonder how this worked. I mean how could Sunset be doing references to the previous stories, and still be single every time. The explanation came just in time :)

I'm loving this week :)

The doors opened with a rush of the sweet air of freedom. Sunset stood there, in all her natural glory, one hand on her hip as a crowd of police officers gawked at her.
“What're you looking at?”

Only Sunset wouldn't have a problem with nudity :rainbowlaugh:

Pinkie's dreams of the feature box of some sort of electrical network hub in some distant universe (that's us!). That's why she knows about Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity x Sunset stories.


I really like it when stories explore the serious side of Pinkie like this. Y'know, show the massive intellect that doesn't always come through in her normal interactions. And like the previous stories (and the contributions by other authors), this was a joy to read. I like the chapter title as well. Friggin' "notice me, senpai" memes...

Somehow, having Pinkie be vaguely aware of the other worlds going on in this sequence of stories just fits perfectly with her, where on anyone else it would feel like a cop-out. It is a bit weaker of a motivation than the other stories (and some part of me really wants to know what was going on outside the elevator while SunPie was happening) but I still think its very good. Pinkie Pie was her usual bouncy colorful self but did actually seem nervous and even panicky at the right moments. Not really something you see very often.
Can't wait to see where the next one goes. :twilightsmile:


why is is 2/3 of EQG fics sunship stories

Ah. Closely related timelines, but not necessarily the same one. That explains matters.

I'm not sure how concerned I should be that Pinkie Pie helped me better understand something, but I'm fairly certain the amount should be greater than zero.

In any case, very nicely done moment of vulnerability for Pinkie and a great supportive Sunset. Thank you for this.

This one was a little odd compared to the others. Then again, I'm not sure why I was expecting Pinkie Pie's story to follow a pattern of any sort. That just seems dumb in hindsight.

Anyways, I thought this was a good story on its own, but I was a little disappointed in how it didn't really fit in thematically with the other stories in the series. I started to see this week not as seven separate stories, but as a "variations on a theme" kind of anthology. Specifically, as Scarlet pointed out in the RD story, each story serves as a nice character study for Sunset in the context of another one of the Mane 6, and reinforces this by placing Sunset in the domain of another character to let those aspects of her character shine through. In this case though, you didn't do that, and the result is that we didn't really get to see Sunset interact with Pinkie while she was "in her element," as it were, but rather when Pinkie was completely out of her comfort zone, which makes for a good story but also dissociates it from the previous stories.

Again, not saying this is a bad story - it's amazing on its own - but I feel like it doesn't quite tie into the others as well from a thematic standpoint.

Whelp, the fourth done... oh and it's Sunset Shimmer Day on EQD today.

This time is Sunset and Pinkie Pie. Not a popular ship... in fact a rarely see Pinkie Pie romance ship.

The story goes on in an elevator. Kinda cliché if you ask me, but I think you need a least a cage or somewhat the pink devil.

So lots of fun, some rare seriousness from Pinkie and her fourth breaking abilities on the loose as always.

In all very nice Pinkie Pie romance one shot. There should a little more of them... or at least I should look a little more in case I miss them.

Next tomorrow is... Fluttershy yay :yay:

These stories read like a Japanese style dating sim. Each girl being their own path but on the same story. I'm guessing the last path is likely a harem ending if it holds true to formula.

Pinkie's path so far has taken the least work. Sunset didn't really need to do anything.

Because she's super compatible with pretty much anyone. She's designed to be.


Because Sunset is the most interesting character in the EQGverse, and the best way to explore characters is through relationships. Romantic relationships tend to be the deepest, so you get to explore the deepest part of the person.. pony.. whatever.

Also because we love shipping. :trollestia:

Four for four in the feature box!

I would have lovoed this to be a clopshop, but you did t do it ?, anyway, good short so far.

If any line could convince me to ship Sunpie, it's this one!

“love is just another type of party, I think. Let’s figure out how to throw it together.”

Please notice me, SunPie!

Hmmm. For me, it's "NOTICE ME MARKPIE!"

I groaned so hard at the chapter title.

Deeply mixed feelings.

First, overall positive response to the story as a whole. Pinkie is apparently very hard for people to do right, and you have nailed her here. I love the little details you include in the dialogue that give us insight into her home life, like the throwaway line about Maud not being the only one in college. I love the set-up for the elevator going dark. I love Canterlot Palace being a casino. Mostly, though, I deeply love how Pinkie's confessions never feel out of character. You keep her bouncy and fun and energetic and determined to stay that way even when circumstances are actively pushing against it. This is all great stuff.

