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Fleetfoot has a master plan to put together the perfect birthday celebration for Daring Do's special day. Failure is not an the only option.

Cover art supplied by Jondor

Written for and pre-read by Fahrenheit (aka the goddamn captain of this ship. Deal with it.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 35 )

I hereby dub this ship "Fleeting Do."

See, what I like to do is hint to Spitfire that Soarin might like to try a different sort of pie that begins with the letter “P” sometime, and hold back on saying “pumpkin” or “pecan” or “peanut butter” until she gets redder than a Red Gala, her ears perk up, her feathers ruffle, and that flame-looking tail of hers starts swishing. Stir the pot a little, set it to boil, and then get the holy hay out of dodge before Mount Spitfire blows her top.

I don't get this.

But I will be tracking this to see where this goes. Decent, and the passion and love Fleetfoot has for Daring Do is clearly shown in the story.

gasp it is a thing that exists.

A thing I've heard of in whispers.

: D

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed reading the first part of this story. Fleetfoot and Daring Do had great chemistry with each other, not to mention how the story being told from Fleetfoot's point of view adds some nice comedic moments here and there. Keep up the great work! :twilightsmile:

Good, i laughed a few times & I like the chemistry.

Though, if I ship Daring with anyone, it would be Zecora, not Fleefoot.

For normal a regular Joe Schmo pegasus,

feel like you got the placement of that 'a' a little wrong.

I move to Bastille’s side and threw a hoof over his shoulders.

Sudden tense change.

that little kerfuffle with Caballero.

Not inconceivable as a nickname, but Fleetfoot seems the type to make sure to remember the N at the end of Caballeron.



morons’ for drugging your girlfriend

Apostrophe unnecessary.

I look forward to future developments.

the lightest touch of a Prench lit.


setting it up so the entire restaurant is reserve

"That reserve needs the D." Anonymous Wonderbolt, five seconds before being fired.

Is it soupe a l’oignon or soup a l’mignon? Those are two very different things.

Rainbow and her friend helped me out. Fluttershy was one of them.

Fluttershy is Rainbow Dash's only friend.

Fleet is sleeping on the couch for the rest of the month.

This was a fantastic story and I really enjoyed it, been a long time since I read a story with a Lemony Narrator/First Person Smartass that I didn't want to strangle, but this was really good, I absolutely loved Fleetfoot's characterization in this, hilarious and really likable all at the same time, you can tell that beneath the facade of lust and carelessness, she truly loves Darring, and really wanted to do something special for her, it was really sweet:pinkiesad2:

I can't help but notice that this story is still tagged incomplete, what else could you add? that ending was perfect

7439721 I think Farrie calls it DaringFoot

7439729 Like this.


7439816 Thanks. I was a bit worried writing this because I'd never tried this POV, but it ended up being a lot of fun. Not sure I'd ever do it again, but it worked out well enough for this fic.

7439820 :D

7440265 ^^

7440820 I'm totally not over here flicking matches at things.

7441511 That is a possibility~

7441697 Writing for Fleetfoot here was... weird. I kinda mixed Fahrenheit's speaking pattern with the faux arrogant/lazy/smug persona I put on in chats to goof around and then this Fleetfoot came into being.

7442103 Well, what ever you did it definitely worked :pinkiehappy:

This is glorious. :rainbowlaugh: Fleetfoot's plan was genius, and her relationship with Daring is downright adorable. I love it!

All this for a FRIGGING BIRTHDAY PARTY?!?!?!?!!!!!

That was a fast update.

Still, fluffy and cute.

Especially those two you insist are dating—Soarin and Spitfire, right?

I also ship this. :twilightsheepish:

Anyway, that was a fun story. The interactions between the characters were enjoyable throughout the tale and it provided a nice balance of hilarity and drama, which made me more curious as to how it'd all play out. And it's nice to see more stories about both Daring Do and Fleetfoot. Excellent work as usual! :twilightsmile:

God. I hope Spitfire and Soarin' aren't dating. If they are, Spitfire sucks more than we can possibly imagine after that Rainbow Falls stunt.

7443811 Or they started seeing each other after they made up. :P

'Tis a ship.

'Tis a more original ship than Quibbledash.

'Tis not a ship that I do ship. But 'tis a ship that I do respect.

Okay. I think I've managed to bleed away all my pretentiousness. I should be solid for the rest of the day.

7445962 Truth be told, I wrote this for Farrie's birthday about four months ago (holy crap it's been a while) and we kinda forgot about it after the first time she read through it and laughed at how ridiculous I made Fleetfoot's narrative throughout. We only just remembered it after watching the latest episode, so we read through it again and she pretty much demanded that I publish it.

As for the shippiness of the ship, it isn't one that I ship regularly, but I did have fun writing for it. This will probably be my lone voyage into these waters though, she's the harbormaster. ^^

Oh my gosh was this awesome! :rainbowlaugh: I got concerned right at the beginning about the rather uncommon perspective, but hey, you mastered it without a hitch. Fleetfoots plan, her thoughts, her commentary, all those wonderful little details, oh boy. It's been a while since I enjoyed a story as much as this one. :twilightsmile:
... still grinning like an idiot... :pinkiehappy:

Thank you!


More, more of DaringFoot, please. I really loved how you played this up. Maybe a prequel to show how they hooked up in the first place and maaaybe an eventual marriage?:duck:

7689725 It's such a fun story, right?? :pinkiehappy: I love this pairing a bunch, and the author really just ran with it :)

7689725 This is actually a completely unofficial sequel to the vastly superior original! And lo, the author herself has graced us with her presence! Fitting that it was her birthday present that you enjoyed so much, so allow me to introduce 7693997. The fic in question is called Daring Do(esn't Need a Special Somepony).

Edited because Farrie is a scrunchaluffagin.



Okay, I read that story a long while back it seems, guess I forgot about it.

As for this pairing, it did hit me from out of nowhere, like Soarin'Jack. Now I need to read the whole thing in order, yes!

7694462 I think you'll find hers vastly superior in terms of writing. Farrie has an amazing grasp of narrative and comedic timing.

Huh, that went quite a bit better than I expected :twilightsheepish:

Um … can I just say that Princess Celestia could walk in, raise the sun, dance a jig, and leave and I wouldn’t notice her?

I laughed my flank off at this. Particularly the dance a jig part.😂😂😂

Artemis Lulamoon or something—I forget his name, he’s got a daughter, I think—when he went to Yakistan?”
“Right. So you know that he pulled a little stunt during his ‘escape the box’ trick to go steal Yakistani Army intel?” At her nod, I continue, “Basically that when needed. It’s not too often, but we’ve pulled it a couple times on drug runners in Neighvada and Baltimare, and once in the Southern Griffon Kingdom during the tensions with the Northern Kingdom—that was a trip.”

:trixieshiftright: Ha! Eat your heart out, Sparkle! Trixie's family is far more important than yours is!
:facehoof: I've saved the world, Trixie
:trixieshiftright: Sure, you might have saved the world, but it took five other mares helping you in order for you to do it! Trixie's father did it on his own! You can only claim one sixth percent of the credit, while Trixie's father can claim all of the credit!

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