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Amethyst Star used to be Ponyville's top organizer. Everything from balancing the Mayor's schedule, Nightmare Night, and even Winter Wrap-Up were dropped on her desk. When the mess ups and the mistakes started to pile up, however, she was only too happy to pass the torch to the new resident librarian.

But, with Cranky and Matilda's wedding under her belt, she can't help but wonder if she threw in the towel a little too early . . .

Good thing there's a pair of friends, dancing around their feelings for one another, that could use a little matchmaking. Amethyst just might be the perfect mare for the job.

Cover art by the illustrious Rossby Waves.
Edited by Jondor and Melon Hunter.
Preread by auramane, Crystal Wishes, and Carabutt.
By special request, pre-preread by Tchernobog

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It's about goddamn time!


I had vacation!

Then I had a lot of work!

Then I had even more excuses to explain away the last week-and-a-half!

Heeeey.... this looks familiar!

7363869 You might want to get your eyes checked, because I'm pretty sure no one has seen such perfection as this before. ;D

7363876 I mean to say, I preread this. Ages ago :P



Many changes have been made since then >_>

You should be seeing some brand new material in the second and third chapters, but you are right! You were a big help in the brainstorming part of this like nine months ago.



7363885 Indeed! Brainstorming is like pre-prereading! It's *design*! :coolphoto:


I am picking up on your request very subtly made.

Tim you better post the rest soon. :rainbowwild:


Naturally! You can expect to see the other two chapters over the next two days. Tomorrow, the second chapter will be posted once I'm done giving it a final once-over.

I love it so far! Great little characterizations, a good hook to it, and of course AppleDash. I couldn't ask for more!


Why thank you!

I had quite a bit of fun crafting Amethyst and Blossomforth's characters and they ended up playing very well off each other for this story. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. :pinkiesmile:


every. fucking. time.

why cant it be a straight ship for once?

I'm getting some vibes from Blossomforth here. Getting ripped off of her goodnight smooch the previous evening, dragging Amy home, asking rather hopefully if she wants her to stay the night...

Could we get two ships for the price of one? :pinkiecrazy:


There's a lot I could say here, but I won't. Instead, I'll wish you a nice day and a happy summer.


But isn't that all just stuff that best friends do? :rainbowwild:


Thank you! I need to find more time to write Rainbow Dash and Applejack. They were both fun to write for their smaller appearances in this story (with a little more to come soon~).

Though, now that I've said that, I can already feel a certain 7363902 's breath on the back of my neck. I think he's readying the whip.

Yes, yes! Go make up with your beeeeeest friiieeend! :heart:


Thank ye!


*high pitched screaming*


You'll never take me alive!


That's what best friends do! How many snuggly wuggly kisses will there be by the end of this, though?

We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out :rainbowderp:


The hell with it!

POST IT NOW! ...Please? :twilightsmile:


Hmm, well . . .



Okay, you talked me into it. Final chapter, dropping in ten!

You know using that picture was cheating, right?

Nice story, nice set up and good characterized ponies! I'm afraid that Lyra and Octavia watched something very private XD but I guess it was Worth it! XD

7368453 Your princess is in another castle!

Wow. That was sooo much fun! :raritystarry: Since Slice of Life aired, I always wondered about that statement. "Premiere organizer before Twilight showed up" - yeah? Then what about Winter Wrap Up? It actually made me go all snarky and sarcastic on her on one side, and on the other one, I felt sorry for her and that she didn't deserve such a treatment from me, because there's always a reason for things to happen. We just didn't get an explanation as to why she failed. (And since I'm kind of a pessimistic one, I naturally assumed the worst.)
Showing her side of the story? Finally getting an explanation for little details like that? It was glorious! And I couldn't be more happy about taking this little piece into my headcanon from now on. :twilightsmile: You made Amethyst relatable, likeable.
Adding to that, I was always a huge sucker for AppleDash, so... that's worth a ton of bonus points, too. And you did well at the characterization of AJ, RD and Twilight - so thumbs up for that.
This story actually reminded me a lot of Slice of Life. It's more about the so-called 'background ponies', while the 'main six' appear almost as a sidenote. It was fun. Thunderlanes cringeworthy attempts at flirting, Mayor Mares 'get your head straight!'-speech, right down to Amethysts and Blossomforths interactions. Just like TwilightUCrazy, I... hoped? Assumed? Waited for it? I dunno. It changed a lot throughout the story. When it started, I suspected they'd probably end up together, too. As things went on, I actually hoped for it. Even further down the road, I just assumed it would happen. And I was actually looking forward to it. And then... that semi-matchmaking took place, where Amethyst kinda sorta shoves Blossom in Thunderlanes direction. It took the winds out of my sail, but I have to admit - it did so in an almost gentle way. I don't exactly feel disappointed. And I can't remember any story ever doing that before... so have a throughout confused: "Huh..."
If you ever plan on writing a sequel - I'd be interested. It would probably be fun to see Amethyst bring Thunderlane and Blossomforth together or the other way around: To follow Blossom trying to find somepony special for Amy. And maaaybe, through some weird and awkward attempts at matchmaking, they'll end up together after all... hehe... shush, let me dream!

Sooo... yeah. Thank you very much for this great piece!