My only downside is that this is the first of your stories so far that I didn't really get to 'dawww' as much about the ending of. Rarity, Applejack and Rainbow Dash's endings all had various levels of romantic-comedy tropes to them - hell, the ending of the last fic had Fluttershy just gracefully stepping out of the way which is a trope so ingrained in rom-com films that the moment an initial love interest is introduced I'm already counting the seconds before they become irrelevant. Here, though, the final emotional catharsis comes when Sunset tells Pinkie she "can't make promises about how she feels" but "she's willing to give it a shot".

Okay I can understand not wanting to be too emotionally crazy - my boyfriend and I built up to 'love' - but c'mon Sunset, you do not phrase things that way. It carries this unspoken implication of "well you'll do". I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Still, this was an overall fun read, and really delivered on Pinkie so that's major bonus points.

This was so cute and funny! I kind of expected a reference to Love Twiangles, though, but it was really good!

SunPie… Senpai…

Yeah, I ship this now, thanks to you.

Great story! I was really thrilled to see you were gonna tackle the least loved Sunset ship around, and you definetly made it work.

I haven't read this but I'm upset about your chapter name. This isn't okay. I feel angry

There goes the Grand Sunset Harem theory.

Really? I thought the chapter name was freakin genius. Also, I would advise reading this story, it's quite good. I've been reading Oroboro's sunset shorts all week and have been enjoying them immensely.

7586011 Hmm I really don't see it, the only 'theme' I see to the stories is "Sunset hooks up with each of the not-mane 6" and it does just that here. And ties in more then most by being the one to actually bring in the relationships between all of them. If anything I feel Rarity's is the weakest due to it being the one where Sunset is mostly a passive observer to events as Rarity starts to fall for her, rather then Sunset coming to see how she feels about the other character
7586093 This has got to be one of the first times I've seen someone saying not being cliched was a bad thing. This is by far my favorite of the stories I've red so far, in large part because of how low key it is about relationships. This isn't some grand, deep abiding romance, and it was never meant to be, none of the really are. It's just Sunset/Whoever realizing they kind of like being with each other and deciding to give it a try. it's one of the best strengths of the entire series that it treats it so realistically rather then force all the cliched 'romance' tropes in just for the sake of using them, which is what makes me loathe the vast majority of 'romance' stories. In most of them it really is Sunset just deciding to give a shot not in a 'You'll do" because she is not actively seeking a relationship and settling, But her just then realizing, "Maybe this could work out, might as well give it a try." And she is simply being honest about that, she has for all of them, that this isn't some enduring fairy tell perfect love story, just, two teenagers hooking up to see where it might go.

Now yeah this fic was lowest on the 'romantic feels' of the set so far, but everything we got was so perfectly paced and set up, and it all worked so well, plus it made up for the lower 'romance' by being so damn FUN which is perfect for pinkie Pie, and that ending is just pure, undiluted, hilarious awesomeness. So yeah, definitely my fave of the lot so far.

I always did suspect that Pinkie is subconsciously and metaphysically linked to all her alternate selves. That really does explain a lot.

Pretty good story. It struck me as slightly slow in pace, though, and could have benefited from more tension. Also, it's a bit weird that Sunset went from: "I'm not sure I'll be able to love you, but there's a chance" immediately to "Sexy times, baby!"

Sunset Bangs Her Way Through Her Friends

7586413 half of Sunset Shimmer stories in a nutshell

Sunset, you just don't give a buck at all do you. :moustache:

7586385 1. All "Pinkies" Are merely the shards of a fraction of the great consciousness of the One True Pinkie One that resides at the heart of all creation.

2. But keep in mind Sunset in Oroboro's works has a really really relaxed attitude about sex and really doesn't see there being anything all that special about beyond it feels good. It's mostly that she really doesn't find humans particularly attractive that puts her off it, so has to either be really REALLY desperate or be more attracted to the person then their body that keeps her from being a bit freer with it. But to I can totally see her being completely fine with just being fuck buddies with someone and not actually getting emotionally hung up about it at all. It's just sex. So going from "Let's give it a try" to "Banging" so quick, it works for her, since she wouldn't place any particular significance on the act. And pinkie... well it's just one more type of Party for her to have fun with.

Wow, this story was so good! The ending was funny! You're probably be good at clop, has anyone told you that before?

Another time I’d be happy to take you up on it, Pinkie, but my knees are still killing me from all that soccer with Rainbow Dash. Let’s just take the elevator, okay?”

Huh. Is this set after the Rainbow Dash fic? How many of these girls is Sunset dating at once?

