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"Do it right and do it with style." - Author, Designer & Project Lead of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm - (Patreon)

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Project Lead & Creative Director of The Manehattan Project (plus about fifteen other things).

I'm really just a writer who was forced into different types of creation because of an injury in January of 2015. Now, I'm finally at the point where I can actually read again without pain (under specific circumstances) and have decided to embark on my own series of tales in a unique little timeline starring my favorite pony, Sunset Shimmer (okay, okay, she ties with Twilight).

I also love doing cover designs for the various FimFiction stories. I have this OCD thing about all books on my iPad requiring a vertical-style cover (I blame Twilight and Rarity). I always use the existing artwork the author has selected as a base and then work from that. If you're interested in getting some cover design work done, send me a message!

Other than that, I keep an obsessively organized series of bookshelves of my favorite stories, which tend to be completed comedies, romances and adventures. If you've wandered by to wonder why I just spammed you with fifteen bookshelf adds, well, it means I liked your story. A lot.

I also enjoy writing insanely long, rambling, convoluted follow-ups to my favorite stories around here. Because, you know, I don't have enough to do already.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment!

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  • Thursday
    My Kind of Crazy: This Sunday is SkyPie Day!

    I am so incredibly excited to show you guys what is probably one of my favorite things I've ever written! I've been in love with SkyPie since the MLP Movie. I never really had a go-to ship for Pinkie before, but this is now Pinkie's eternal OTP.

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  • Monday
    Chaos Theory Chapter 5 - Dimensions is Live!

    I've been waiting for this. Well, to be honest, I'm waiting for every chapter in totally different ways. But this is the FIRST TIME I got to write Wavelengths!Twilight from her perspective! She is so fun to write! :twilightsmile:

    But now, you can enjoy the next chapter in Chaos Theory!

    EA Study on Chaos Theory
    Harmonic bonds aren't the most predictable of spells. Sunset learned this the hard way with Twilight. Involving Moon Dancer will make things either extremely complicated, or extremely simple. And that has nothing to do with harmonic bonds.
    Novel-Idea · 24k words  ·  142  5 · 1.2k views


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  • Monday
    Everfree NW 2018 Cometh!

    So, Mono, Oro and Albi already beat me to this (and did I say this in my last Takka Takka Takka? I don't remember and I'm too brain fried to look it up).

    But I'll be at EFNW 2018 this year! Not only that, but right now I'm slated for SEVEN Writing Panels! I might even be on the EQD panel (if there is one, I'm not sure).

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  • 1 week
    Takka Takka Takka: March 2018 - Chaos Theory

    Back in late January, my family and I had a crisis. My wife’s car gave out.

    During the months of February and March, the MLP Fandom (specifically the FimFic Community), in addition to some old friends on Facebook and a few other places, bought my family a new car.

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  • 2 weeks
    Chaos Theory Chapter 3 - Failsafes is Live!

    Phew... this chapter was a toughie, but I HOPE after this, I should have a smoother release schedule.

    Thank you once again to everyone who donated to help my wife get a new vehicle. I've closed it out, so no, I'm not asking for any more, but I just want to say thank you again!

    I'll try and have a Takka Takka Takka up later this week! This last weekend was my anniversary (13 years, believe it or not), so I had more critical things to do!

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My Kind of Crazy: This Sunday is SkyPie Day! · 11:51pm Yesterday

I am so incredibly excited to show you guys what is probably one of my favorite things I've ever written! I've been in love with SkyPie since the MLP Movie. I never really had a go-to ship for Pinkie before, but this is now Pinkie's eternal OTP.

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Comment posted by Fluttercheer deleted April 7th

Actually, that's one of the things I'm best at. Chaos Theory and Path both have covers like that. Just PM me the details, including synopsis, "vibe," artwork, plus of course title. ^^

A certain minion of overly caffeinated beverages reminded me that you do your own artwork and titles and the like. I was wondering if you'd ever done stylized titles on pre-made cover art, and if so what flaming hoops I might have to leap through to obtain your services in that regard.

Because originally I had chosen the name NovelIdea because I was under the impression spaces weren't allowed. When I found out they were allowed, "Novel Idea" had been taken (and had been taken for some years). I wanted something easier to remember, so I wanted to separate the words. Therefore, Novel-Idea.

Why does your name have a hyphen?

I made good with your request! (Finally) :pinkiehappy:

Sadly, I cannot get the direct link to work on here. But if you want further information, go to www.gardensofequestria.com.

The game is designed as a DLC using the Fallout: New Vegas engine.

If the game's using Unity... Does that mean people experienced with Unity will be able to mod their own levels into the game?

Still a work-in-progress.

Thank you kindly! I worked my tail off this year!

Congrats for the win in NaPoWriMo 2017.

Feel free to contact me by PM and I'd be happy to go over the details with you! :twilightsmile:

I see you do cover arts. One question-What the condition/s for it?

Well, I need to know when best to nibble say hi. :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for stalking following me:pinkiecrazy:
I’m happy to be somebunny worth keeping an eye on :scootangel:

And what might that be? :pinkiegasp:


I'm picking up on a common thread in your stories...

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