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This story is a sequel to SunLight Sliders

When a battered girl claiming to be Sunset Shimmer dropped out of an interdimensional portal into Twilight Sparkle's bedroom, little did Twilight know that she was about to be plunged into a chaotic journey through a multiverse that holds terror and wonder in equal measure.

Now, Twilight must uncover the secrets of this strange Sunset's past, survive the whims of something called Discord, cope with Sunset's eternally-changing hairdo, deal with dozens of doppelgangers--good and bad--of Sunset and herself, and worst of all... once again come face to face with a very real demon of her own creation.

And maybe, just maybe... find a way home.

The 32-Author SunLight Collaboration Project

About the Project:
Formerly known as SunLight Sliders II, this massive collaboration project was originally built in the SunLight Sliders FimFic Group. Feel free to check the original group forums for details on the project, the original material and more.

The project kicked off on January 1, 2018 and ended on April 22, 2018. The goal? Each author writes up to 1,500 words within 3 days, always picking up where the previous one left off. The result? A constantly evolving story about SciTwi and an unknown Sunset Shimmer sent careening throughout the multiverse.

SunLight Sliders: Infinite is being published so everyone's hard work can be seen. Please note that I take no credit for the story save for the chapters I wrote (Collaboration on the Prologue, Chapter 1 and the Epilogue). If you enjoyed a particular chapter, please be sure to check out the author who wrote it!

Continuity Note:
Despite the name, you don't need to SunLight Sliders to read this story. One of the explicit rules for this project was that no author could reuse any story element unique to SLS1.

Graphics Design Credits:
Cover Art & Design by Little-Tweenframes/Adge (SciSetDiaries), Overlord Neon and Novel-Idea
Cover Text, Chapter Header & Section Break Design by Novel Idea
Twilight Sparkle Cutie Mark by Intbrony
Sunset Shimmer Cutie Mark By Millennial Dan

All Editing by Novel-Idea - Unlike the original SunLight Sliders, I did not do any edits beyond a fast pass on basic grammar and spelling. All chapters are almost exactly as their original authors wrote them. There have also been no story or perspective changes from the original save for the addition of the Epilogue and adding a hairdo for Sunny in Posh's chapter (thank you Albi)!

Chapters (34)
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Comments ( 97 )

This was the best worst idea you’ve ever had, Novel. Glad to be a part of it!

Fun fact: My original plan was to have the two end up in an Equestria set centuries in the future, where the Friendship Journal had become holy writ despite Twilight's best efforts and theologians debated whether Sunset was apocrypha or allegory. Then Lady Sparkle showed up, and Plan B turned out to be "suplex the goddess."

To be fair, I'd say that's a quality Plan B, as would Aria.

This was wacky fun, as Wash would say.

This sounds really good. I can't wait to read more. Keep up the good work.

I'm honoured to have been a part of this collaboration, and no matter how things turned out, I enjoyed writing my chapter, and I loved seeing this mess of a story evolve and grow with each passing author. Thank you for doing this, and here's to all the Sunsets and Twilights in the multiverse. May they all find what they're looking for with minimal collateral damage.

Oh yes... I actually wrote this... Thanks, Novel, for telling me to cut the worst stuff or I'd have died of embarrassment right now and awesome that you finally uploaded it. But seriously, what was I thinking?

“Aw, come on, notice me, Sunpai.” Twilight replied with mock dejection.

Okay, still proud of that one.

I remember dying for a second at the “I have anime protagonist hair” line.


Okay, still proud of that one.

As you should be!

Wow, this Posh guy sure can write. He's also very attractive.

9712753 He's got nothing on that Idsertian guy. Truly a god among men. He writes okay, as well.

Novel, you put this out at the right time. I just finished rereading Sunlight Sliders a few days ago! Now I get to reread this! Now, in a more bookish format! So much easier. I was considering just going to the blog posts, and then, BAM! This!

Nicely done. And, if I'm reading the chapter right, I can tell that dnd may have had a few influences. I.e. abberation, no initiative, and prone. Those were what I found at least.

“But I’m bored here already,” Twilight interjected. “I wanna go out, see the worlds, eat ice-cream, have adventures and build a harem of Sunsets. How about a dragon-Sunset? Or a maid-Sunset? I know, a dragon-maid-Sunset! Just imagine what she could do with her horns.”

I see what you did there XD

Not in the sense you mean. Those terms all existed before D&D used them. No, if anything, the inspiration came from having one of the players having her character do something so jaw-droppingly unexpected that the rest of the table stared silently at her for a few seconds.

You know, if this were a pen & paper RPG.

“Also, yes, this is literally the inside of your mind. You’re introspecting. This is what introspection looks like.”

Cool. Cool cool cool.