Sunset stared, not sure what to make of this. “Pinkie… Those were just dreams. Sure, the girls are all wonderful people, and fairly hot ones at that, but all the time I've spent with them recently was completely platonic. I'm not dating any of our friends.”

Nevermind, the story answered my question.


Cause everyone want the Sunny D

7586018 Fun fact, not just rare, but basically the first of its kind. As far as Oro and I could tell, there was not a single straight-up romance between Sunset and Pinkie on the site before this one. Maybe a clopfic or two.

That ending :rainbowlaugh:

Another great story for this project as always, I can't wait for Fluttershy's story!, I'm excited to see what'll happen between the two. :twilightsmile:

oh god the diabeetus....Sunpie is fucking adorable and hilarious! xD This is why Sunset is so awesome, she can be shipped with damn near ANY of the mane 6

Sunset glanced up at the floor indicator. Almost to the bottom. There wasn't enough time to preserve modesty, and she let out a sigh. Well, clothes weren't natural for her anyway, so what did she care?

The doors opened with a rush of the sweet air of freedom. Sunset stood there, in all her natural glory, one hand on her hip as a crowd of police officers gawked at her.

“What're you looking at?”

If there was ever a reason to join your local police academy...


I just thought it created a strange kind of dissonance, like the story suddenly changed direction without warning. I don't mind the actual scene at all - people can get impulsive in this sort of situation - nor do I see anything wrong with writing the characters as having a relaxed attitude to sex. It's just a bit jarring given the characterization preceding it.

It would probably have worked a lot better for me if Oroboro had established that Sunset did have a physical attraction to Pinkie - either throughout the story, except it only became obvious once they got trapped in the elevator - or at least in an extended scene after Pinkie's confession, giving Sunset some time to sort through her feelings.

It's the fact that Sunset literally goes "I don't know how to feel about this," and then decides to shag Pinkie Pie without skipping a beat, that kinda confuddles me. Because there's no buildup or foreshadowing, and it doesn't really follow the narrative Orbs set up.

“love is just another type of party, I think. Let’s figure out how to throw it together.”

Well, in Ponyville they say - that Toasty's small heart grew three sizes that day.

Well, this snuck up on me!:pinkiegasp::facehoof:

These are all pretty neat so far- they believably flesh everyone out, and it's interesting to see how they sort of fit together and branch apart. Pinkie's honestly probably the one I was least interested in seeing here, and you still showed a plausible connection between her and Sunset.

How Sunset can make SwiTwi really uncomfortable with just one sentence: "Your Big Brother saw me naked."

She sniffed, then blew her nose on Sunset’s shirt.

Ummmm... Ew?

Sunset jolted awake in a lurch of movement and the screech of running machinery. She blinked bleary eyes against the bright lights of the elevator, then sat up, stretching.

She glanced around at the floor, their clothes strewn about haphazardly.

I totally thought you were going to troll with the It Was All A Dream trope. :rainbowlaugh:

Though I'd much rather have been down here and caught up in a bank robbery-slash-hostage situation.

Hilariously enough, I was watching Die Hard just before reading this.

Rather than wasting any more words, Sunset grabbed Pinkie Pie, wrapping her arms around her and pulling her close.

And this is more or less exactly what I would have done.

No, I'm not actually upset. Or, rather, it's the kind of upset you feel when you hear a particularly good/bad pun.


Sunset is the most salvageable part of EQG. I wish she'd been the one to join the main crew instead of Starlight Glimmer to be honest.

Okay, this was just flat out adorable, and is really making me reconsider the SunPie ship.

That being said, I think you nailed both Sunset and Pinkie Pie's characters perfectly in this, Pinkie especially. Her fears were excellently written, and I really liked how she seems to be on the verge of almost fourth wall breaking with her dreams and those are actually the source of another fear-makes me wonder if Pinkies have a universal connection to one another, some stronger than another.


if Oroboro had established that Sunset did have a physical attraction to Pinkie

Except that goes against everything established about this Sunset, she has no physical attraction to any humans, at all. Humans are just to different from the equine forms she finds attractive. And no that's not a she wants to fuck horses joke either, since AJ's established that EQVverse horses also look far to different from Ponies to count for her as well. She's not repulsed by them, but doesn't find them attractive either, it's the person she's attracted to, not their body.

AJ's also set up how lax Sunset is about sex, given she banged AJ after a single kiss and not even being in or expecting it to lead to a relationship. I can get how the thing might seem jarring, but it does fit the characters.

Fifty comments and nobody has posted this.
For shame.

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