(Tagging TwilightUCrazy in this because the Amyforth stuff is relevant to his comment)

Thank you for your comment! I'm very happy to hear that you like how I wrote Amethyst Star and the other more background characters. They were a lot of fun to explore and develop, particularly Amethyst and Mayor Mare. I plan on coming back to those two at the very least in future stories.

Regarding the shipping you were both hoping for between Amethyst and Blossomforth, well . . . let me put it this way. I didn't really intend to ship them romantically in this story. My goal was to portray them as best friends in the sense that they're like sisters. Shipping was intended, but in a more friend-shipping sense. As for Thunderlane, that wasn't so much Amethyst matchmaking Blossom and Thunder together (>implying Blossom's door even swings Thunder's way~) but rather her getting Blossom to get Thunder to do things in exchange for dinner or whatever. Amy will probably guilt over it later, but for now she's having Blossom unintentionally string Thunder along so she could set up the date for Applejack and Rainbow Dash.

Also, I'm unsure how clearly it came across, but there may be somepony else in the running for little Amethyst's heart—someone with sparkling eyes and a contagious, bright smile. And I may have plans for her and Amy sometime in the future.

That being said, there's always the possibility of me getting struck over the head with inspiration to write something using this Amethyst and Blossomforth, just not in this "universe."


I plan on coming back to those two at the very least in future stories.

Wuhu!... I mean... yeah, that'd be great. :pinkiesmile:

My goal was to portray them as best friends in the sense that they're like sisters.

Hmmm. That... worked, sort of. It works as long as one doesn't assume too much or takes out his or her shipping goggles. Which I'm wearing. Constantly. :pinkiecrazy: But yeah, seeing how things turned out and looking back now? It worked. Sure did. (Which still doesn't mean I ain't hoping for something... :rainbowlaugh:)

Also, I'm unsure how clearly it came across, but there may be somepony else in the running for little Amethyst's heart—someone with sparkling eyes and a contagious, bright smile. And I may have plans for her and Amy sometime in the future.

Oh I do think that came across just fine. The intend, I mean. Her bright smile, her sparkly eyes, yeah... It's just... hm. Blossomforth was a more established character at this point. We had more scenes with her interacting with Amy and their chemistry was... marvelous.
But that doesn't mean I wouldn't be up for something else or that I doubt she could have a good chemistry with anypony else. After all, there is no 'The One And Only Love'. It's just that we didn't get so see it here and now.

That being said, there's always the possibility of me getting struck over the head with inspiration to write something using this Amethyst and Blossomforth, just not in this "universe."

Wuhuuuu...! :pinkiehappy:
I mean... oh screw this, WUHUUU! :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, though - I think I'll have to take a look at your other work and, maybe, watch out for new stuff... heh.

Without having read the rest of this, I'm betting RD and AJ are already an item, it's just that they haven't told anyone else. I bet instead of the dinner, they were in AJ's barn doing, uhhh, sports! Yeah, happy adult fun sports! :pinkiecrazy:

This was excellent for how it fleshed out the various citizens of Ponyville, especially the ones I don't often see covered in other fanfics! I also quite enjoyed how it weaved through the show's continuity, establishing a history for Amethyst that we could already relate to and inspiring sympathy for her... She made for a quite appealing protagonist, and her friendship with Blossomforth was very well done.

All in all, a really charming story... I look forward to reading more organizing from Amethyst!

PS: love the cover art... It sucked me right in and got me reading!


Why, thank you! :heart: :heart:

Amethyst was a lot of fun to write. Her one line in "Slice of Life" set my mind a-wandering, and soon enough I sketched out what I envisioned her character to be. I adore writing canon characters like Twilight and Rainbow Dash, don't get me wrong, but there's something else when the character you're writing has no canon personality and you have to work more from the ground up.

PS: I will pass the compliments along to Rossby! I very much adore his art. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

counting on her to read to bring spring to Ponyville by reading

I think something went horribly wrong here c.c

Author Interviewer

Well that was a lot of fun. :D I really enjoyed watching Amethyst get what she needed.




I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about c:

And yay! I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed it. Amethyst was so much fun to write, that I will at some point in the near-ish future have to come back to her and see what other trouble she can get herself into.

That was quite a lot of fun.

I reviewed this fic here, but in short: entertaining storyline, nice use of its cast and satisfyingly well written. Maybe it's just me, but the "show, don't tell" seemed to go a bit too far occasionally. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed this fic -- it was definitely my favourite of the five Amethyst Star stories I reviewed that week. Hence, it gets a fave here too! :nonexistentamethystsmiley:


Oh, wow. Thank you for taking the time to read and review!

Feedback is always appreciated, and I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed the story. And yes, I tend to be Mr. Ramblypants sometimes when it comes to showing, not telling. That's something I've been trying to work on, but it will probably take a good few more writing attempts before I can find that balance.


7783274 You're very welcome -- and all the more so given how much I enjoyed reading this. I'm pretty sure it was PP's review a while back that got it onto my RiL list.


Bah, i wanted amethyst and blossom to kiss. Booo. Oh well, otherwise this was a great story. Nice to see things about ponies coming to understand and believe in themselves.

Mayor Mare tilted her head to one side. “Your friend?” When Amethyst nodded, she smiled. “Then maybe you ought to listen to her a little more. It sounds to me like she has a good head on her shoulders.”

she ships it

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