Now I am done with the reread, and I mist say that every single person did a great job. I picked up on so much more reading through it like this, instead of one chapter every three day. And the epilogue is new, and beautifully written. I agree with the sentiment that it is like a mid credits Marvel scene. Great job, all of you. And though it may not happen again, I'm glad it happened twice, with so many great authors.

This was a really nice reading! Good sunlight stories are kinda hard to find nowadays, there's not much content being published anymore, I think, so this sequel was a nice change of pace.
There wasn't a moment when I felt the story was being dragged out or getting slow, and I really liked that most of the authors ended their chapter with little twists that really made you want to click the button for the next chapter. And still, everything had a reasonable explanation that connected all the dots.
All in all, it was great and really enjoyable! Thank you all for putting this story together :twilightsmile:

And so a new story, and a new chance to shine sunlight into darkness, began.

I had Stranger Things' theme song in my head for this opening but not the first one for some reason

Either way, the intro text made the song louder and I loved every second of it

Thank you all for this!

"Wait." Twilight held up a—hoof? Did it still count as a hoof? She held up her crystalline hoof of dainty proportions . "Did you just make a deer pun?"

You just had to hadn't you?

“Wow, a bunch of newbies, looks like.” Spike whistled, then laughed. “Yeah. There’s land. Down there.”

When aren't they newbies? Wouldn't it be awesome if maybe one day they are actually experienced from the start? :V

“No! Well, yeah, but I meant the smoothie!”

And I thought the smoothie. Thanks Sonata.

“Oh, I’m anything but .” Twilight smirked, her magic batting at Sunset’s hair like a cat.


“That’s because I did!” Pinkie chirped, popping up in the middle of the group, sending the mares stumbling back with a cry. “Well, I didn’t vomit it, I just threw paint over everything. Pink is the funnest color!”

And this is my daughter's city
Could this get any better?

“Too long!” Sunset cried out, ignoring Sonata’s ‘I don’t mind!’.

Oh Sunset, at least let her stay, this is too cute

“Well yeah, I thought it was just a place to put all my party paraphernalia but it’s actually another world!” She giggled. “Until another Twitwi came out and asked to stop throwing stuff into her basement. Maybe she could help!”

blinks yeah of course

“Twilight, I’m so delighted you finally woke up.”

Oh no

I have a bad feeling about this


Didn't comment but called it all the same

I came expecting Oroboro
I was not disappointed
also, ouch, my poor heart

Having some pie is probably good advice.

I ship Chaos Sparkle
Its beautiful

“Well, I just stole a kiss from SunSun,” Twilight answered first. “And in return I wanted to have some sweet alone-time with her, M-rated preferably. You can join in, too. Everybody knows three’s a charm. Kyeehahaha!”


After Cynewulf and Rose's chapters, I welcome this chapter with open arms

Because their chapters were as good as they always are and so yours relieved some tension :3

“I’d say Arsene or Carmen.” Twilight gave Serena a wink.

:O cute

Unfortunately, during the brawl, the Talisman got accidentally activated and opened a new portal, which all three fell through.

you can't really have a normal life with mothers like those

“You three will now tell me how you managed to sneak into Lady Cadenza’s manor without being seen by my men!” Commissioner Armor demanded.

of course

“...Thank you, Commissioner Armor. I am afraid this is above your pay grade, I will have to ask you to leave us.”

waaaaaay above it actually

"It is conceivable," Amblejoy mused. "And while one passion fueling a thousand souls might not be able to defeat Discord, a thousand souls with one conviction should be able to do so."

"so we can free Twily and main Sunset's Shining armor, seize the monster he is trapping and defeat the Twive Mind AND Lady Sparkle in the process? It's a sound plan and it may as well work, what are we waiting for!"
- the part of my mind that follows and inserts itself in the story

Now I'm going to cry for Discord's Sacrifice while re-reading Fractured Sunlight to complete the wreck my heart already is because why not?

“Yeah, usually. But this is not usual. You got hit in the head with a burst of chaos magic. Point-blank.” The angel shrugged. “What did you think was gonna happen?”

This got me laughing more than it should for reasons I'm unable to point out

“Evil is sexy, good is sexier, and you’re really proud of your human looks.” The angel flinched. “Ah. I’m vanishing. I think you’re waking up. Here’s hoping we never see each other again, because I am less an individual and more the result of a concussion. Bye!”


A hundred dimensions away, a tall woman sat at her desk, black and white lips pursed as she massaged her temple. The metal halo above her turned an annoyed shade of green.
Stella Nova sighed. "This is why we can't have nice things."

Well, Stella, you could just maybe turn off your interdimensional scanners and force them to ignore any trace of Sunlight, because last time you said, and I quote:

“Your proposal will be considered. If only so I never have to see you universal constants again,” she spat. She stalked toward the portal. “Go home. And may we never cross paths after this.”

Well, you could probably make an effort yourself, don't you think my dear tyrant?

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