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I'm really just a writer who was forced into different types of creation because of an injury in January of 2015. Now, I'm finally at the point where I can actually read again without pain (under specific circumstances) and have decided to embark on my own series of tales in a unique little timeline starring my favorite pony, Sunset Shimmer (okay, okay, she ties with Twilight).

I also love doing cover designs for the various FimFiction stories. I have this OCD thing about all books on my iPad requiring a vertical-style cover (I blame Twilight and Rarity). I always use the existing artwork the author has selected as a base and then work from that. If you're interested in getting some cover design work done, send me a message!

Other than that, I keep an obsessively organized series of bookshelves of my favorite stories, which tend to be completed comedies, romances and adventures. If you've wandered by to wonder why I just spammed you with fifteen bookshelf adds, well, it means I liked your story. A lot.

I also enjoy writing insanely long, rambling, convoluted follow-ups to my favorite stories around here. Because, you know, I don't have enough to do already.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment!

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Stories Wherein the Tale is Far Too Amusing

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Not at all! It was great to read, but as I'm in the middle of a move (and have been for a while and was doing house hunting before then), it simply slipped my mind! Thank you!

Considering that you didn't reply to my message, I'm sorry if I wasn't of much help with the song.

I don't have a least favorite. I love them all for different aspects. That being said, my top is definitely Twi and Sunset tied for first, with Fluttershy close behind. :yay:

Yes! Tempest Twilight is actually another member of the team Bee (and later Lunar) would join to help Equestria in her time of need. The artist behind it is a friend of mine and did the original art (and many others) of Bee and did the very first version of Novel Idea!

is your unity timeline connected to the tempest twilight tumblr

RoMS #89 · July 1st · · ·

Thanks for the follow!!! :scootangel: :rainbowkiss:

Thank you for the watch!

Yup! I'm Project Lead for GoE and head of Manehattan. While I keep spacing on sending up the official message, as it stands, GoE is currently on hiatus due to lack of staff. We have amazing plans, but with the demands of my family, my job and the rest of my life, I can no longer focus all of my attention on it as I once did. With the loss of several other critical members of the team, we simply don't have the manpower to move forward as we had. However, if that changes, I'll definitely be blasting it out for everyone! Until then, the core changes have been released in Smugglers Run and Prologue: The Watcher.

Why the interest in Sparks specifically? We've got a lot of stuff to work up to before Sunset and her friends are ready to face the challenges of that particular story!

Hello there! I was browsing through the Manehatten Project website and saw that you have helped create the fallout mod. I am concerned about the development of the project. We have not heard anything from the team in a year and we are worried that the project has been abandoned. Is this true?

Oh, that will be a while! I need to get through the Everfree and Dawn Arcs!

When is sparks coming out?

Everfree Northwest Writer’s Collab at 10pm in the Writer’s Room! Let’s see what silly thing we can write! Text me at (714) 496-3119 for details!

Then I should have joined a month ago! :twilightblush:

Only been around a month.

Thank you! Honestly, I should have joined you folks forever ago! :pinkiehappy:

Welcome to Epic Adventure, High Fantasy, and Sci-Fi!

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