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A thousand years ago, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together (basically) and created harmony for all the land (well, mostly).The two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects, all the different kinds of ponies (it's a little more complicated than that). But, as time went on, the younger sister became resentful. The ponies relished and played in the day her elder sister brought forth, but shunned and slept through her beautiful night (generally speaking, but you know, that's not exactly the whole story).One fateful day, the younger sister refused to lower the moon to make way for the dawn (okay, you're skipping over a lot of details here). The elder sister tried to reason with her, but the bitterness in the young one's heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of darkness! Nightmare Moon! (Okay, this is getting misleading) She vowed that she would shroud the land in eternal night. Reluctantly, the elder sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: the Elements of Harmony! Using the magic of the Elements of Harmony, she defeated her younger sister, and banished her permanently in the moon (whoa, hey, now you're skipping over, like, everything important). The elder sister took responsibility over both sun and moon, and harmony has been main- OKAY LET'S BACK THE HELL UP RIGHT NOW SHALL WE.

Okay, look, that's all technically true, but a lot of information is missing. So, let's get the story straight.

This is the story of a powerful pony who must face her faults when her strength fails her. This is the story of a teacher with lessons to learn. This is a story of love and of hatred. This is a story of joy and of sorrow. This story does not have the purpose of instilling a particular lesson -though it has many- or bringing about a particular feeling -though it has many of those too- like so many stories do.

This is just an Old Mare's Tale.


This is a story I actually began, like, a year ago. Somewhere around fourteen chapters are up on EqD and Fanfiction.net. Now that I have resumed work, I've decided to post it to FiMFiction as well. It's not been on FiMF before, so this is NOT a re-post.


Though the content of this story does not cross over into Mature territory, there is some graphic violence, and certainly some immature allusions (okay, and they straight-up talk about sex, too). Plus, there are swear words. If you are worried about that sort of thing, then this may not be the story for you. I know this warning is a bit redundant with the content rating, but I feel warning redundancy is a good thing.

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first comment :heart: liking the story so far, faved it :pinkiehappy: putting on my read later list

Thanks for reading, and for commenting!

ok, i just finished reading. PLZ PLZ PLZ WRITE MOAR AND SOON TAKE ALL MY SPIKES BECAUSE THIS STORY IS THAT GOOD :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

YES update ok im begining to like adombra :rainbowlaugh:

Need. Next. Chapter... NOW!

The incest subtext creeps me the fuck out.

Well, NMM is supposed to be creepy as fuck, so, hey! Go me!

If you don't like implied incestuous rape-torture-murder, then, yeah, you're gonna dislike some parts of this story. I don't like to restrain my villains to Disney levels. If you're going to go for a creature with a heart twisted by inhuman (or inpony) forces, you've gotta commit. :pinkiecrazy:


This is a good creepy though. It's the kind that I can read about because it helps make the story and the character. Though I have no idea why Nightmare is like that. Is the incestuous rape-torture thing an overt extension of a latent desire of Luna's or is it wholly Nightmare?

Anyway, I'm annoyed that this story doesn't get that many views. I'll try and advertise it.

I really like Kremhault's character. Somehow, he reminds me of a Klingon during the really corrupt period of his species' Empire that follows the old ways of honour and glory rather than the bastardised, often-ignored version that dominated the Klingon Empire for some time.

Well then, Municipal was certainly correct. I shall keep an eye on this, and look forward to see where it goes.


Wow, you weren't kidding about advertising. I really appreciate it! This story had its debut way back in Season 1, but I lost all my readers when I went on unannounced hiatus. I have a much better plan now, but EqD doesn't re-feature stories back from break, so I didn't get the big publicity that new stories tend to. So, any increase in readership rocks!

I am liking this story, I'm surprised you don't have more views, its really good :twilightsheepish:

interesting, very interesting...let me guess, Celestia finds out that the sun and moon go round by themselves, and her sister and her are just there to keep them to a schedule :trixieshiftright:

So basically, in your view, horse shoes are like safety or work boots in our (not full of awesome technicolour ponies) world. I like that Idea actually, makes sense. :scootangel:

I could understand Celestia hiding her true self as Sunny in front of the regular ponies, but in front of Griffon royalty, I would have thought she would have revealed herself and avoid tests and arguments. :rainbowhuh:

with each chapter this just gets funnier and greater. :pinkiehappy:

1426678 I would advertise it for you to but there is little point considering I only have 14 followers. So instead I will just say that this story is one of the best written stories on the sight. It humorous but not over the top, but it also has the ability to bring the human mind through a range of emotions. Keep up the good work :scootangel:

p.s on the note of the sadistic, almost incestual, converse between the two sisters i think its just right. I saw that some other people were unsure of it

Municipal sent me. I'm really enjoying this so far, although the sudden swearing is jarring at times. The fact that this is based on Season 1 does not diminish my enjoyment of this story, and I look forward to more.

I appreciate the advertising, everybody. I've never been good at spreading the word about my own stuff.

I also appreciate the comments. I don't have any editors, so you readers are the only ones who can tell me the strong and weak points of my story, which I need to grow as a writer.

And I just realized this fic is already long enough to be a short novel, and I'm like halfway through it. Holy crap.

Welp, after reading this story I know why:
a) RD is an adrenaline junkie because the original bearer of Loyalty was "hip". :rainbowwild:
b) Pinkie is always crazy because to have the Element of Laughter one needs to be drunk. :pinkiecrazy:
c) Rarity attracts Spike because the original bearer of Generosity was a dragon. :moustache:

I wonder what attributes we will be able to see pinned to the other elements.

