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While it is true that the past can't be changed, it is up to us to make sure that we use the past to improve our future. Join Gourmet Palate as he looks over the events that made him into the stallion he is now.

Takes place in the Quill & Blade universe, but it's not required to know the universe to understand this story. QnB and the characters therein are owned by Crystal Wishes and Anzel

Proofread/edited by Snowliasion extra thanks for giving me the push I needed, I'm in your debt.
Coverart was done by the amazing Rossby Waves

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 8 )

Great story six! Keep up the great work:twilightsmile:

7274708 Thank you! I was very nervous about publishing anything I wrote. But I am glad I did :twilightsheepish:

great work Six.:twilightsmile:

A start of sad, rising into hope, and ending with sweet. To a brighter future, indeed. :heart:

I'm honored you let Savoir and Horsey have such an important part of Gourmet's life! I know how personal Gourmet is to you, so it means a lot to let me in on something like that.

I wanted to commend you on the cutie mark reveal. I absolutely love the mental image you painted with the kebab coming in, piece by piece, note by note, and pulling all together with the skewer. Cutie marks are such a vital part of a pony's identity that I love different discoveries of them. Everyone writes them differently and I think that's wonderful.

I hope we learn more about Gourmet. I'd be interested to see this story drawn out an extended into multiple chapters, or to move forward from here—either way, I'd like you to write more, especially if you enjoyed writing.

7304545 thank you so much for your kind words :heart:

I'm currently trying to figure out how I want Gourmet's story to be told in more detail.

Some parts of Gourmet's story may or may not be able to be told or may or may not be true. For instance, some say that Gourmet Palate can flip a pony-sized pancake perfectly every time. Others say that he can flip a pony as easily as a pancake. Which is true? The former, the latter, both?

7307209 the world might never know, Or it might.

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