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Prepare to be worded.


This story is a sequel to Second Step

Sunbeam and Pepper Ridge were ecstatic when they successfully opened Sunridge Sweets and filled it with satisfied ponies. Unfortunately in this town you don't get to move baked goods without the permission of a shadowy cabal of bakers.

When things keep going wrong at the bakery one daughter vows to put a stop to the ponies harming her parents livelihood. Little does Velvet realize who she is up against and what secrets she will uncover.

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Quite enjoyable. Canterlot Cake Cabals, Dirty Little Secrets, Even dirtier ribbon play? What's not to love?


When the Best Pony is involved, nothing, nothing at all.

Oh my gosh, that ribbon play!! :rainbowlaugh: Wow!

Your characterization of Velvet continues to be spot-on. To be fair, though, I think Runic's cameo was hilariously perfect.

Loved it! :heart:


The Runic cameo was totally unplanned until it happened. While thinking about writing the recipe theft, Velvet piped up. "I've been running around all day and already ditched the ninja wrap." And Runic rescued her. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmm...pretty good. Though it could use a little extension. Feels like the resolution was a little bit rushed.


You are completely correct. I was running out of gas towards the end and threw up the credits screen before the hobbits could return to The Shire.

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