Luna in this story scares me and that's bad because Luna is best pony... :fluttercry:


There are many ways to get an altered state of mind other than alcohol. But, yes, viewing reality different from most beings is incredibly useful for the Element of Laughter.

Also, Luna's not done suffering yet, so hang in there!

19 chapters, 27(soon 28) likes, and you got featured. Great fucking job man. It's kinda Messed up that you have 19 chaps. and 28 likes though. But besides that, enjoy the feature box:twilightsmile:

Aaaand she lied... :facehoof:


By the time I woke up, I wasn't in it anymore. I didn't get to enjoy it at all. :ajbemused:

I think that part of the reason my story doesn't attract many readers is because I never picked a story image, and , frankly, the story summary isn't enticing enough. I need to fix those.

But I do have tons more Favorites than I do Likes, at least.

For the Love of. . . Dammit Flash. . . YOU. LIAR.
or she isn't Lying and she'll explain next chapter?:trollestia:



I know that feel, bro. I have nearly a hundred thumbs up, almost 90 likes, and nearly 8,000 views,
But Sweetie Bot refuses to spotlight me.

This story is amazing! Please keep it up! Any idea how far in we are? How many more chapters?

Also, Dat ending... VHAT A TWEEST!!!!!


I actually read how the Featured bot works just so I could stop raging at the whims of the uncaring universe. It's basically a function of how quickly you rack up popularity after posting. So, if people start to like your story two days after a new chapter goes up, it does very little.

I don't know an exact chapter count (I'm REALLY winging this), but if I had to guess, we've probably got over 10 to go (plus an Epilogue). NNWM is coming up, which will slow me down a bit, so, uh, we're definitely not seeing the end before New Year's. Probably not even before Valentine's Day.

1458426 If you wan't, I can look for an image for you. I have a folder of over a 1000 pony pics and fan art (and a dash of meme's) but I'm sure there is one I can find that is perfect for this story, it definitely deserves more views, and if you need to use a cover image to get them, then that'll have to be the way. It's a crime for a story this good not to have the likes and views it deserves. :twilightangry2:


That would be great! I'm working on my own cover image, but I'm not much of an artist, so I'm taking my time to make it look good. I'm also juggling a ton of other projects, so I'm not spending much time on it in the first place. It might not get finished before the story, even. So, yes, if you have something, I'd love it.

1475658 I must have a go at art my self some time, problem is I'm a technical drawer, not a creative artist.

1428672 I agree with Derpy. I like the idea an how it lends to with the Princess have/having golden, silver or more of the upper class having them. Kind of like fancy clothing as it were for us. lol. Putting on the ritz. :P But also practical as well.

I enjoy reading your story very much - the characters quickly grew on me and the strong focus on their relationships with each other and the care they take for each other remind me a lot of the actual show.
One thing that I find a bit odd, but not necessarily negative, is the large number of chance meetings and the rather quick resolving of some issues, most prominently Celestia being tortured by Nightmare Night. While this went on for three nights, it did not seem to bother her before the last time and then they happened upon the goat with the perfect solution. Maybe it would do the story good to take a breather now and again and let issues stand for a bit longer. On the other hand, the way it is right now it surely doesn't risk getting boring. It just reminds me more of a webcomic, where every scene is broken down in smaller unit and each one of them ends in a joke, a dramatic moment or a resolution.
My favorite pony in your story, btw, is Shimmerdust, especially after the last chapter :fluttercry:


Believe it or not, the quick resolutions/conclusions bother the hell out of me. I try my best to foreshadow and stuff, but sometimes, well, you can only fit in so much development before stuff just has to happen (there's hard time limit set in the story, too). I'm trying to write in more interval scenes that focus on character development and exposition rather than plot to avoid this problem. However, fast pacing has its advantages when you have a big story to tell. However, if I were writing a regular novel, I'd probably go ahead and cut about half the side plots, which would make it so I could spend more time on one thing and not jump around.

Also, Shimmerdust appreciates your love. When this fic started (long time ago, far away galaxy, etc), Shimmerdust wasn't widely liked. We all know she really is best pony, though. And that's why I'm gonna do more horrible things to her. :trollestia:

Hey! I like this story a bunch please keep writing it kthanks.

Did you notice that your description has a error in it? "in the magical lang of Equestria"?



(thank you, it's fixed) :twilightblush:


Woo! I was just thinking about this story and BAM! Update! I wish that worked on more stories.


Did you borrow my laptop? AND MY MIND?

(It's not actually that)

The cliffhangers. They killed me. Every one of them :ajsleepy:

One month Cliffhanger. . . You're so mean

Which one is it? I borrow quite a lot laptops (and minds). :ajsmug:

But no, silly pony, everypony knows Celestia LOVES cake! :pinkiehappy:
(At least nowadays, don't know how it was all those years ago. :pinkiesad2:)

Celestia: I'm actually a man. :twilightoops:

:twilightsheepish: Keep up the great work on this story!


She just has a really REALLY tiny schwanstucker

I like the story so far. Before the last couple chapters, I was imagining from the hints that Flash Burn would be the losing party in love triangle after love triangle. That plan sounded hilarious to me for some reason. I have to admit, the secret she confessed was kind of anticlimactic.

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